Free Daily Post: 14/10/19 (complete)

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  1. The Beachmasters

    Well, this is awkward. Members reading this may remember George B’s and my AW tips last autumn and winter. George and I have been chatting on social media and decided to wade in again but this time on the free post. Today was due to be the day but GB has gone AWOL, which is unfortunate as he has been refining his numerous Horseracebase systems and has got some pretty impressive strike rates now.

    However, having put the legwork in I am posting my bets for Wolverhampton tonite without the benefit of GB’s input.

    5.25 Aquadabra. Although up a grade from her last good run at Lingfield, she posted one of her best RPRs then and now back in a fillies only hcp. Should get a good tow into the race from a nice draw.

    6.55 Alhaazm. This trainer/jockey combo have a 50% win 91% place strike rate when teaming up over the last year. Although Alhaazm has been disappointing so far this may be the night (or a last desperate throw of the dice). I’m going EW in view of the above stats and saving on the in-form Kingston Kurrajong.

    7.55 Al Ozdi. Pulled too hard last time but there’s a few prominent racers in this which might help. Down a grade too. If money comes late for Ubla will save on that.

    Good luck if you play. And remember: don’t blame me if you do your dough 🙂

    1. GB = MC2 to the power of bc …………… WORK STOP PLAY TODAY MY FRIEND !!!
      my systems have genrated but i have not fine tuned them today 🙁
      but we agree on :

      7.00 w Al Ozzdi ( roger fell m.o. for this type runner and runs prior to the said race .. must be placed ??)

      careful in the 5.25 w ra harris has 2 in this race .. i think your right with the probert angle …. but trainer canny as you like ( both could get win/placed ?? )
      i will see if i can get any refined for later .. but hopefully i can start sensibly posing from tomoz 🙂
      keep having fun 🙂

      top rgds

  2. gb/bc = mc squared …… blimey mate soz .. logistics work stopped play once again today
    my systems have generated today .. but know chance now to refine them

    careful in a minute in the 17.25 .. 2 horse from the ra harris yard …. both could easily win/place ??????
    do agree on :
    7.55 Wolverhampton 5 Al Ozzdi = this one of mr fells tried and trusted routes with horse must be placed

    back later and or tomoz


    1. emmmmmmmm
      also in da 7.55 w …. like the look of NAPPING (e/w) . …….. according to my system It’s unusual for this type of race at wolverhampton this time of year .. but that apart …. this one looks worthy of an e/w shout along with al ozzdi of course 😉

      will have more time tomoz onwards..i hope 🙂
      nice to touch base mc … let’s get it on !! 🙂


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