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3.25 Strat – Rocco (m1) 8/1 

C Longsdon 

3.25 Strat – Western Miller (12/1<) 20/1 

4.25 Strat – Shanroe In Milan (12/1<)  13/2 


Chase Angles 2019/20 

3.25 Strat – Town Parks (10/1<) 12/1 


Chase Eye-Catcher 2019 

4.25 Strat- Financial Outcome 3/1 


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6 Responses

    1. hmm, Ladbrokes like political betting, Star Sports maybe! Haven’t heard much talk about that, oppo usually wouldn’t fight too hard, but then wouldn’t be that marginal – if he did lose they’d give him a seat in the Lords I suspect!

      1. I was trying to place bet on Boris “pants on fire” Johnson losing his seat at GE after seeing the media supressed opinion poll that shows he is facing tough challenge to hold. ( not sure if “pants on fire” nickname is due to his habitual lying or the speed he can remove his underpants when with any female) 🙂 , yes your right if he lost his seat he would have to make himself a Lord to remain PM and that hasn’t happened since 1902. There is a rumour that he might switch to a different seat but i don’t know if that can be done at such a late date.

          1. Ladbrokes have prices on constituencies. 1/5 Boris 5/1 labour, 12/1 libs, 20/1 Brexit P.

          2. 1/5 sounds good to me. I think that he is very popular in his constituency these days.
            I would have a bet that he increases his % majority.

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