Tipping Comp: 22/08/19

Thursday’s tips…


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  1. 1-55. Under the Stars 9-2 , Nasaiym 16-1
    2-25. Raahy 9-1
    3-00. Vale of Kent 10-1, What’s the Story 12-1, Via Serendipity 20-1
    4-15. Naqaawa
    4-50. Agincourt 12-1, Warning Fire 20-1, Lyzbeth 10-1

  2. Only the one for this afternoon……..

    York 1.55 Living In The Past………. 11.0 No Hcp

    Classic Jethro Tull. Check out the live version on Youtube. Excellent stuff! Unlike my tips right now but what goes around comes around. 😉 Update at 4.30 today. BCNU!

      1. Not sure what you were trying to tell me there Shumeister but hope you were on. One more for tonight but don’t expect to get the price although it’s thereabouts at the moment. Sire has an 80% record at the track.

        Strat’ 5.00 Took The Lot…… 7.0 No Hcp

  3. I thought i posted these, prob too late for some now.

    York 1.55 Under The Stars

    The way she won last time impressed me. PJ is very good on a 2yo.

    Stratford 2.40 Poker School
    Stratford 2.40 El Terremoto

    Both from my new chase system.

    Leicester 6.00 Mitty’s Smile

    Archie Watson has the best strike rate in nurseries in the race.

    August 3/43, +18.00

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