Free Daily Post: 13/09/19 (complete)

Nothing from me again…

Nothing from me today.


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  1. 3-55 casanova, 2-25 powertrain 3-00 torchica 5-40 love powerful. yankee
    3-40 hazakiyra 5-25 my first symphony 5-10 goodwood rebel 6-10 grisons. small lucky 15

  2. North American racing – after a two day break where I have tried to re calibrate selection processes with the guys in Canada. So here goes:

    Belterra race 8, 8.05 UK, Charles T, 16/1 now.
    Gulfstream race 2, 7.47 UK, Dad Da One, 11/1 now.
    Gulfstream race 4, 8.49 UK, Over The Channel, 10/1 now.
    Gulfstream race 5, 9.21 UK, Tenacity Zip, 12/1 now.

    Good luck.

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