Members Daily Post: 04/08/19 (complete)

Section 1 (complete), test zone, Galway

1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Chase Tips/Jumps Festival Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips

4.Micro System Test Zone

5.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



3.40 –

Super Kid (3yo+,micro class) 8/1 

Cape Islay (m class) 14,30 I3 9/1 

4.50 –

Love Dreams (m class) 14,30 I3 8/1 

Max Zorin (3yo+) 18/1 

5.20 – Parole (3yo+,m class) w2 10/1  UP



Market Rasen

3.30 – Shady Glen (HcCh) 11/1 

4.05 –

Article Fifty (all Hc’s,m class and hc debut) w1 ES+ H3 9/4 S3A UP

Hattaab (HcCh) H1 I1 13/2 

Get An Oscar (HcH)  I3 8/1 

4.40 – Ulysses (all Hc’s) w1 ES+ H3 I3 4/7 S3A# 2nd 


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2.My Tips (Daily Chase Tips/Jumps Festival Tips)

Daily Chase Tips: Main 

(2m7f+, C4+ handicap chases)



Daily Chase Tips: Test (14/07/19>: 1/5,3p,+5)




‘Jumps’ Festival Tips

Galway Day 7

(2/13,5p, +7.2)



3.Nick’s Tips

(2018: +532.33 ; 2019 running total End JUNE -8.605 BOG / -10.105 Advised; May -8.22/-8.97, June -31.04 / -31.79, July: 7/44, 15 w|p, +19.495 advises/bog)



4.Micro System Test Zone

LTO winning hurdlers

4.40 MR – Ulysses 2nd


5.Any general messages/updates etc


Galway Day 7 

Micro Quals 

2.45 – Monbeg Chit Chat (16/1<) / Rovetta 

5.00 – Or Jaune De Somoza / Three Wise Men (both 16/1<) 

Willie Mullins Watch 

4.30 – Some Neck / Yorkhill

6.00 – Blazing Emily 



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12 Responses

    1. Hi Colin, lovely touch on Elite yesterday and also the Lambourne trainers comments. Thankyou for posting, keep up the great work!!
      Best wishes, Tom.

      1. Thank you Tom for your kind words it is nice to know that people are taking note from time to time and the time and effort are worth it, in the long term.

  1. Lambourn
    Martin a 16/1 winner was not missed for Josh highlited some of the reasons you could not back it goodwood 0/29 and a major drift from 8/1 to 16/1, and with Charles Hills stable do enjoy a major punt when the do fancy one Khaadem for example a major punt.
    29 runners how many of those had a favourable mention from Charles Hills and if under restrictions did you take the 8/1 even if you took the 16/1 SP would you be showing a profit out of the now 30 runners?
    I believe in hard facts and proof of claims on my bets if you are going to mention Lambourn can you please put your selections on here before the races are run and everyone can see how they have done, and i hope that they do produce the buisness, until then i will back my own judgement.

    1. i dont want to go on about this as I am very busy at present, what with the start of the football season and me working on some new football betting services and proofing them and with the golf tips getting ready to go off on to a dedicated tipping site. The 16/1 winner was mentioned favourably by Charlie Hills on the site. I do not think that the 0/29 is relevant in this sphere, as we are making a judgement based upon the trainers favourable thoughts and any other information would therefore be irrelevant in terms of an approach.
      I do understand that you are setting a price criteria for your selections, I do get it. My experiences of punting for profit lead me to believe that this is not the way to go as the bigger priced winners boost profit over a period of time to a good level. I base that on my experiences over the years.
      I will post up separately any Lambourn selections that I believe have favourable mentions from their trainers regardless of odds and measure their P&L win and each way on a monthly basis and report back to members on it.
      Good luck with your approach. Diversity of approach is always good from a learning perspective and I look forward to reading your thoughts.

      1. Martin
        Do not know where you are getting this dross from!
        Quote I do understand that you are setting a price criteria for your selections.
        Never implied this for have backed a 28/1 winner and did put on this site the Irish Derby winner at 16/1 and i back them win only!
        Please do not make assumptions on other peoples selection process without consulting them of the facts.

  2. Morning everybody, are there any knowledgeable people here who know more about breeding than I do, (that will be everybody).
    I was just having a quick look at Market Rasen and a trainer that I watch who knows how to place here horses has a runner in the first and the breeding looked interesting Darwin Dream, done nothing on the flat I thought interesting with first time visor.

  3. Lambourn
    Ed Walker
    1.35 Deauville Sunday Star BOG 5/1 expecting a big run and hope she can continue her winning ways.

    Hughes as a runner in the 3.10 Chester good draw and Kelly in the plate, but he has not put his views up yet, so if he does will put it up.

    1. Sunday Star was well backed and so someone out there was in agreement with the trainer. The horse seemed outpaced all the way to me and could not get on terms. praise to the trainer for having a go across the channel. Just missed a place.

  4. I find it odd that anyone would place a bet on the opinion of someone else’s opinion especially when the information is freely available to one and all but thrre you go, each to their own

  5. My thoughts entirely. We can all read Lambourn trainers and decide our own fate. Fair play to Colin for taking the time but the info is there for us to do with as we please.

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