Free Daily Post: 19/10/19 (complete)

members test zone angle quals

Members Micro System Test Zone

Autumn Trainers 

C Longsdon 

4.20 MR – Vivas (12/1<) 8/1 


3.10 MR – Wicked Willy (m4, 11/2< )  8/1 

345 MR – Earl of The Cotswolds (m2, 16/1< guide) 9/4 

4.20 MR – Luckofthedraw (m1) 5/1 

3.30 Strat – One Forty Seven (m1) 3/1 

2,25 FL – Vienna Court (m2, 16/1< guide) 14/1 

5.20 FL – One Fine Man (m2, 16/1< guide) 11/2 


Chase Angles 2019/20 

3.35 FL – Tidal Flow (14/1<) 2/1 


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9 responses

  1. eh up mc
    here’s the gb meisters lucky 31 over the sticks …. just for fun :
    2.55 Stratford 2 Skeaping

    3.10 Market Rasen 5 Skandiburg (FR)

    3.45 Market Rasen 5 Malaya (FR)

    4.05 Stratford 6 Song Of The Sky

    4.50 Ffos Las 6 Alf n Dor (IRE) = My e/w nap of the day ….. had it’s prep race last week p/u rather than drain the batteries will strip much fitter today so fingers cross and the bowens like this type of race and time of year 😉

    good luck mc and everyone else who is skirting our orbit
    not sure if i have anything else too much for sur soirs all wedder ??
    apart from noticing already :
    7.45 Wolverhampton 4 Flaming Marvel (IRE) = shown up on 2 of my systems and my main man of jockey from last night 😉

    aur revoir
    bc le gb 🙂

    1. me again mc 🙂
      these are my only small e/w bets for tonight
      5.05 Wolverhampton 10 William Mckinley
      7.15 Wolverhampton 4 Dizzy G (IRE)
      7.45 Wolverhampton 4 Flaming Marvel (IRE) = slowly becoming my strongest feeling for my e/w nap of the day 🙂

      good luck one n all

  2. Good to see you back guys, always fun, just looked back a couple of days and see I’ve already missed the aperetif so better put my starter order in.

  3. Beachmasters Update Wolverhampton

    Bit tricky tonight I feel?

    An attempt to replicate last night’s winning treble first:

    5.05 Colonel Slade
    6.45 Earl of Bunnacurry
    7.45 Paths of Glory

    Now some more speculative selections. The trainer says that Arlecchino’s Leap has an “exciting chance” in the 5.05 with Mr Probert up. Worth a small EW. In the 6.15 I quite like the chances of Sacred Sprite. Vipin is my saver in the 6.45, while I am backing With Caution and Whisper Aloud in the 7.15.

    I hear you G re Flaming Marvel in the last. I agree it has a good EW chance just the fact that it hasn’t won in this class slightly puts me off the win. But I’m in!

    Good luck to all if playing.

  4. minor details on flaming marvel young mc …. lol …… by the way i don’t think i quite gave you enough plaudits for your treble you smashed last nignt .. takes some doing so well done !!
    yep small bets for me all this week…. will open up the purse strings more next week 😉
    good luck on the above .. will go and have a gander at your pointers …. if it’s good enuff for the mc goose then its good enuff for the gb gander 🙂
    laterz taterz 🙂

  5. thank goodness for my dizzy-ness 😉 .. until the nex ttime my friends 🙂
    i c u had a nice double up mr mc .. well done sir ! 🙂
    bon nuit
    le gb / bc

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