Free Daily Post: 09/07/19 (complete)

quiet day, Royal Ascot report (final posting)

Royal Ascot Review... I’ve pulled together the two posts into one online document you can read HERE>>>

(worth a flick through for the trainer/jockey angles)


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    Disaster last week at the 3M Open Koepka and Day never in contention.

    Will have a look at the Scottish Open later and will be up on Wedsnday, nothing from the PGA Tour.

    1. If it’s any consolation Colin, you weren’t alone in having a disaster last week.

      I use a total of 5 tipsters for golf, including your good self and Martin from this site. There was a total of 10 selections last week, 5 missed the cut and the highest finishing position among the remaining 5 was tied 46th.

      A total wipe-out! Happily it’s only the second time this year that it’s happened.

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