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Nothing today

Nothing today.


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  1. Ever thought of pedigree handicapping . 10 years ago i developed my own stamina index
    Similar to racing post so I have my own ratings for flat and NH racing but you can try to
    RP as they are 85% similar add sire to dam sire for sds rate then to race distance
    2m- 205sds. Pentland hills 225sds w 20-1
    2-6m265sds Gardiner’s hill 300sds w5-1
    3m. 285sds
    3-2m 305sds From the past Identy thief 292sdsw14-1 3m up from 2 m

  2. North American racing on Friday :

    Charles Town race 6, 02.21 UK, Big Delilah, 8/1 available now.

    Good luck.

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