Tipping Comp: 30/07/19

The JULY Tipping Competition

Because I don’t have any tipping league software set up as yet, I rely on trusting you to keep an accurate record and obey the rules! 🙂 It doesn’t work otherwise as I don’t have the time to keep track etc.

The Rules

  • The comp will run for the duration of April
  • A minimum of 20 ‘tips’ per month (horses only!)
  • A MAXIMUM of 180 tips per month (average 6 a day or so, but no daily limit, just monthly)
  • Tips recorded to 1 point win
  • Tips recorded to Betfair Starting Price (excluding commission deductions)
  • Tips posted in the comments below (any horse posted in this post,is clearly a tip)
  • Tips posted at least 1 hour before the selection runs.
  • The winner – whoever has the Biggest positive Return On Investment %
  • The prize: TBC 
  • I have the final say on everything. 🙂


How to find BFSP?

Apparently you can find BFSP on Attheraces website, without needing to register, or…

…the timeform website here>>> https://www.timeform.com/horse-racing/results/today

You just need to register a free account. EG an 8.00 winner is  +7 points profit, to 1 point win. Easy



So, use the comments below for your Competition Entries Only. Your selections have to be posted below in order to qualify for the prizes.

Best of luck,


PLEASE REMEMBER to keep track of your P/L / ROI 🙂 ..

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  • 1.50G Ventura Knight.
    4.45G Count Otto
    4.45B Bibbiddibobbiddiboo
    5.15G Maid for life

    compounddave 29/07/19 8:43 PM Reply

  • 15/116, +9.89pts, +8.53%

    4.55 Bev Muatadel
    1.50 Good Soto Sizzler
    9.00 Perth Oromo
    5.35 Worc Vexillum
    4.30 Yarm King Oswald

    Ken McKenzie 29/07/19 10:17 PM Reply

    • Correction 15/111, +9.89, +8.91%

      I’d included tomorrow’s picks in the total no of runners.

      Ken McKenzie 29/07/19 10:21 PM Reply

  • 4/36 +17.58

    Yarmouth 2.50 Citta D’Oro
    Beverley 4.20 How Bizarre
    Beverley 4.55 Picketts Charge
    Perth 8.00 Uptown Funk.

    Greg Phillips 30/07/19 7:32 AM Reply

  • W 7.50 – Glanvilles Guest
    W 8.20 – Hallings Comet

    Titus 30/07/19 8:44 AM Reply

  • 7.40 Galway Saltonstall
    Looks well treated off 89, has won off 98. Back from hols now, hoping this sets me up for a good run in August!

    jimmybarker58 30/07/19 9:58 AM Reply

    • Happy days!!

      jimmybarker58 30/07/19 7:53 PM Reply

  • G1.50 First Sitting 12/1
    B3.50 Packington Lane 25/1
    G4.45 Saaheq 10/1
    B5.30 Graceful Art 25/1

    freezing1 30/07/19 10:12 AM Reply

    • 20/1 winner yesterday and 25/1 today. Get in!!

      freezing1 30/07/19 5:55 PM Reply

      • Fantastic tipping, well done!

        chrisiwyg 30/07/19 6:25 PM Reply

        • Thanks Chris but just realized I’ve only tipped 7 so far this month so I’ve got to tip about 15 tomorrow to qualify for competition

          freezing1 30/07/19 7:56 PM Reply

  • July Comp
    I won’t be troubling the judge this month but will keep trying.

    4.20 B Storm Ahead
    1.50 G Aquarium/ Mountain Hunter
    7.15 W Persian Affair
    4.45 G Maygold
    5.15 G Warning Fire
    7.40 Gal Rufus King


    mickeydee 30/07/19 10:36 AM Reply

  • Goodwood 1.50 Nicklaus

    Early leader is favoured, that’s between Setting Sail, Johnny Drama and Nicklaus. Nicklaus is best at the weights, up in distance, sire stats say no problem, first time tongue-tie.

    Goodwood 4.45 Boom The Groom

    19lb under his last turf win 3 years ago. About 6lb in hand from best run last year, needs to find about 1lb on first turf run this year. First time blinkers, trainer has good record, may bring enough improvement.

    Yarmouth 5.05 Gifted Zebedee

    One of two system selections today.

    July running total 3/58, -13.27.

    chrisiwyg 30/07/19 11:33 AM Reply

  • Bev 3:50 Buccaneers Vault
    Bev 5:30 Graceful Act
    Per 6:50 John Mor
    Worc 7:15 Jesse Jude
    Per 8:00 Sleepy Haven

    Mark B.

    scoop6 30/07/19 12:20 PM Reply

  • Bev’ 2.05 Genesius…………….10.0 No Hcp
    Good’ 4.10 Lost In Time………. 11.0 No Hcp
    Yarm’ 4.30 Mitigator…………… 5.0 No Form HCP

    Back at 4.30 with update.

    Tim Hanson 30/07/19 12:39 PM Reply

    • No more for me today.

      Tim Hanson 30/07/19 4:52 PM Reply

  • 3.00.good. Sir Dancelot
    3,50. Bev. Buccaneers Vault

    yarker 30/07/19 1:25 PM Reply

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