Members Daily Post: 16/08/19 (complete)

Ripon trainer stats/’shortlists’ , Section 1 (complete)

1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Chase Tips/Jumps Festival Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips

4.Micro System Test Zone

5.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



2.55 – Walter White (micro age) w2 11/4



3.40 –

Queen Penn (all Hc’s,m dist and age) ES+ I3 10/1 S3A

Eponina (3yo+,m going and runs) 25/1

4.45 – Red Hot (all Hc’s,m age) ES+ I3 G3 4/1 S3A# 

5.20 – Dark Devil (all Hc’s) ES+ H1 I1 G3  15/8 S1 S3A# S4 



7.20 – Guildhall (all Hc’s) 14 15/2 



4.55 – Patrick (m dist) H3 I3 G3 7/1 S4

7.00 –

Merry Banter (4yo+,m class and age) 14 I3 14/1 

Nibras Again (4yo+,m class and age) 14 w2 H1 I1 6/1 S1 S6  UP

Music Society (m dist) 8/1

Pea Shooter (all Hc’s) 25/1

7.30 –

Spiorad (m TJC) w1 H1 H3 7/4 

Florenza (all Hc’s) 20/1

Algaffaal (all Hc’s) 25/1

Start Time (m class and age) 14 w1 H3  7/1 



Bonus Irish Jumps


6.35 – Cusp Of Carabelli (HcH) 13/2



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2.My Tips (Daily Chase Tips/Jumps Festival Tips)

Daily Chase Tips: Main (2019: 17/85, 29p +38.8) Jumps Festival Tips (2018:+143; 2019: 6/99,27p, -45.8,)

Daily Chase Tips: Main 

(2m7f+, C4+ handicap chases)



Daily Chase Tips: Test (14/07/19>: 2/6,4p, +11.3)



3.Nick’s Tips

(2018: +532.33 ; 2019 running total End JULY -8.605 BOG / -10.105 Advised; May -8.22/-8.97, June -31.04 / -31.79, July: 7/44, 15 w|p, +19.495 advised/bog)



4.Micro System Test Zone



5.Any general messages/updates etc

Big Race Trends Thursday



2.05 Ripon : Great St Wilfrid Consolation 

Trainers (to have won race/runners) T

  • Growl / Paddy Power / Brian The Snail / Lucky Lucky Man
  • Yousini
  • Airglow

Stats Shortlist 

Helpful to a point… looking at aged 4-6, 6f LTO, 1-3 handicap wins, leaves 6/35, 12p, +32 in the last 7 runnings… that leaves…

Alaadel / Royal Prospect / Dalton / Brian The Snail T/ Lucky Lucky Man T / Airglow T / Hyperfocus 

Those drawn 5-12 (the ‘middle’) don’t have a great record in this, but there could be nothing to that. From the list above Royal Prospect and Hyperfocus are drawn in that section.


3.15 Ripon: Great St Wilfrid Stakes

Trainers (to have won race/runners) T

  • Summerghand / Gulliver / Muscika / Intisaab
  • Lake Volta
  • Venturous / Gun Metal
  • Great Prospector / George Bowen
  • Staxton / Vintage Brut

Stats Shortlist 

This isn’t overly helpful, the stats i’ve used leave 12/123, 33p in the last 15 renewals, leaving a longlist of 10…

Gulliver T/ Lahore / Richenza / Lake Volta T/ Citron Major / Venturous T/ Gunmetal T/ Belated Breath / Great Prospector T / Staxton T




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  1. Lambourn trainers update mid August:

    Charlie Hills has had a good 15 days, improving his win rate by +20.5 points win and 10 points each way in the period.
    Ed Walker has gone in the opposite direction, losing 13.75 points win only and 5 points each way in the period.
    Jamie Osborne, not as big a contributor as the trainers above is minus 1 point in the period both win and each way.
    Richard Hughes is a rare contributor and is minus 3 both win and each way in the period.
    I have not been including William Muir so far, but will do so from now.

    To qualify as an each way bet the odds need to be 5/1+. All runners are included for the win figures. I include all of Colin’s picks plus some additional ones of my own that I flag on the Members posts.

    So, at present Charlie is your man.

  2. Well done on the Elite bets Colin. Based upon the figures I can get on at I have them at +69 points for 2019 to date.

    1. Thanks for the updates Martin, it’s much appreciated. I’ve been dipping in and out of Colin’s bets but with Nick taking a well deserved sabbatical I might have to replace him with Colin’s.

    2. Hi Martin. According to my figures Elite is 127pts profit for the year based on Advised/BOG. Might have missed the odd Rule 4 but won’t be too far away. Shows again the value of BOG.

      1. I can only go with the prices I can get on at. I am restricted in a number of places and use exchanges as well for my bets. I do not doubt your figures but not all of us can get on at those prices. If only the bookmakers were generous people!

        1. Yes I know you only use the exchanges. Was just pointing out the value of BOG for those who can still get it.

          1. Good stuff Ken… we talk about BOG, but that’s only relevant for the drifters… it would be interesting to know (and that’s for any approach inc mine I suppose) how much extra profit is gained between advised prices, and the winners that go off having drifted. I suspect it may be a figure somewhere between Martins and yours… as there are enough bookies, non bog, where i’d like to think you can get close to advised prices etc- likes of Geoff Banks, Star Sports, fansbet, etc etc, plus all the usual, shops if needs be. I’ve bog removed from likes of PP and BetVictor, and Sky, Cora I think, but I still have accounts and use them to ‘take a price’ often enough (while sometimes not getting much on), and if the odd one drifts, that’s that.

    4.20 Wolverhampton BOG 5/2
    7.10 Chelmsford Puds BOG 7/1

    running behind will be on by 11am at the latest starting point 18 potential bets, which will be filtered down.

  4. Amazing once again trying to pull my bets and figures down let me explain once again and this will be my last time.
    First of all my bets and prices are put up at when the markets and N/Rs are pretty well established.
    No fancy over night price where you would struggle to get £20 on.
    10am most people can get the EP prices BOG is a bonus for most of my bets reduce in price.
    All others who put up bets on here claim EP prices Martin inclued along with Josh who keeps telling me that go around the bookies to get the prices for all my accounts via the computer have been heavily restricted or closed down once again Ladbrokes will accept 10 pence ew.
    Please let everyone put their bets up at 10 am and lets see what figures the produce.
    When had my tipping line this is the format i used and trying to be honest and open seems a waste of time, so probably best start claiming fantasy prices and produce inflated figures.
    Would also have been respectful Josh if you had taken the time to contact me not dive sraight into Kens figures.

    1. ??? Bloody hell Colin… who the hell is pulling them down?? this conversation is all in a positive, upbeat, big pat on the back for yourself tone! Please try and indulge in this discussion in a happy mood – you’re doing a superb job with Elite, and indeed Lambourn and Colins Bets will turn – it’s appreciated by me and everyone else – it’s good to see the figures etc, and you’re approach to generally available 10am prices is great. No one is saying it’s dishonest , or isn’t the right approach.

      At times you do like to have a debate when one isn’t needed. I thought you’d revel in a discussion of just how well you are doing. And Ken’s results are better than your own!!

      I also think it’s great to see Martin’s results, which are another boost – that’s a positive, they are the prices he gets and he bets for a living pretty much – it’s great to know even he is still making a fine return.

      The discussion about BOG and SP is a valid one – it isn’t either or – we should all probably be aware of how we do to ‘advised’ prices – non bog – your advised prices will be doing much better than SP, but obviously prob not as good as bog. That goes for my tipping also and is something for me to ponder. Of course BFSP is the holy grail, but that’s hard.

      The discussion about odds was about getting on, not what sodding price you should be putting them up at and when, you’ve got that spot on from what I can see.

      My mind boggles at times. As an aside i’ve twice emailed you before to want to chat about your various methods but have had no response, so haven’t bothered since assuming you didn’t want to discuss in private, which is fair enough.

      Please look at that discussion through some different eyes,
      best, Josh

      p.s as an aside do you have accounts with Geoff Banks, Star Sports, Fansbets etc, and some of the others not listed on oddschecker? In truth I don’t as yet for all, and I could be talking nonsense, but it could be there’s the odd account you could get, or put a load in your son’s name if you haven’t already haha – again, that’s all said in a tone if trying to be helpful.

      1. Josh
        BOG is a luxery for my winning bets have only drifted out 2 or 3 times this year so it is not really applicable and i have always put up bookmakers SP alongside BOG in my results not Betfair SP, so my view i cover all the angles.
        Have enough recording my bets with Ken, Neils ( accountant ) and myself so would prefer if no one else did or respond after i had put my figures up not before.
        My methods which have worked hard over the years to find them and no do not wish to give them away, for can get subscribers paying for the information as before then will be no need to bet.

    2. I’ve never placed an early price ever anywhere, on here included and there are quite a few newbies on the TC page that don’t seem to post them either. So you are not the only one by a long way.

    Hi Ken thank you once again for recording my figures and please continue

    Elite this year are + 121.541 that is my records again could be wrong with the R4s

    Neil of Sportsworld is keeping records for me has well and we are hoping to market Elite bets in the future he has not updated his records when he does will see, last time i looked he did have an higher figure than mine so your records could be right.

    4.20 Wolverhampton Shrewdness BOG 5/2
    7.10 Chelmsford Puds BOG 7/1
    running behind COLINS BETS will be up by 11.30am

  7. You need to get a grip Colin and relax. It is not a competition when you are in a shared environment. You seem to have issues about waiting to be the best. Elite selections are going well so be happy. No one has it in for you. Think about that.
    I am happy to share some of my information when I can but I cannot share all I have publicly.
    The aim is to bet profitably and share info when you can. We are short of Nick at present, but what with your Elite tips and my golf bets on the free post we are ticking it over for the site re profit and its members/viewers.

    So let us all work together.

    1. My chase efforts are not doing too badly (at the moment) either Martin, ahem!! 🙂 🙂 You are flying with the Golf, so well done for that.

      1. Yes Josh, I do like a winning jumps tipster. Again, based upon my figures that I get on at, I have your tips at + 19 points over the past two months, but that is likely better for other followers.

        I am testing out a new North American horse racing system which is beginning to bear fruit. I will start to post them up on the free post next week.

    2. Hear, hear – maybe time to see the glass as half full, Colin.
      You are doing a good job so relax and enjoy the plaudits.

  8. From a Charlie Hills perspective today he likes Wufud in the 2.25 Newbury and it is being backed. He also likes, as a win bet, Saikung, 5.05 Newbury.

  9. Colin, I am perfectly happy with your tips. Love the Elite and Colin’s are ok too. It is winners we want and you provide them. What prices individuals get is their domain, I look at the % winners and you are running well. The prices I get may vary from what you state but who cares. Keep up the good work.

  10. Well said Gordon, yes it’s winners that count, price is secondary. Thanks Colin for all your hard work, it is much appreciated. And the tipping comp shows just how hard this game is!

  11. To Colin, Martin, Josh et al, as one of the Silent Majority I am very appreciative of the contributions of everyone on this site and read them every day. We may not show our appreciation on a regular basis but you have our thanks for all that you do. As Martin said, please continue to work together.

  12. Lambourn
    Hooray a trainer who has admitted that he thought Lush Life was better than she probably is, well done Jamie Osbourne certainly hope your new regime with her works and will be able to have a win if not today then in the future.
    Charles Hills
    2.25 Newbury Wufud BOG 8/1
    Willie Muir
    2.45 Wolverhampton Lorna Cole BOG 4/1
    Ed Walker
    4.00 Newbury Queen Aya BOG 6/1
    Willie Muir
    Cent Flyer ran yesterday and due to go up in the weights tomorrow, could have been tempted, going up in class and at the price too short for me.

    1. Interesting comments about Cent Flying from Willie Muir – “wins off 60/61 but as soon as he climbs above that he finds it a bit harder”. Runs off 60 today and I have had a go at 4/1.

      1. Hi Johnny
        Just had another look at Cent Flyer won 4 times on turf 3 of them in class 6 and once in class 5 todays race is class 4, yesterdays race was class 5 and only finished 3rd, for me cannot see where the improvement can come from not saying it cannot win today for horses always make fools of us, but it is not for me today, win or lose.

        1. Hi Colin,
          He was only touched off in the last 100 yards yesterday beaten 3/4 and a neck I believe. Also getting lumps of weight from a lot of the field today. Together with the trainer’s positive comments make me think he is worth a go but I can quite understand why you would leave him alone!

          1. Well Johnny Cent Flyer won easily and after a major drift from 9/2 to 8/1, so pleased it won for you, must admit in the end had a small bet on myself so will pay for the weekend.
            Hope you were on BOG?

          2. Hi Colin, yes I’m lucky enough to still get BOG with most firms, although many more results like that and I may not! Will keep a close eye on Muir’s from now on.
            Well done with Shrewdness and good luck with Puds in the 7.10


    2. I also have 4.00 Newbury, Swinley, each way, for Richard Hughes. He seems confident to me and for him.

  13. Lambourn
    Richard Hughes
    4.00 Newbury Swinley BOG 7/1 massive chance according to Hughes
    thats it for today

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