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quiet day, Elite tips…

From the members’ post… a link to a service from one of my members. Colin has been posting his selections in my members’ club comments for over a year, and since Jan 1st have won around +140 points to 1 point win, on generally available prices at 10am. You can find more details at the links below…



Primarily this is for those of you who’ve followed Colin’s Elite bets within the members club comments and may wish to continue doing so at their new home. I’m posting this link in the members’ club both as a favour to Colin and indeed in recognition that a handful of you may wish to continue with it, given he’s been posting them here for over a year. Obviously i’m not responsible for the delivery of said service, nor the pricing etc, and I don’t wish for a discussion on those aspects to take place within the members’ posts – by all means chat away in the free posts. I’ve talked to the chap (Neil) who runs the site etc and he’s sound, and has the same principles as I do – inc no questions asked refunds etc esp for accidental payments.  And he agreed to a discounted first month. Anyway, you can do as you please with that link. You can sign up HERE>>>




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  1. North American bets – Wednesday gave us one winner, one place and three short priced losers! The winner was backed from 6/1 into 7/4. So +2 on the night.

  2. North American East Coast bets:

    Delaware race 2, 6.45 UK, Bella Pierina 8/1 into 4/1.
    Delaware race 7, 9.15 UK, Senior Investment 4/1 into 5/2.
    Belterra race 4, 7.05 UK, Rapid Dial 7/2 into 2/1.
    Belterra race 7, 8.35 UK, Moose Got Even 13/2 into 3/1.
    Gulfstream race 6, 8.46 UK, Twirling Star 9/2 into 3/1.
    Gulfstream race 9, 10.23 UK, Bashful Contessa 8/1 into 4/1.

    Maybe some West Coast bets later?

    Good luck.

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