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Free 7 Day Trial >>> A 66% win strike rate that could transform your betting >>>

I enjoy finding quality stuff for you to test, and even more so when it’s free and there’s zero risk.

All you need for this one is a name and an email. That’s it. No card details, no long term commitment.

One of the problems with being a racing fan is the amount of racing, not having enough time and not knowing where to start.

At times it can feel all a bit too much and no fun at all. My solution to this has been to go back to ‘specialising’ in handicap chases, having felt overwhelmed at times last year when attacking too many races. (which was my own fault)

Specialising could be the key to long term profitability, keeping our sanity and ultimately winning more money to spend on what we please.

Another alternative, is to narrow a day’s racing into manageable chunks.

There are a few ways to do this, including the use of ratings

John and Mark (thepunterspal) have been using their unique ‘PinPoint Ratings’ for 25 years, to do just that.

In that time their top 2 rated horses have won 66% of races. Not bad!

BUT… there’s more…

The issue with ‘ratings’ and shouting about ‘the top 2 winning 66% of the time’ is that often it’s based on every race, every day. A whole ream of horses to study.

This defeats the object of saving time and feeling less overwhelmed by the amount of racing.

Thankfully the ‘punterspal’ guys have a unique method that helps them narrow down the day’s races into a manageable amount. (today there are just 3 races of interest)

Once they’ve done this, they provided their Top 2 Rated for each of those races.

It’s this select list of horses that win 66% of races they highlight.

And they have been winning at this strike rate for 25 years, across all codes, but best over jumps.

You have access to these ‘shortlisted’ horses the evening before, and they provide a great ‘way in’, as well as giving you numerous options.

You’ve got a full 7 days to try them, to road test, and to use as part of your daily punting. You can focus on the odd race type you enjoy, those with decent odds (7/2-11/2), or look to play forecasts, multiples or for the place-pot.

You could focus on each of the two horses, and see if you can make a case using your analysis. These could become your ‘go to’ starting point every day, saving you time and helping you find more winners.

You have a full 7 Days Free Access to these ratings. No catches. No credit cards/payments down the line. Just your name and email.


This is an exclusive trial just for my readers, and it is only for the next week. You get access to all selections for the next 7 days.

So, Don’t miss out.

You could just paper trade, note the winners, and see if they could help you. Many of you are going to enjoy this approach, and find it both rewarding and profitable. Saving you time and improving your results.

You will get access to today’s shortlisted selections.

All you have to do is add your name and email, and once confirmed, you’ll have access. Easy. 


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2 Responses

  1. Just like last year, heads up for Venetia Williams’ runners from now on. Apart from one winner a while ago , she had her first winner of the season yesterday on what she calls ‘proper jumping ground’. Not a gambling stable, many of her winners go in at good prices.
    Happy hunting!

    1. Thanks Patrick, yep I should send that angle out for free again really…
      November/Handicaps/ Chases/ 0 or 2+ runs prev 90 days / BET! 🙂
      (1 run prev 90 days around -30 points last few years – they don’t tend to come on for the run etc)

      You’re right about price, doesn’t tend to matter etc. Burton’s Well a good sign that all is well at home on the gallops. Her record on Good to Soft is very good, more a case that she just takes until now to get them ready I think, and clearly has plenty that need cut – obv her record in a bog tends to be unrivalled at this time of year. Hopefully another positive return!
      Happy punting

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