Tipping Comp: 22/06/19

Saturday’s selections


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  1. To date 10/116 +25.97 BFSP.

    2.30, Dramatic Sands + Heaven Fortend + Joker On Jack + Year Of The Tiger;
    3.05, Masaru + Irban Icon + Western Frontier + Fire Fly;
    3.40, Nagano Gold;
    4.20, City Light + Dream Of Dreams + Kachy + The Tin Man;
    5.00, Cape Byron + Lake Volta + Watchable;
    5.35, Corelli.

    Good luck.

  2. another go at Ascot
    2-30. Pinatubo
    3-05. Happy Power
    3-40. Mirage Dancer
    4-20. Donjuan Triumphant
    5-00. Watchable, Tis Marvellous
    5-35. Black Corton

  3. Ayr 2.00 Club Wexford

    Up 2lb for a narrow win last time, this C&D winner will need to equal his best last season. More likely that than the better handicapped but no win for 2 years pair of Banksea and Nicholas T suddenly find form.

    Redcar 2.40 Shady Mccoy

    One of three system selections today.

    Ascot 3.05 Marie’s Diamond

    Horses that have run in a Group 1 and won a Group 2 or 3 have a good record. There’s another in this race trained by John Gosden, he’s a bit quiet for me. But Johnston and Frankie are flying.

    Ayr 3.45 Secretinthepark

    Another of my system selections today. Bet you the one I don’t put up on this blog wins.

    Perth 3.30 Katgary

    I eliminated 4 straightaway, Out Sam is out of form, Ned Stark I’d have gone for if Dickie was riding, Viens Chercher’s trainer is out of form and Rainy City had a complete loss of form before changing stables.

    Of the two left Katgary was much more fairly treated for a win last time, only up 7lb for a 13l margin over C&D. Doesn’t need to run to that level on paper to win today.

    Ascot 5.00 Gifted Master

    There is early pace both sides and down the middle. Ascot’s going stick gives a slight advantage to middle then high.

    Geegeez pace summary says early pace and hold-up have an advantage. From the shortlist that resulted the 3 best handicapped look to be:

    Watchable who showed astonishing improvement last time I thought on a literal reading of the form, so I take that with a pinch of salt.

    Foxtrot Lady is hard to assess on her last win but may be 6lb in hand. I’m never keen on using non-handicap form though so ignored it, but certainly recommend a saver at least.

    Gifted Master is 4lbs under his Stewards’ Cup win, first time cheekpieces, I like a previous winner of a big sprint that’s obviously been got ready to win another.

    Running total 4/53, -5.42.

  4. Ayr 2.00 Sha La La LA Lee……….. 7.0 No Form HCP
    Ayr 3.10 Howzer Black…………… 7.0 No Form HCP
    Ayr 3.45 Lathom…………………… 7.0 No Form HCP
    N/m 4.40 Alfie Solomons………… 7.0 No Form HCP

    Back at 4.30 with more.

  5. +8 so far

    2:30 – Higland Chief
    3:05 – Momkin
    3:40 – Southern France
    4:20 – The Tin Man
    5:00 – Cape Byron & Cenotaph
    5:35 – Younevercall & Coeur Blimey

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