Micro Monday: 11/11/19

A look at Christian Williams (inc ATR video) + Front Running Jumps Jockeys

In this week’s article i’ve looked at Christian Williams’ staying chasers, including a video from ATR (Sky Sports Racing) if you missed it.

I’ve then provided a couple of tables you can print off looking at Front Running Jumps Jockeys.

All below >>>


Christian Williams

Christian Williams only started training in 2017 but early indications are that he could be a trainer to follow, especially in the staying divisions. I’ve been wanting to dive into his stats for a little while, albeit conscious that it’s a fairly new operation. The below video is worth a watch, to get a feel for his methods. It’s looks a great place to train horses and I suspect the majority are happy, given their varied routines/the surroundings – and in part that may be why plenty seem to hold their form, once finding it. 

Given the rules below it’s no surprise maybe that in staying chases his horses take a run or two to get up to race-fitness >>>



A ‘micro angle’ 

Looking at his record in staying handicap chases :-

  • Handicap Chase (standard, not novice)
  • 25f +
  • Horse Runs previous 90 Days: 2+ (0 or 1 = 0/10,1p) (small numbers, so a guide, but given video above it makes logical sense) 

Those are solid figures and leave me in no doubt that he knows how to train a staying chaser, which is always useful to know given my main focus. We shall see how he does in 2020 and whether there are any new/younger horses added to his staying ranks. 


Front Running Jumps Jockeys

Below you can find links to a couple of tables that may be worth printing out/keeping handy, if you so wish.

I’ve used the excellent Geegeez Gold>>> (and their query tool) to look at those who’ve done well on front runners. 

***The stats are based on the last 5 years (back to 11th Nov 2014)/ chases / handicaps / led ( a pace score of 4) ***

I’ve looked at races run over 3m or further, and 2m>2m4f. I’ve focused on those with at least 5 winners in the period and selected 28 for each set of distances, sorted by win SR – but you can flick through as you please. 

Obviously you can use this is your own punting if you wish and could even pick a handful of jockeys that you wish to track etc. Knowing jockey X is on a front runner and has a great record when doing so is certainly useful when marking-up a horse’s chance. 

Anyway, some of you may find it useful, and i’ll be printing them out! 🙂 


Front Running Handicap Chase Jockeys / 3m or further : READ HERE>>>

Front Running Handicap Chase Jockeys / 2m>2m4f: READ HERE>>>


That’s all for this week’s post.

As always if you’ve any questions, or ideas for future Micro Monday posts, do comment.



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