Tipping Comp: 17/08/19

Saturdays selections…


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  1. Ripon.
    2-05.Marks Choice, Flying Pursuit, Pipers Note
    3-15. Lahore, Staxton, Ice Age
    3-50. Lady Alavesa
    4-25. Ayutthaya
    4-55. Potenza
    2-45. Revolutionise
    5-05. Cubswin
    1-10. Mutaffarid
    3-25. War Whisper

  2. N1.15 Sashenka
    R2.05 Royal Prospect
    D2.15 Buniann
    N2.45 Case Key
    R3.15 Lake Volta
    D3.25 Dapper Man
    N3.55 Oxted
    B7.20 MrNice Guy

  3. 3.15 Ripon Gunmetal 14/1
    Ground not ideal, but won this last year and has another big sprint in him, hopefully today

  4. Doncaster 3.25 Saaheq

    New systems. Also will like going, course and distance, back down to a fair mark.

    Newbury 4.45 Jackpot Royale

    New systems. Ground will suit too, fair mark on last win.

    August 3/34, +27.00

  5. Donc’ 1.40 Ruby Shield…………. 8.0 No Hcp
    N/b 1.50 Pyledriver…………… 7.0 No Hcp
    N/m 3.55 Woven……………….. 10.0 No Form HCP
    N/b 4.10 Arabist……………….. 6.0 No Hcp

    Back at 5.00 with update.

  6. P/L Aug to Date 3/23 + 6.51 ( Placed 11/23 +11.11)

    Doncaster 2.50 Presidential.
    Newbury 4.45 Ocala
    M Rasen 5.00 Cosmic King.
    M Rasen 7.00 Marju’s Quest.

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