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RA fun pokes x4, Daily tips x2, Nick’s Tips x4, Section 1 (complete), test zone, Ascot Day 2 pointers

1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips

4.Micro System Test Zone

5.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



2.10 – Theatre Act   (HcH,micro TJC and age)  ES+  11/10 S3A 2nd

3.55 –

Ratoute Yutty   (nov HcCh)  ES+ H1 I3 2/1 S3A#  2nd 

Delgany Demon   (nov HcCh)  ES+ 7/1 S3A UP

5.10 – Very First Time   (m’s TJC nad Age)  ES+ 15/8 S3A





5.00 – Raising Sand   (all Hc’s) I3 7/1 



4.05 –

Wild Hope    (3yo+,m TJC)  w2 G3 9/2  UP

Zodiakos   (all Hc’s)  w1 H3 11/2 

4.45 –

Move In Faster   (3yo+) 22/1

Three Castles   (m runs)  w1 H3 G3 2/1 

5.20 – Neileta   (all Hc’s)  ES+ H1 G3 7/2 S3A# 

5.55 – Dew Pond   (all Hc’s)  w1  ES+ H3 I1 G1 9/4 S1 S3A# S4 







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2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

Daily (2017:+110,2018: -22.2, 2019: 13/72, 23p +22.5)  Big Race Tips (2018:+143; 2019 Jumps 4/86,22p, -53, 2019 Flat TEST 4/23,9p, -0.75)


Daily Tips

5.10 Uttox 

River Of Intrigue – 1 point win – 8/1 (gen) NR

Day of Roses – 1 point win – 11/1 (bet365) 9/1 (BV/888) 8/1 (SB) UP 14/1, poor.

that’s all for Daily Tips, as of 08.56, write up in section 4/bottom of post…



Flat Test Tips Royal Ascot 

(2019 5/27,11p, 0)

Royal Ascot 

3.40 – Crystal Ocean – 1 point win – 4/1 WON +4 

4.20 – Veracious – 1 point EW (1/5 4p) – 9s/10s 4th, +0.8 

5.00 – Whats The Story 14s|16s / Circus Coutre 33s|40s … both 1 point EW  both UP

(a bit of fun for change, personally nowhere near my Daily Tips chase stakes above) 

that’s all for today, 09.33. Write ups at bottom of post…



3.Nick’s Tips

(2018: +532.33 ; 2019: End MAY +2.94 / +2.19 BOG , May -8.97/-8.22)

3.30 Ham – Eashas Smile – 1 point EW -11/1 gen (1/5,4p Betf, 10/1 5p WH) 3rd, 35p R4, +0.4 

5.00 Ascot – (dec 1/5 6p)

Whats The Story 1 point EW – 16/1 (gen) UP, -2

Clon Collis – 1 point EW – 18/1 (betfS/PP/Coral) 16/1 , 2nd +2.6 

Kynren – 1 point EW – 12/1 (gen, 1/5, 6p gen) (1/5 7p WH/PP) 14s in places, fewer places , 5th, +1.4 

0/4, 3p, +2.4

that’s all as of 08.07 


4.Micro System Test Zone

Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

Henry Brooke (25/1< guide)

5.10 Uttox – Day Of Roses

LTO winning hurdlers

4.35 Uttox – Darling Miss


8.30 Wex – Sir Extor (16/1<)


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best)

5.10 Uttox – Max Do Brazil

Handicap Hurdle Starting Points (16/1<)

4.35 Uttox – Darling Miss


5.Any general messages/updates etc

Royal Ascot Notes 2019 : READ HERE>>>


Royal Ascot Day 2

Qualifiers (from notes above) 

2.30 – Raffle Prize (8/1< guide)

3.40 – Crystal Ocean (x2, 8/1< guide) / Magical

4.20 – I Can Fly / Rawdaa (x2, 8/1< guide) / Indian Blessing / Veracious 

5.00 – New Graduate (8/1< guide)  / Clon Coulis

5.35 – Iffraaz



Royal Hunt Cup

10/285, 40p

10/10 had 9 or fewer runs over 8f… (10+ 8f runs… 0/69, 7p)

10/10 had 1+ handicap win (0: 0/56, 6p)

  • 8/10 had 1 or 2 handicap wins (8/114, 19p)

9/10 had 5+ runs in handicaps (0-4: 1/83, 11p)

9/10 ran in a handicap LTO (non hncp: 1/77, 10p)

8/10 did not run LH LTO: 8/143, 24p (ran LH: 2/132, 16p)

8/10 finished Top 4 LTO (8/156, 23p) (5th> : 2/126, 17p)

7/10 aged 4 (7/121,21p)

  • 5: 1/70, 9p
  • 6: 1/55, 6p
  • 7: 1/23, 2p
  • 8+ : 0/16, 2p


  • USA bred: 0/28,4p
  • 40/1+ SP: 0/72, 6p
  • 9-6+ on back, exc claims: 0/49, 9p
  • Highest class run… Group 2: 0/29,0p
  • 1 run only at track previously: 0/78, 7p (could be random/meaningless… not sure a logical explanation)
  • 0-1 career wins (UK/Ireland) : 0/36, 4p
  • 1 win this season only: 1/71, 10p
  • Claiming jockeys: 0/25, 0p
  • Ran in a Group 3 LTO: 0/24,2p


  • Inside/2nd Inside/3rd Inside: 0/30, 2p
  • Widest (high) : 3/10, 3p, +40 BFSP


Trainers (22 years/with runners)

  • Raising Sand (trainer race record…1/9,3p)
  • Settle For Bay (1/3,1p)
  • Style Hunter (2/16, 5p)
  • Zhui Feng (1/10,2p)
  • Crazy Horse (1/8,1p)


Applying the Trends

Looking at the 10/10 and 9/10 stats leaves… 8/107, 20p… +119 BFSP.

They leave a longlist of 10…

Exec Chef / Plutonian / Raising Sand (T) 3rd / Kynren 5th / Seniority / Whats The Story / Beringer / Circus Coutre / Afaak WON 25/1 / Cardsharp / Vale Of Kent 7th



Write Ups

Daily Tips

5.10 Uttox 

River Of Intrigue – 1 point win – 8/1 (gen)

Day of Roses – 1 point win – 11/1 (bet365) 9/1 (BV/888) 8/1 (SB)

I’ve gone double handed here in what could be testing enough conditions, depending on how much rain they get. It should be on the softer side.

River… I decided at 8s I couldn’t leave him out given how consistent he’s been and his new yard appear to be working him out well. 3 starts back the ground was testing enough and he wasn’t stopping there, he’s got some course form, jumps well and will race up with the pace. I don’t think he’ll get an easy lead but he doesn’t need to. His run LTO was decent. The front two pulled clear there and the unexposed 116 Bowen chaser got on top of him late, albeit he was value for a bit more. But it was a solid run, 120 horses further back. Yes he’s now on a career high mark but he hasn’t proved he can’t win from it and a repeat of his last run would put him bang there in this line up. I thought 8s was overpriced. He’s also a trier , a proper battler and if he runs his race, whatever finishes ahead of him will know they’ve had a race. He may got ‘pop’ at some point but with any luck runs his race again.

Roses… again 8s generally seemed generous enough here. He arrives on the back of a career best LTO , which was here over shorter. He’s lightly raced for his age but his old trainer appeared to have got him back to his best after a lengthy injury. He’s since changed hands and I doubt his new trainer has done much with him. She’s 2/9 with new recruits in recent years and trainer/jockey do well together. He stays very well, may appreciate this light weight on his back, is a very good jumper from what I’ve seen and the ground won’t be a problem. He does step up in class but ran a 116 on RPR LTO which was his best and he could be getting better, even at his age. He is usually held up off the pace which is ok over this CD and it’s not impossible 3/4 of these do too much on the front and fall in a hole, inc my one above. I couldn’t work out why he was such a big price. Maybe this will be too deep but it’s his first run in a C4 when fit/in form and over a trip.

Of the rest… well Very First Time.. these Skelton stable switchers are always put in too short now but maybe he will just bolt up. He’s thrown in off this mark if connections have rekindled the fire in him which is more likely than not, but he’s still got enough questions at his price and he makes the market somewhat. If he wins hard held then so be it but I have to take these on, which works over time. I was happy to leave the rest at the odds for one reason or another but it’s a competitive enough heat. A highlight of the day!!


Royal Ascot…

Well if you haven’t noticed i’ve tried to dedicate/focus my analysis brain on those 3m chasers so these Flat ‘test’ tips are a bit of fun, albeit I still want to do well over the course of the season… i’m kicking myself for not putting up The Grand Visr yesterday at 20s, who I mentioned in dispatches, but never mind…

Crystal Ocean… I thought he could nab his Group 1 here with no Cracksman to chase. The ground won’t concern him and the main reason for my confidence is that Frankie may try and dictate here, making all. That’s what I hope they try and it could be a ding dong battler with Magical, with Waldgeist and Sea of Class closing.. it could be some race. But it could be tactical and i’m not sure it will suit the hold up/patiently ridden horses. Haggas won’t want his filly leaving her season here and the French raider may be left with too much to do. Well, that’s the theory anyway. CO has run some 127s on RPRs, Magical yet to get above 121. We shall see if that means much come the end of this race. I wouldn’t be shocked if they were 1-2 the whole way round. Fun reverse forecast options maybe.

Veracious… I missed off this Stoute stats qualifier last night in the qualifiers above… I thought she had a sound EW chance here given the level of her form and she may well have been brought along this season with this race in mind. LTO was her first in a TT and she came an honourable 3rd in a Group 1 at this meeting last season. It’s a tired cliche but these Stoute horses generally come into their own aged 4/5/6 and trainer/jockey have a decent record together. I’m not sure if Frankie would have had the choice or if it was an owners call. It’s not impossible she doesn’t fully put down on firm ground, her wins on good… how she will handle this softer ground is an unknown but it doesn’t seem to bother plenty of Frankels. With 4 places to play with, a fun run for my change with any luck.

The Royal Hunt Cup…

Well, best of luck!!

Firstly this intriguing tactically… all of the pace on paper is high, and they will have the fresher ground – a few races on the round course before hand which may chew up the inner. I really think those drawn low, inc the Fav and Kynren will struggle to get into this, esp if the jockeys keep straight. The race could get away from them. They all may dart to the stand side as much as they can.

Anyway, i’ve gone for two drawn high who will sit off a frenetic pace, and i’ve kept my eyes fixed on my ‘long list’ above…

What’s The Story was 4th in this last year, he won’t mind the ground (which may be no worse than GS come race time… yesterday’s times suggest it wasn’t that bad at all), won well LTO and is still open to progress, coming here on the back of a career best. If he runs his race i’d be surprised were he not bang there come the line. Solid. On paper at least.

Circus Couture… I’m still scratching my head why this one is 33s/40s. No doubt i’ll soon find out. He was a 2 1/2 length second in this race last year from stall 13 which was a decent effort. The winner came from 22.  Maybe it was a fluke but he’s 4lb lower here and could be he just relishes a strong pace. He ran well twice after that in G2s/3s, one in Haydock Heavy, before all those efforts caught up with him. It’s not impossible this has been the aim this season and it got to the point where he needed to win to get in. The 1st visor did the trick LTO and while it may not work again, he is 33s+. This race should set up perfectly for him from this draw and if he gets some luck in running could be knocking on the door. I thought he was a silly price and hopefully he can get in the places at worst.

Clearly it’s highly likely I haven’t mentioned the winner, and something drawn low will now bolt up! 🙂 Spencer has a ride over the straight 8f here, and they are just worth backing EW systematically until he retires.

Best of luck with whatever you fancy.






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38 responses

  1. Tuesday was hard enough and the rain came to soften the ground. I got out OK thanks to The Grand Visir winning at 16/1 for me.
    Wednesday looks tricky apart from one race to me and so we will keep the staking under control again.
    2.30, looks very hard to me and I will go with three from the bigger stables to step forward, Divine Spirit, Kimari and Tango. But I would not be surprised if any of the runners won this.
    3.05, I like Nate The Great as an improver at a price here. I also think that Western Australia is highly rated by connections and even on his seasonal debut I will give him a chance.
    3.40, I just like Magical here to outclass the others.
    4.20, I did like the way Anne Nerium stepped forward last time out and so would give her an each way chance here. I think that Agrotera is still improving and has good form anyway and so like the horse each way too.
    5.00, well…what a difficult race. I will go with three each way, Robin Of Navan (in the hope that he is a group horse), Settle For Bay (last years winner and with this race as his target again) and Raising Sand (a course specialist of sorts).
    5.35, another tricky puzzle. I will go with just one, Summer Sands, who won well last time out.

    Good luck.

    A 4.30 – Preening on 2nd run @ 20
    A 5.00 – Zhui Feng on 3rd run @ 50
    ………..Afaak on 3rd run @ 25
    ………..Kynren on 6th run @ 14
    C 8.10 – Billesdon Brook on 4th run @ 4

  3. Ascot…here we are again day 2…cannot disagree with Marin’s comment that yesterday was hard enough with the going changes due to rain, given the BHA still uses a stick to determine going will take any going descriptions with a large pinch of medieval salt..what a nonsense in the 21st century but it is what it is so onwards:
    14.30. Divine Spirit e/w.
    15.05. Norway
    15.40. Waldgeist e/w @5/1 …if less than5/1 then win only with Sea of Class..but tricky race.
    16.20.Anna Nerium and Bella Ragazza e/w.
    17.35. Charlemaine, Ivatheengine,Glasvegas e/w

    Some biggies in the last race and have not included the Wes Ward pair as no course standard data for comparison..Foolish Humor has run 38.29 mph and Karak 39.21 mph over 5f…both should handle the going whatever it is unless it is heavy or really soft…but who knows right?….just for comparison Charlemaine has clocked 39.69 mph at Bath, Ivathengine 39.39 and Glasvegas 39.69 and I know they are massive prices but they are the fastest horses around so entirely up to you whether you want to back them…the same logic and decision making process applies to the 16.20 with Anna Nerium and Bell Ragazza…..Gd lck with whatever you decide today.

    1. Just seen Ivatheengine is now a non runner so apologies…just the two at decent prices to go at.

      1. Amendment on speed of Gasvegas..should reas 38.67…NOT 39.69…not on the ball today so again apologies as it does make a difference but still a selection.

    2. Well poor day so far…should have stuck with Josh’s stats lol!…poor ride from Ryan Moore in my opinion on Norway….too far back then gave up when chance had gone and winner reverses form which is annoying but that is racing…ground now soft/heavy so will right the rest of the meeting off as unpredictable and hope for better ground tomorrow and Saturday??…otherwise nothing from me until the weather and ground improves…

    5.20 Hamilton Crazy Tornado BOG 13/2 two 2nds yeserday from 2 bets
    4.45 Hamilton Hectors Here BOG 4/1
    5.00 Ascot Seniority BOG 20/1 one 20/1 winner yesterday from 4 bets
    New METHOD
    7.10 Chelmsford Exec Chef BOG 10/3

    1. Yep, so did SkyB and WH. Not sure if any others did. Cant’ count it void officially sadly. So annoying given the horse that won, who he beat last year, and you’d have to think he’d have been bang there. When your luck’s out, it’s out. He’s never shown attitude like that before either.

  5. Completed my analysis of these HCP bets last night and can confirm that the effect of extending the data sample period to nine years (from four), has considerably reduced the number of bets to around 39% of the previous total. Overall strike rate has gone up by 7.3% which doesn’t sound a lot but has made a significant increase to ROI. (+ 67%). Good news for me is that it’s gonna be a lot easier to manage alongside the bets I do during the day that I can’t put up early.

    So blank days can be expected and more than one horse in any race should be an extremely rare event from now on.

    1. I only go back max four years as things and circumstances and handicap rating moves on. That is just my opinion and what I have found in the past year or so. I guess if you go back a year at a time, you would get a different result each time, albeit maybe marginally? I do worry about back filling in such systems and of course the past is not guarantee of the future (as a great man once said).
      But as always good luck with your efforts.

      1. Back fitting only really comes into it if/when you start cherry picking the good races from the bad. Increasing your data sample as a whole just gives the machine more good and bad data to work with. Before I was working with about 200 to 250 races per course now I’ve more than doubled it. Still not exactly a huge sample when you look at it a course level and that was really the motivation for doing it.

        The only thing I’m mindful of are short term trends but extending the data can only reduce their effects. Although a lot of punters follow them I’ve never really been one for getting involved as the market is quick to react to them and you never really know just when they are going to end. Another thing both yourselves and others need to bear in mind is that these horses only get 6 races in handicaps and then they’re gone for ever. First three runs to get a handicap mark and then six subsequent races that go on my database. After that they are finished as far as I’m concerned cos they are no longer unexposed and have form. So you are wrong to say that handicap ratings move on cos for me only the horses move on.

        1. I think that all that is said here is mostly opinion based but i still think that handicapping mark setting has moved on due to the changed attitudes of those who control it. Maybe horses have not moved on? You have put a lot of work in so far and I do hope that it bears some fruit in the future, as we would all benefit from it through the winners it gives us.
          We all attack it from different directions and how do we judge success? Profit is the obvious one. There will still be a degree of randomness but over an extended period of time that should level out (maybe).

          1. I find myself in agreement with you Martin. Theoretically what I’m doing shouldn’t work and I still don’t understand a fair amount of what is going on under the hood myself, although I’m finding that with all this messing and tweaking I’m beginning to unravel it. Theory is one thing but you’re correct that the proof can only be found in reality. So I’m just gonna post ’em and see where it goes.

            Hopefully we’ll all get to make a few quid but I’m no worse off if they don’t. Either way I’ve learned a lot from the experience whatever happens.

    2. Hi Tim
      Has ever good fortune with your HC bets and certainly hope it comes to fruition, however why have you been meddling so much when you had 5 years results and i for one would have been over the moon with those 5 years points profit.
      Since you started your tweeking my records show that you have had 3 winners and 41 losers, so certainly hope the improvement start producing the winners for can only afford chips now gone has the days of rice and chips! only joking !!!
      Chubnut named me Hipster because of the hip op, so you will have to be Tinkerman Ha Ha.
      Good Luck

  6. I was happy that the general principles were sound but as I’ve said on numerous occasions backing several horses in the same race just isn’t my thing. As for the results Colin, you should know from your own experience that form based selections aren’t exactly the most consistent either when you look at them in the short term.

    1. Tim
      not having ago over your results and yes i have been backing them which it is my choice, was trying to show that they have gone backwards at the moment possibly through to much tinkering and total trust in the machine which will come onto after yeserday shortly.
      Colins bets tried to slim mine down after still shocked Jan/Feb always make 80 and 100 points on the AW these 2 months this year mimus – 33.40, put it down to the mild winter and no NH abandonments so they did not add extra AW fixtures like normal.
      Always put 1,2 3 or upto 4 runners in the big Hc if they meet the criteria so this is not an issue to me other than my meddling since March have not backed 16/1, 16/1, 9/1, 25/1 now my figures would look reasonable if i had backed these so will be going back to my old ways.
      Elite bets yesterday put up a 20/1 winner which someone thought would not act on the soft, Chris put up from his machine through the sire did not think it would act on the soft did he look into its mothers history on the soft ?for myself went through the form and found that it had run 4th on the soft and having read the write up of that race it was good enough for me and many more who backed it from 20/1 to 8/1.
      Elite returns this year plus + 88.60 points up after a poor June so far until yesterday, this is the history of Elite lengthy losing runs then a biggy pops in.
      That was my concern do not change a winning formula and i certainly have on Colins bets, for myself do not care if your HC bets have 4 in race with those 5 year returns will do for me!!!

      1. The worry for me with backing three or four horses in the same race is that when you go through a bad spell the losses can rack up big time and very quickly. Even if I was happy to put my own money on I’d be mindful of the fact that a lot of people would most likely bottle it before the big one that recovers the losses comes along. So sure…. in the long term the selections look good on paper but the practicalities of the whole thing are called into question.

        For me the objective is to try to make best use of it’s profitability potential whilst at the same time trying to minimise the roller coaster effect. Having said all that the recent reduction in the frequency of bets wasn’t intentional, but now I know that it has no detrimental effect on the returns I’m happy with the outcome.

      2. I checked sire stats on soft for all horses in the race. Royal Prospect’s sire was 5.26% so I concluded not likely to like it.

        What I didn’t do was check each sire’s percentage on other types of ground.

        If I had I would have seen that the sire had low percentages on most going so the low figure on soft was inconclusive.

        My research will go deeper in future because Royal Prospect was the one that jumped out at me from the candidates left at that stage. I am pretty brassed off at missing this winner tbh.

        1. And now I check I see I just did a similar thing with Helmet.

          There are no shortcuts in this game.

          1. Nothing is ever as straight forward as it first appears in this game Chris. 😉 Some times I think if it weren’t for the challenge it brings there wouldn’t be the fascination for it we all share.

  7. Lambourn
    Jamie Osbourne
    5.00 Ascot Raising Sand 15/2 is the best price now put his view up 7 to 10 days ago and he said if the rains come would have a massive chance well the ground is fine sadly the confidence is now reflected in the price, very bullish this morning, so will have to see.
    Anything else from Lambourn will put up later

    1. yep his price looks short enough… unless there is a deluge today i’m not sure the ground has come right for him. Well, softer the better, if not for inconveniencing others… but times suggest it was good to soft at worst come last race yesterday, and unless rain it will be drying, so could be good come latter races. Forecasts have been all over the place, they ‘could’ have got got 15-50mm from yesterday lunchtime, hardly had anything. We shall see if it rains again during racing but mud lovers could be in trouble.

      1. Josh
        not looked into the going but normaly in June it is gd/firm and Jamie had a twinkle in his eye and the tone in his voice he certainly expects to go close provided it has a trouble free passage.
        Also he wants to give Nicola her first Royal Ascot winner, so do not want to look into the form for no doubt would not back it and in Jamie i trust!
        No doubt if it runs poorly he will get more abuse from the morons couch potato jockeys! and there are plenty of them never sat on a horse but they know the jockey and trainer are crooked, that is one of the reasons cannot stand going into the betting offices, listening to them shouting out for the horse in front to fall at the last.

        1. He will go off fav now the rain has come, already into 6s… his form is obvious, didn’t need Jamie to tell us that but was nice to hear him say just how well he is himself/best form he’s been in. He’s a bit short for me given he’s a hold up horse.. but he’s drawn on the right side and will enjoy conditions, be surprised if he was unplaced if getting a run, and he could well take it. But he could easily have to sit and suffer behind horses etc.
          He’s a CD winner, proven in soft, and in big fields.. ticks some of your boxes! 🙂 He wont’ be far away.

          1. Jamie told us that it had a massive chance possibly 10 days ago and when i put that up here he was 16/1, which i did not take for do not do anti post, and yes it certainly ticks my boxes, but in running it certainly is still a lottery.

  8. non Ascot fancies.
    Hamilton 4-45. Highwayman 11-1, won this last year and ran a good 2nd lto any rain beneficial.
    Uttoxeter 2-10. Lee Side Lady 10-1, she seems to nearly always run her race 2nd last 3 outings

  9. My selections if you can call them that…think i`d back against these at the moment..can`t wait for jumps season to come back round..
    DIVINE SPIRIT 1pt win 9/1 gen
    RAFFLE PRIZE 1pt win 20/1 gen
    MOONLIGHT SPIRIT 1pt win 14/1 gen
    NAYEF ROAD 1pt win 16/1 gen
    AGOTERA 1pt win 7/1 gen
    THREADING 1pt win 20/1 gen
    KYNREN 1pt win 12/1 gen
    SENIORITY 1pt win 18/1 gen
    DYLAN DE VEGA 1pt win 12/1 gen
    PLATINUM STAR 1pt win 12/1 gen

    As usual, hope all horses and jockeys come back safe and good luck with whatever you select today.

      1. Well done. Sadly not, thought i’d sit that one out, damn. That gets back yesterday’s efforts with plenty of interest!

  10. Just put the afternoon tip up on the TC page. No major action planned for Ascot. Fancy Waldgeist for the big race but don’t particularly fancy the price. Is probably roughly about what it’s worth. One to watch.

  11. Lambourn extra
    Ed Walker
    4.20 Ascot Agrotera BOG 7/1
    She will take all the beating
    Harry Dunlop
    5.00 Ascot Robin Of Navan BOG 12/1 says it is a Listed and GP3 horse abroad and Oshin Murphy in the plate will do for me.
    Dominic French- Davis
    7.10 Chelmsford Indeed BOG 7/2
    Disappointed not going to Ascot with him 9/2 earlier this morning

  12. My rain dance is working Josh !!!

    14 diffrent horses in the 5.00 from the two boards surley one must have the winner!

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