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St Wilfrid Consolation Pointers

2.05 Ripon : Great St Wilfrid Consolation  POINTERS 

Trainers (to have won race/runners) T

  • Growl / Paddy Power / Brian The Snail / Lucky Lucky Man
  • Yousini
  • Airglow

Stats Shortlist 

Helpful to a point… looking at aged 4-6, 6f LTO, 1-3 handicap wins, leaves 6/35, 12p, +32 in the last 7 runnings… that leaves…

Alaadel / Royal Prospect / Dalton / Brian The Snail T/ Lucky Lucky Man T / Airglow T / Hyperfocus 

Those drawn 5-12 (the ‘middle’) don’t have a great record in this, but there could be nothing to that. From the list above Royal Prospect and Hyperfocus are drawn in that section.



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