Free Daily Post: 27/06/19 (complete)

quiet day…, free webinar…

Ascot Review Part 2 on it’s way. That will be all.

Free Webinar today, info below if you missed it…

Eight Keys To Ensure Your Betting Success…

Today I’ve got something very different for you – a freebie unlike anything I’ve sent you before, which is exciting. 

Michael at Lucrative Racing has pulled together a one-off free webinar where he’s going to talk through the most important subject he can think of…

The Bet Finding Process.

In his words…

“There is nothing more valuable, and no bigger advantage you can have in your betting, than the skill-set that allows you to identify profitable wagers”…

And you know what, I completely agree.

I’ve always said the most enjoyable winners  are those you’ve found yourself, whether from scratch or using information from others as a ‘way in’. 

This game is tough but so enjoyable and i’m always interested in what approach others take to race analysis, as we can always improve. I can’t wait to see what ideas Michael covers, as i’m sure to learn something new. 

To that end, he’s going to hold one final webinar this Thursday, June 27th at 11am BST.

The title:

“The Eight Keys To Successful Betting, That Will Earn You £5,000+ In the Next Year…” 

Reserve Your Space HERE>>>

On this webinar, Michael is going to show you how to do that, by walking you through the exact strategy he currently uses to create a daily shortlist of strong, under-the-radar bets…

…which produce an annual revenue stream 3x – 5x larger than your initial investment.

So if that’s a skill you’d like to learn, then you won’t want to miss this.

This looks to be a professional grade training session, with plenty of useful tips and pointers to help you get the very most from your betting…

And It’s completely free to attend, so make sure you register and save your seat NOW at the link below…

Sign up for your free peek into Michael’s successful methods HERE>>>

Michael looks forward to seeing you on the inside this Thursday. For those of you interested in how others approach the game this should be worth your time, with practical ideas that may help you become even more profitable long term. 

All the best


p.s Even if you can’t make the live session, do sign up as if Michael decides to send out a replay, you’ll be the first to hear about it. You can register your interest in potentially earning £5k+ in the next year, HERE>>>


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7 responses

  1. Josh,
    Your site and your analysis are usually very interesting, informative and trustworthy.
    Today I watched the live webinar you recommended and by the end I had almost given up the will to live. It consisted of about an hour listening to fairly obvious ‘insights’ and ends with a hard sell of a training course for £297. A complete waste of time.

    1. Hi Thomas, oh well that’s disappointing. Sadly the webinar wasn’t recorded before I sent it out etc and when doing so thought it was going to be live etc. but from what I understood from what hed sent me I assumed it would be interesting to a point. I didn’t realise the content would be at the very basic level. Ill watch it later on and can hopefully get through it.
      It was free and if you joined the free list can now unsubscribe and be done with it.
      I haven’t sent anything out from him for a few years for a few reasons but thought this freebie would be different / useful. Maybe I’ve got that judgement wrong.
      To do something very basic and then hard sell something at that price point I can’t think will end well.
      I’d best get recording my own ‘course’ for a fair bit cheaper, maybe with some guest insight. Maybe that a project for next year but I should do some more of that, esp videos, in the members post, seems there could be an appetite for it.

  2. My Webinar thoughts:
    It was interesting and the course, on the face of it, seems professional and relevant. Is it value for money? All depends on your circumstances. If I was working full-time my interest would be higher than it is and I would probably invest if for no other reason than to give me a crash course in hopefully finding value/profitable bets.
    Because I’ve got loads of time generally, have Gold and other little helpers, along with the abundance of help and knowledge you get here if you look/ask for it I don’t think it’s for me. Having said that we can all learn more/better things.

  3. Re courses – my experience of running training courses is that you need to know your audience and pitch it at their level. So in regard to betting, what level are people at?
    I would say that most on RTP are past the initial stages, so not newcomers, but we can all learn more every day. If it was football for instance and not horse racing the course would be significantly different.
    perhaps an RTP webinair would be an idea every so often rather than a course? We do a similar thing on a football betting site i have some involvement with and it works well for members to get involved and chat about certain subjects and teams in regard to betting.

    1. Hmm, that’s an idea. I’ll take a gander, plenty of tech around etc and I’m more than comfortable doing something interactive.
      I’m terms of courses etc I’ll have to remember to talk to you offline if I ever ponder that route. The audience point is good one. Plenty of people will be at different stages, and I’ve always thought I need to do more on that in the members in terms of explaining the journey. Albeit does nt help when everything is a tad out for form!

  4. I’d be surprised if any RTP members sign up for that. Nothing new in what he was saying that I haven’t heard on this site from its knowledgeable members and host

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