Free Daily Post: 19/08/19 (complete)

members micro s test zone…

Members Micro System Test Zone (starting points…) 

Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

Trainer to Follow 

7.40 B – Murphys Law (11/1< guide) 

8.10 B – Mrs Davies (11/1< guide) 

Henry Brooke (25/1< guide) 

6.10 B – Lord De La Mine 

7.10 B – Day of Roses 


7.10 B – Atomic Rumble (9/1< best) 



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  1. North American horse racing system.

    Hi, I have been testing a new system for horse racing in American and Canadian tracks covered by the bookmakers. The basis of it is that certain horses will be backed late on the other side of the pond. The price will hold up up to at least an hour before the off and often much later but then the money will come. The system would be that you get your bet on early and the horse is backed late and you get value. More lose than win but it is profitable over the longer term so far. You need to have a few online accounts as you will get restricted if you keep banging one particular bookmaker. There is no real volume for these races on the exchanges whilst we have evening racing over here.
    They will not appear here every day but if there are runners they will appear between 6 and 8 PM.
    I will put them up for a couple of weeks but if there is no interest then I will stop.

    1. I’ll give them a go Martin. Your last foray into US racing was quite successful. Is there a particular time to look out for these tips?

    2. Martin

      Are these profitable when betting on the Tote? I know the price of favs can usually drop to very low levels but those just off the top of the betting can give decent returns.

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