Tipping Comp: 01/08/19

Start of a new month…

The JULY Tipping Competition

Because I don’t have any tipping league software set up as yet, I rely on trusting you to keep an accurate record and obey the rules! 🙂 It doesn’t work otherwise as I don’t have the time to keep track etc.

The Rules

  • The comp will run for the duration of April
  • A minimum of 20 ‘tips’ per month (horses only!)
  • A MAXIMUM of 180 tips per month (average 6 a day or so, but no daily limit, just monthly)
  • Tips recorded to 1 point win
  • Tips recorded to Betfair Starting Price (excluding commission deductions)
  • Tips posted in the comments below (any horse posted in this post,is clearly a tip)
  • Tips posted at least 1 hour before the selection runs.
  • The winner – whoever has the Biggest positive Return On Investment %
  • The prize: £30 for top ROI, £20 for Top Profit to BFSP (after 5% commission) 
  • I have the final say on everything. 🙂


How to find BFSP?

Apparently you can find BFSP on Attheraces website, without needing to register, or…

…the timeform website here>>> https://www.timeform.com/horse-racing/results/today

You just need to register a free account. EG an 8.00 winner is  +7 points profit, to 1 point win. Easy



So, use the comments below for your Competition Entries Only. Your selections have to be posted below in order to qualify for the prizes.

Best of luck,


PLEASE REMEMBER to keep track of your P/L / ROI 🙂 ..


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Do join in the conversation below, we're a friendly bunch.. all questions welcome, and do share your selections or thoughts

20 Responses

  1. JULY results… if you could post what you think your P/L is to BFSP, inc no. of bets and wins, that would be great 🙂 There is a member recording your efforts but if you could post anyway please…

  2. Well done Danny. I don’t think there’ll be many challengers with an ROI like that.

    For the record my results were 7/124, 14.61pts, 11.78% ROI

    2.25 Guildsman
    3.00 Spanish Mission
    5.20 Pass The Gin

  3. After a very poor start I managed to recover it for a reasonable profit.
    9W 57L +11.66 at 17.66 ROI. 8 wins from 25 bets in the last week so could be turning the corner now.

  4. Will update July Results Later already late for work.

    Goodwood 1.50 Almania
    Stratford 3.15 Downloadtheapp.
    Nottingham 4.00 Zzoro
    Epsom 6.20 Sigrid Nansen.

  5. July awful, 3/65, -20.77.

    Had a few nearlies of course, not least Seinesational yesterday at bsp 29.52. Bercasa was a system selection but would not post because it was Josh’s tip.

    Well done Danny, late on the scene, are you related to John Spencer? At least you can afford to turn on your heating now.

  6. AUG Comp
    Well July was a big minus so no need to post results as there are people in the plus category.
    Well done to Danny for his late burst and to all those in the + category.

    1.50 G Walkinthesand
    4.45 G Craylands


    4 wins from 21 +30.96pts ROI 147.42%

    Strat 3:15 Canny Tom
    Nott 5:10 Kittys Cove
    Eps 6:20 Peace Prevails
    F L 8:45 Brandy Station

    Mark B.

  8. Nottingham 3.25 Bristol Missile

    Back down to just 3lb higher than his 2.25l win over today’s distance in May, that’s a good mark. Will love the soft ground, the heavy places even more. Good claimer.

    Goodwood 4.10 Insania

    PJ McDonald is one of the best jockeys with 2yo. He’s ridden this one twice before, he will know exactly what’s required. Should improve for the step up to 7f.

    Galway 4.55 Due Reward

    One of 2 system qualifiers.

  9. 1.50 Good Fox premier @ 8/1
    2.15 Nott Spiritofthenorth @ 11/4
    2.25 Good Fleeting Prince @ 25/1
    3.00 Good Cap Francais @ 28/1
    3.25 Nott Bristol Missile @ 33/1
    3.35 Good Rawdaa @ 9/1
    4.00 Nott Music Seeker @ 4/1
    4.10 Good Dragon Command @ 6/1
    5.10 Nott Kittys Cove @ 14/1
    5.20 Good Celsius @ 15/2
    5.45 Eps Rainbow Jazz @ 20/1
    6.20 Eps Asazuri @ 7/1
    7.30 Eps Zoraya @ 13/2
    7.45 Ffos Bug Boy @ 6/1

  10. Nott’ 1.40 Ishvara………….7.0 No Hcp
    Good’ 1.50 The Trader…… 7.0 No Form HCP
    Nott’ 2.15 Bryn Du……….. 7.0 No Hcp
    Good’ 3.35 Rawdaa………. 10.0 No Hcp
    Good’ 4.10 Full Verse……. 6.0 No Form HCP

    Back at 4.30 with evening update.

    1. Kicked the new month off with a 11.5 winner so hoping the form this past week will continue. Tonight’s………

      Epsom 8.30 Laxmi………… 7.0 No Form HCP
      Ffos Las 8.45 Chop Chop… 8.0 No Form HCP

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