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Nick’s tips x2, Section 1 (complete), test zone

1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Chase Tips/Jumps Festival Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips

4.Micro System Test Zone

5.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



3.00 – Stormin Tom (micro class) I3 5/1 

3.30 –

Bossipop (m runs) w2  H3 17/2 UP

Piper’s Note (m dist and class) I3 7/1 

5.00 – Dew Pond (m runs) G3 10/1 



5.45 –

Suitcase N Taxi (m TJC and age) 15/2 

Moonlit Sands (all Hc’s) 11/1 

6.15 –

Gullane One (m TJC and -class) 20/1 

Kenny The Captain (m -class) H1 I3 6/1 S6 UP

7.15 –

Ghayyar (m’s TJC,age and -class) I1 G1 11/2 S1 UP

Bollin Ted (m age) w2 I3  7/1 UP

7.45 –

Vive La Difference (m TJC and age) 7/1 

Picketts Charge (all Hc’s) H3 G3 9/2 

Zoravan (m class) G1 9/1 S6 UP

8.15 –

Attention Seaker (m TJC and -class) G3 12/1 

Royal Flag (all Hc’s) 5/1 



7.00 –

Perfect Refuge (m TJC and going) H3 G1 4/1 

Dawn Treader (m dist)  G3 8/1 


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2.My Tips (Daily Chase Tips/Jumps Festival Tips)

Daily Chase Tips: Main (2019: 17/85, 29p +38.8) Jumps Festival Tips (2018:+143; 2019: 6/99,27p, -45.8,)

Daily Chase Tips: Main 

(2m7f+, C4+ handicap chases)

None. It could well be a no tip week from me, given the lack of summer jumping in the coming days. 


Daily Chase Tips: Test (14/07/19>: 1/5,3p,+5)



3.Nick’s Tips

2018: +532.33 ; 2019 running total End JUNE -8.605 BOG / -10.105 Advised; May -8.22/-8.97, June -31.04 / -31.79, July: 7/44, 15 w|p, +19.495 advises/bog)

3.30 Ripon – Teruntum Star – 1 point EW – 9/1 (betfS/PP) 17/2 (BF) 8/1 (gen) UP, -2 

5.45 Carl – Suitcase N Taxi – 1 point EW – 15/2 (1/5,4p… SB/BetfS/BV/PP/Boyle)  4th, +0.5

that’s all for today as of 08.11


4.Micro System Test Zone



5.Any general messages/updates etc

Tracker horse... recent chase eye-catcher Smithscorner runs in the 4.50 Cork. They are reverting to hurdles after that tumble so it will be interesting to see if it’s affected him. He was going to win there off 109 so in theory his hurdles mark of 104 should be workable, but he could just be a better chaser and they may not be hard on him today. Hopefully he’s back chasing soon. 


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    5.45 Star Cracker BOG 10/1
    7.45 Picketts Charge BOG 4/1
    8.15 Carlisle Royal Flag BOG 4/1
    8.00 Windsor Barossa Red BOG 4/1

  2. Lambourn
    After a couple of comments about able to do it themselves i agree however after spending 6 months reviewing the trainers and deciding who i could trust and putting my views on here it opened up the potential what can be achieved by monitoring Lambourn trainers, and if this had not been done possibly not many would have looked at the site.
    I will continue to put my views up here even though at times it is a pain for the trainers do not come on a set time, and a warning to anyone who wishes to do it themselves do not believe the scatter gun approach will be successful for trainers often think their horses are better than they are, learned this lesson from Dai Williams when in the early 90s he had 80 horses in training and in the end would not back his fancies for something always appeared to beat them, and i was privy to all his imformation for stayed with them when i was down Great Shefford near Lambourn and went racing most weekends with him.

    1. Thanks for the work you put in Colin, don’t always have time to check the Lambourn trainers site and seems daft duplicating your good work. For my staking you are the most consistent contributor on here so well done and keep it up…. Mark B.

      1. I agree with you Mark, I joined RTP early last December and Colin is a model of consistency so a whopping great big thankyou to you Colin!

  3. As I have said before Colin, I follow your Lambourn words of wisdom and accept that you will not always find the winners but you have an uncanny knack of reading between the lines. Also follow your Elite bets to a profit. Have you given up on the NEW bets. They did have a losing spell but will they come back?

    1. Hi Gordon
      New bets was an old method of 20 or so years ago still feel something in them but there was far to many bets for me and have tried cutting them down which did not appear to work, maybe just look at the days principal meeting alongside grade one and grade two courses, far to many meetings for me now over the summer, will review them again possibly October when there will be only AW night meetings along with the day time meetings.
      Elite was a 20/30 year old method which as come back strong this year since revisiting again, have more out there to have a look at but time seems to run out.

  4. No Nap of the day from me on an uninspiring Monday.

    From a Lambourn perspective only Ed Walker has put up today. Perhaps the others are watching England struggle in the test match.

    Ed seems to like the chances of Stormbomber in the 2.15 at Kempton.

    I am tracking these win and each way seperately

    1. In fairness Willie Muir made a good enough case to back his 14/1 winner at Ripon in respect of his comments on distance the horse had travelled and the preferred ground. Wasn’t for me on debut and only 7 runners for ew. He is very difficult to work out from his usual comments and he seems quite positive about his runner in the 8:00 Windsor. Others are also very difficult to get a handle on, but can’t help to think there is profit to be made from the site.

      Chris R.

      1. W Muir wrote a couple of weeks ago that he had a very nice group of two year olds. Sadly the lack of 3 places also put me of

  5. Lambourn
    Have waited as long as i can do not think there will be anything today, had a look at Ed Walkers Stormbomber and at the price of 2/1 not worth the risk, for there are plenty of decent trainers with runners in the race and the are all 3yos with plenty of potential for improvement, which one!
    In the race could be another three trainers who fancy theirs to run well, and have no access to their views so not for me at 2/1.

    1. yep very perceptive Colin, I think that’s the way forward – you do have to take a look at a race esp when that price point. I mean i’m saying this with hindsight eyes but 2/1 in a 3YO only handicap where all lightly raced, a 5 race maiden before today and moving up in class, from a C6 maiden handicap at Wolves! Also first run at track on standard/slow. Even without looking at oppo that would have struck me as being short, even if he’d have won. I like the selective ‘less is more’ approach also, and it’s working so far.

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