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Today’s TTP All-Weather Qualifiers


Below are today’s ‘qualifiers’ against my new Trainer Track Profiles: Winter All-Weather 2019/20 report, kindly posted by one of my members’ Mike. 

If you like playing ‘on the sand’ i’d consider them as ‘starting points’ and there’s more than normal today. They have started ok so far this month already finding winners at 20/1 and 14/1, and a close 33/1 second place. 

With any luck they may be profitable ‘systematically’ over time, but the jury is out on that. 

If you haven’t already you can access my AW stats HERE>>> 

We shall see how the below get on today. There’s a few big prices and they may be worth a closer look  >>>


4.35 N – Rey Loopy – 25/1

6.05 N – Epeius ..14/1

6.35 N – Ritchie Star …14/1

7.05 N – Dream Mount ..16/1

7.35 N – Pinarella/Uponastar ..10/1

7.45 D – Theobald ..9/2

8.15 D – Cocohulababy ..11/1

8.45 D – Grinn… 33s



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7 responses

  1. AGAIN …… my systems came up with a whole host of qualifiers … BUT upon drilling down further ,like last night , they all were disqualified . The only 2 to make it onto my betting slip today are :
    5.25 Chelmsford City 6 Streeton (IRE)
    4.35 Newcastle 10 Modakhar (IRE)

    Can’t see much more from me on the sand 🙁
    catchya later mc … i’m and back into my monthly systems again ( still haven’t finished Decembers yet 🙁 ) only another 9 months to complete 🙂
    have fun out there
    gbster 😉

  2. me again mc .
    Just thought i’d bore you with my current labour of love ( monthly systems )
    each month has : aw hcp/non / flat hcp/non / nhf non hcp / nh chase hcp non / nh hurdle hcp non … you get the idea .. lol 🙂
    well here is my november tester qualifiers for today (only nh qualifiers today 🙁 )
    2.25 Warwick 3 Demopolis (FR)
    2.25 Warwick 14 Bolton Boy (IRE)
    both running at a 60% strike rate (over 3 yrs) on a 20 category system a/e = 4.69
    1.50 Warwick 3 Thomas Darby (IRE) …. no bet for me at price but again 67 % and an a/e 1.69 ?

    just me think out loud and mulling things over .. we shall see how these qualifiers get on over the next few weeks

    cheers have a great day !
    gbster and his hrb machine 🙂

  3. Good afternoon GBster and other AW aficionados. A bout of seconditis last night and not much tickling my fancy tonight.

    My one tip as such would be Modakhar in the 4.35 Newcastle, and I see GB’s magic machine has also picked this out. Trainer/jockey are 50% win 72% place in the last two weeks so going great guns. I will save on Little Jo who was highly tried in the Cambridgeshire last time but I really think Modakhar is the bet of the day.

    Further thoughts if anyone is interested, as opposed to tips. In the 7.35 Newcastle Oriental Lilie is a course specialist and being nibbled at. At Chelmsford (7.55) Aquarius is a huge price if coming back to form. And finally of Josh’s short list above I really like the chances of Theobald (7.45 Dundalk) and Cocohullababy EW ( 8.15 Dundalk).

    Good luck and have fun if you play.

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