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Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

LTO winning trainers

4.10 Perth – Viens Chercher 

Trainers to follow

5.10 Perth – Amalfi Doug 


4.10 Perth – Viens Chercher 


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best) 

4.10 Perth – Viens Chercher 

4.40 Perth – Chanceiton 

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  • P 3.10 – Witness in Court @ 11/4
    Y 3.50 – Oud Metha Bridge @ 11/2
    Y 5.20 – Bartholomew J @ 12
    E 6.05 – Tapis Libre @ 10/3
    E 7.15 – Highland Acclaim @ 10/3

    Titus 04/07/19 9:11 AM Reply

  • Happy days Lampard finally gone, for myself mixed emotions part of me would have liked him to stay at Derby for he certainly brought a happy factor back to the club, made a few mistakes along the way, including not playing Marriott after Christmas other than 10 mins cameo rolls.
    Marriott had scored 10 goals before Christmas and he will be an outstanding centre forward, the word is that he rang in sick and he was then seen on the golf course, whatever is the truth it could not be that bad for he was on the bench for the rest of the season, coming on against Leeds and scoring 2 cracking goals which got them to Wembly, everyone stunned when he did not start against Villa.
    Concerns over Lampards man management did he cost Derby automatic promotion by not playing Marriott after Christmas, for that is the time they did not get results and the only scraped into the playoffs via the last game of the season.
    Heaven help Lampard when he his trying to contol multi million pound players who will not be in awe of him has were the championship players and will he drop the rattle out the pram again!
    More than happy with Derbys new manager Phillip Cocu and his backroom staff two ex PSV assisstant mangers for Cocu won the Dutch league 3 times out of 5 years thank you Chelsea for paying Derby 6/7 million for Lampard and his backroom staff, certainly know who i prefer for our manager and that is Cocu.

    cleafe 04/07/19 12:43 PM Reply

  • Hey Josh, I can’t get in to members post it’s saying I don’t have an active subscription? my subscription was paid yesterday as usually through PayPal. I know it will be just be a glitch, cheers mate in advance for your help 🙂

    Gavin Johnson 05/07/19 7:24 AM Reply

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