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Nothing today

Nothing today.


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  1. No joy in North America on Monday evening – 5 losers and 2 non runners. 3 of them were gambled on and so the info was correct but the horses had not read the script!

  2. K 5.00 – Lovely Touch @ 7/2
    W 3.10 – Hallings Comet @ 5/2
    C 3.00 – Flower Power @ 3
    C 4.35 – Rose Marmara @ 3
    C 5.45 – Be Perfect @ 9

    1. I’m going to allow my gut to overrule my head and add another 2pts win to Lovely Touch. Trainer going all the way to Edinburgh from his home track Worcester with one runner.

      1. Just my view and have not looked into the trainers runners, have never held much sway with travelled long distance and only runner of the day for he could have brought another 2 or 3 horses along as well and will be stabled up there for an assult on the Northern courses over the next week or so.
        The trainer could have sold the horse and having its last run prior to moving to new stables, who knows certainly hope it Wins.

        1. Hi Colin, some interesting thoughts and I had taken some into account.
          I don’t normally hold any truck with travellers but this one poses many questions. No racing up there til Saturday, prize of just over 3k, only had one chase run in a nov hc and there’s a nov hc at Worcester today?? If the prize was sufficient to warrant the travel etc on a unknown my head would have won the argument.

  3. Hello, sorry this is off topic,but e mailed 3 times with no reply, do you still produce a report for each national hunt course with statistics concerning profitable trainers thanks.

    1. Hey. Ah, don’t think I’ve seen said emails albeit I’m on holiday this week so am less engaged that normal, so apologies.

      Yep I do, the qualifiers from that form a core part of the daily members content etc. I am to get the 2019/20 version complete by Chepstows first meeting. It will be on sale for non members in online PDF also.

  4. North America Tuesday:

    Finger Lakes 2, UK 6.37, Poker Game 2/1.
    Finger Lakes 4, UK 7.31, Grassaria 9/2.
    Finger Lakes 7, UK 8.53, Bustin To Love 6/1 but may drift and Quenteralli 12/1 but may be a non runner?
    Fort Erie 2, UK 6.48, Cut The Finish Line 9/2.
    Philly Parx 2, UK 6.22, Snow Forecast 9/2.
    Philly Parx 8, UK 9.04, Blue Shine 14/1.
    Fairmount 7, UK 9.48, Indian Trick 11/1.
    Thistledown 8, UK 10.10, Almighty Storm, 16/1 and expected to be backed.

    Lots of volume today. It will be interesting to see how many get backed?

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