Free Daily Post: 15/10/19 (complete)

Members’ test zone quals…

Members Micro System Test Zone

Autumn Trainers

E Lavelle 

4.10 Here – Belle Empress (14/1<) 8/1 


3.15 Hunt – Supakalanistic (m1) 9/2 

5.15 Here – Rootless Tree (16/1< guide) 6/1 


Chase Angles 2019/2020 

4.10 Here – Dinos Benefit (x2, 14/1<) 3/1 


Jockey Angles 2019/2020 

4.10 Here – Really Super – (9/1<) 17/2 

4.20 Hunt- Alf N Dor – 12/1 


Chase Eye Catcher 2019/20 

(as noted in a prev ‘tracker tuesday’ post) 

2.25 Punch – Grainyhill (1st run) 4/1 



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  1. Beachmasters Rallying Cry

    Hey GB, you working too hard again?

    It looks a good night for the faves tonite so am offering some big price shots that could outrun their odds, for fun stakes.

    5.00 The Lacemaker

    6.30 Kylacchy Dragon

    7.00 Mendoza

    All these have potential on their best form, obviously there’s no guarantee they will show it but that’s factored into the prices.

    I’ve done a trixie on the best of the shorties:

    6.00 X Force

    6.30 Highfalutin

    7.30 Alrajaa

    Good luck to all playing.

    1. YEP .. That does appear where i go wrong too much work not enough play .
      the krypton factors on my binary machinery is saying (quite loudly) :

      18.30 K LESTRADE ( D PROBERT ON TOP/JOINT TOP WEIGHTS ) he is currently running at 75 % under my categories given for this system (he had a 33/1 last month ..i think it was) will have a small e/w dablle on that and try and double it with some of your usual certainties)
      nothing else excites me at kempton really tonight ??????

      keep up the good work
      gb/bc over n out 🙂

      1. Just looked at that angle again .. only to find he has only tried once at kempton under top weight and came 3rd.
        i can’t stop myself though ..e/w 😉
        gb/bc 🙂

  2. blimey 33/1 place nice indeed …… you are infact the sandy man can !!
    well done hope your evening goes well in the sand
    gb/bc 😉

    1. well done mc .. 2 nice e/w’s to get us out of our troubles there ……… let’s see what tomoz brings 🙂

  3. Cheers G, Mendoza only went down by a neck! Better than yesterday at least. Catch you on here tomorrow. All the best mi AW amigo.

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