Free Daily Post: 07/11/19 (complete)

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Members Micro System Test Zone

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November Trainers (from Members’ Micro Monday post) 

1.30 Newb – Banana Joe (25/1<) 50/1 / Katahdin (12/1<) 4/1 

1.40 MR – Crossgalesfamegame (33/1<) 14/1 

2.05 Newb – Highest Sun (12/1<) 16/1 

4.15 Newb – Jovial Spirit (25/1<)  33/1 


Autumn Trainers 

C Longsdon 

3.40 Newb – Forth Bridge (12/1<) 14/1 


Chase Angles 2019/20 

3.40 Newb – Molineaux (any) 6/1 


Chase Eye-Catchers 2019/20

2.55 Sedg – Len Brennan (reverting to hurdles) 1/3 



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  1. hi mc
    just a quick thought before the sandy stuff later from the gb/bc think tank 🙂 :

    4.15 Newbury 14 Inawhilecrocodile (IRE) 16/1 4tbp / e/w small interest

    jockey does well in these typers of races trainer and jockey in form …. promising ? ( interesting that josh has the trainer as an “Autumn” trainer as well ) ….. interesting 😉

    laterz .. although i am soon to be at the disposal of the NHS for a routine blood check at midday .. so may not be back till later when i can 🙂
    have fun all 🙂

    gbster 😉

    1. EMMMM upon further investigation the 4.15 nb looks the usual bookies charity race for me , all these are also qualifiers now ……. so not so confident now …… infor a penny in for a pound 🙂
      4.15 Newbury 14 Inawhilecrocodile (IRE)

      4.15 Newbury 3 Cadzand (IRE)

      4.15 Newbury 2 Aquila Sky (IRE)

      4.15 Newbury 6 Force Ten (FR)
      be back later 🙂

  2. and nothing doing for me tonight on da sand .. very poor show from my systems ? 🙁
    over to you mc 🙂 uda man .. who can !!!
    the croc if its not “one” should run well for at least a mile 🙂
    mind you my system says they all should get placed
    🙂 gbster

  3. Good afternoon GB and fellow AW followers. Thoughts on tonight starting with Chelmsford.

    5.55 This race has a hot Gosden favourite but you could bung some change on that as a saver and chance Kasbaan. He was unlucky not to get his hat trick last time and Mr Appleby would not be up against a Gosden shortie unless he fancied his chances.

    6.25 I’m taking a chance on Omran being fit enough after wind surgery to squeak a place.

    7.20 A tight handicap but I like the look of Tathmeen.

    Onto Southwell for small stakes (unless GB comes up with some stormers).

    5.40 Another strong fav but if Auchterade is fit after a break I think she will prevail.

    6.10 A speculative punt on Macree.

    7.10 Sentiment ruling the wallet here but I can’t let either Atalanta Queen or Geography Teacher to unbacked at this track.

    Good luck if you play and have fun. Over to you GB to steer us back to the path of enlightenment.

  4. as is say my systems printed these out but on the 2nd phase all were illiminated ……… must have had positives in the beginning ….. but haven’t made the bet section 🙂

    4.40 Southwell 5 William Thomas (IRE)

    5.10 Southwell 12 Mysusy (IRE)

    6.10 Southwell 2 Free Love

    6.25 Chelmsford City 3 Sparklealot (IRE)

    7.10 Southwell 1 Al Erayg (IRE)
    cheers bc/gbster

  5. Josh, Just to say thanks for your ‘ freebie’ Winter Track Profiles. Just had a nice winner in the 7.10 @ Southwell, ie. Dascombe/Kingscote combo. I’m a pensioner and minor stakes BFSP punter and having a flutter gives me an interest in the day, more so this time of the year when my gardening interest is non existent. Also thanks for forwarding Gavins equivalent, as i was unable to download this and you kindly helped me out. This is also an excellent publication and please pass on my best wishes and thanks to him also. Incidentally, the odds for Fancy Footing were 14/1, but paid equivalent of 17/1 on BFSP. Wonder if any other followers are having any success ?

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