Members Daily Post: 29/06/19 (complete)

Nick’s Tips x5, Section 1 (complete)

1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips

4.Micro System Test Zone

5.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



2.35 – Confessional    (3yo+) 6/1 

4.20 –

Super Kid   (3yo+,mciro class)  w1 H1 I1 3/1 S1

Cape Islay   (m class) 10/1 

Paradise Boy   (3yo+) I3 4/1 

5.30 – Computable   (m class) 20/1 



5.35 – Akvavera   (all Hc’s) 9/1 






3.20 – Get Knotted   (3yo+) 7/1 






7.15 – Shining   (3yo+)  w2 H3 10/1 

8.45 – Flying Sakhee   (m dist) 22/1 




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2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

Daily (2017:+110,2018: -22.2, 2019: 13/74, 23p +20.5)  Big Race Tips (2018:+143; 2019 Jumps 4/86,22p, -53, 2019)  (Flat TEST 2019, 8/39,19p, +1.5)


Daily Tips

None, no jumps racing. A couple of decent chases on Sunday to look forward to inc the Uttoxeter Summer Cup which should have a competitive field 


Flat Test 2019

None today.


3.Nick’s Tips

(2018: +532.33 ; 2019: End MAY +2.94 / +2.19 BOG , May -8.97/-8.22)

2.45 York – Savalas – 1 point EW – 10/1 BV/BetF 9/1 (Lad) 8s (others) (dec 1/5,5p) 

3.20 York- Markazi – 1 point EW – 15/2 (gen, 1/5,4p) 

6.45 Ling – Country Rose – 1 point EW – 10/1 

7.30 Donc – Roundhay Park – 1 point EW – 7/1 

8.00 Donc – Contrebasse – 1 point EW – 9/1 

that’s all for today, as of 09.14 


4.Micro System Test Zone


5.Any general messages/updates etc




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  1. It’s funny how everyone is so quiet these day on here .How many of us are left SCARY STUFF..I’m in Miami on a jolly with my mates so it doesn’t matter to me ,smiley face .

    1. i think i like many are more into jump racing, i do dabble on the flat but not with anywhere near as much confidence so don’t post as much.

    2. Think majority like Josh said are NH subscribers, will dabble in flat, but, it always seems to pass me by and I do like the more complex nature of a NH race. Flat i always feel is too rushed!! I may when i have enough time do a research into certain things Flat orientated, but, like Josh I am looking forward to a good NH card at Cartmel and Uttoxeter on Sunday! If i was to go for 2 in Pitmens derby would be BARTHOLEMEU DIAS and SPEEDO BOY, but, only shrapnel at the very most!

    3. Ha, the numbers are still very solid! 🙂 Plenty of you left, just not as many as in December or so, these last few months have taken a toll but all will be well in the long run. It was only ever a tiny minority who posted anyway, albeit think a couple who did chip in more are no longer with us. That’s the game, I’ll start praying the next 6 months are better than the first half of the year.
      Enjoy Miami!

  2. Saturday Six 10-1 +
    1-50. Deep Intrigue 12-1
    3-00. Stamford Raffles 28-1
    3-35. Speedo Boy 12-1
    2-45. Lake Volta 12-1
    3-20. Hayadh 12-1
    4-05. Kings Field 12-1
    all £2 ew, 5p accum and heinz
    staked £29-80
    also a couple of £1 ew Chester 5-30. Alsvinder 28-1, Computable 25-1

  3. I think it’s quite on here for several reasons.

    Many prefer NH, it’s holiday season, but mainly from my experience people are struggling right now. I’ve personally had a poor month and I’ve noticed the likes of Nick & Colin not hitting the numbers like they normally do. If this is happening across the board, then people are going to be quieter.

    Keep the faith, guys, those of you on a downturn will experience a change of fortune in time, just have effective bank management in place.

    1. It is happening across the board, save a couple I know of. I think the volume of racing on the flat does not help but I think it is randomness mostly, year on year. Hence the ‘Betting Bank’ as Colin would say. Do you focus on a certain meeting when there are so many to choose from?
      Stat Of The Day is up and down in 2019. I have you at +47.25 at the prices I got on at. So well done on that.

      1. SotD just seems to trundle along every year, up and down in cycles. Look at last week, 5 winners and a runner-up from 6 picks, but 0/5 this week!

        It’s more than holding its own this month, but my personal betting and the few that I follow aren’t faring too well, so I’m down on the month. This allied to a small loss in May and taking April off means the balance doesn’t look anywhere near as healthy as it did at the end of March.

        1. Hi all, still here watching and learning all the time 😉

          Like many others on here have had a poor last month or so 🙁

          So I’m just trying to relax and enjoy life as we know it on here 🙂

    C 2.20 – Gossamer Wings on 4th run @ 8
    Y 3.20 – Kings Pavilion on 6th run @ 28
    N 4.25 – Lady of Shalott on 4th run @ 5
    Y 2.45 – Savalas on 7th run @ 9
    ………..Justanotherbotlle on 6th run @ 18
    W 3.25 – Zhui Feng on 4th run @ 12
    N 3.50 – Walton Street on 4th run @ 5/2

  5. I haven’t seen tim on here for a while. Is he on holiday, or taken a sabbatical? I was looking forward to seeing how his new system would play out.
    As for the form, my april and may from my tipsters was generally very poor, but this month has seen a decent improvement. Hopefully the sign of things to come!

    1. He is waiting for his new super algorithm to finish running on his machine. It is the same one used by Alan Turing as seen in the Imitation Game. Two weeks and still whirring around!
      I am sure he will be back. He is likely on holiday etc.

        1. I’ve been here all the time apart from yesterday when Dicky Branson’s tinternet service bombed out on me and only recovered this morning. Took a day off Tuesday to take the chimney breast out in the kitchen as my partner has been on my case to get it done so as she can get the plasterer in, but I didn’t have a single bet to play with. Very poor day. Hasn’t been many bets at all this week but picked up a 15.7 winner on Thursday that was posted with the rest on the TC page.

          The amount of time I’ve spent on this project has had an adverse effect on my ‘real life’ chores schedule so I guess it’s pay back time. The kitchen job has her off my back for now but TBH I’m done with it for now at least. Is time to just play it and see how it goes in reality, but I can say that having checked it’s performance so far this season it’s quids in so I think it deserves a decent chance to prove its efficacy.

          If I’m not on here it’s most likely cos I’m busy some where else but if I have any you’ll find them on the TC page. MC is correct. Proform takes so long to load and update I generally leave the PC running all the time and carry out the database updates at night as they can take up to 2 hours.

          1. I appreciate the effort Tim and also how important it is to keep the better half sweet!
            Looking forward to the new system and good luck with it.

    3.00 Newcastle Canford Heights BOG 7/1
    5.15 Newcastle Hajjam BOG 16/1
    6.45 Lingfield Enthaar BOG 6/1
    2.45 York Jawwaal BOG 18/1
    3.20 York Markazi BOG 7/1
    5.25 Doncaster Rock Of Estonia BOG 7/1
    Going to review later today for ran out of time and may just record them myself for a couple of months.

    1. Just wanted to say thanks for the clive holt red book recommend. About halfway through at the moment and finding it a good read so far.

      1. Really pleased that you are, it may have been published in 1984, one chapter is still very relevent today.
        If you have the time would you put up the Progressive, Proven etc chapter not in full just the main points sure that will help many on here when assessing a race, no doubt most will use many of the points automatically.

  7. Lambourn
    Jamie Osbourne
    1.40 Windsor Good Earth BOG 10/1
    Charles Hills
    3.35 Newcastle Bartholomeu Dias BOG 14/1 been the plan since winning here in April, can see him getting competative trainers words.
    5.25 Doncaster Rock Of Estonia BOG 6/1

  8. As we seem to be declaring our racing interests at this quiet time…..I am a flat race enthusiast, not that anyone would have guessed!! Two reasons….no jumps to fall at so percentage wise makes more sense as a punting medium and secondly I am speed and pedigree oriented and the flat is better for assessing both…I find myself wincing when I see fallers over fences, makes me feel physically sick when that happens but agree when you see proficiency the spectacle is quite a beautiful sight. I have specialised more recently which seems to be working and rarely bet now C4 and below in any code….just far too unpredictable and prefer betting in chases rather than hurdles, esp hdcp hurdles which, for me are the worst punting medium over the sticks except for the higher grade races, but even then rare nowadays for me to have a bet…not a fan of Summer jumping and am old fashioned in that there should be a summer break for jumpers but appreciate trainers et al have to make a living but if you are honest summer jumps is pretty dire at times and in general low grade stuff…the equivalent of low grade AW racing at its worst….now doubt mmay upset a lot of people but as it is quiet may provoke a bit of discussion…anyway on to today, pretty difficult stuff overall so just a couple of selections as the usual non runners..the plague of the industry, rear their ugly heads…was going to put up more but the non runners on some have made it no bets for some races, so restricted to a couple of choices and even those entail more risk than I would like, so the usual caveat of caution applies:

    2.05 Nmkt. Rosadora w/o

    Nasty, tricky race without the benefit of an e/w option….inspite of the lack of runners the options available are tricky to disentangle….Summer Romance being by Kingman a sire that has done very well with progeny ran well to win at Yarmouth in soft going clocking either 36.38 mph or 34.54 over 5f…the difference in speed depends on how accurate the going is according to the Racing Post…they have a tendency to round up or round down their figures to fit in with the standard times for the courses and there going descriptions are not that accurate some of the time…the race at Yarmouth was 11.61 seconds below standard times yet they describe the going as soft..the times suggest it was heavy, hence the two times….that is the first problem…the second problem is the number of runners and the quality of the opposition…Star Alexander ran 36.99 in a C4 at Bath over 5.045 furlongs in a race 2.22 secs above the standard time and Shammah ran 39.05 mph over 5.09f in a race 1.66 secs above std time so the latter is faster over the 5 or so furlongs…Rosadora ran 38.30 mph over 6f , todays race distance, and has Secretariat on both sides of the pedigree, which is something that is a plus for me so presents a problem in decision making…the fav may well be a cut above and go on to win, Shammah’s speed over 5 may well be enough to see out the extra distance and Rosadora may just be gd enough to see off both…of course, non of this may not happen but worth a win only bet on Rosadora,. hence the choice and personally may have a sver on Shammah just in case.

    2.10 York. Clareyblue w/o

    Was going to put up Imperial Command when I did the race last night as did have the best time but now a non runner so the selection was second in on my figures…again no e/w option as per normal these days. Gd lck if playing.

    I have done several other races but not putting them up as find todays cards very trappy despite some of the quality around and do not have the confidence in them to put up any more selections today. All the best.

    1. Going description regarding Summer Romance should read ABOVE standard time ie. slower than course standard not below as stated …apologies

    2. close but no cigar with the second selection, pedigree of the Summer Romance in the first just too good for the other runners and any progeny of sire Kingman needs a close inspection in future races over the summer. Back next week.

  9. Just put part one of my bulletin up on the TC page. The update will be earlier than usual today at 3.30

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