Tipping Comp: 16/06/19

Sunday’s selections

The JUNE Tipping Competition

Because I don’t have any tipping league software set up as yet, I rely on trusting you to keep an accurate record and obey the rules! 🙂 It doesn’t work otherwise as I don’t have the time to keep track etc.

The Rules

  • The comp will run for the duration of April
  • A minimum of 20 ‘tips’ per month (horses only!)
  • NEW: A MAXIMUM of 180 tips per month (average 6 a day or so, but no daily limit, just monthly)
  • Tips recorded to 1 point win
  • Tips recorded to Betfair Starting Price (excluding commission deductions)
  • Tips posted in the comments below (any horse posted in this post,is clearly a tip)
  • Tips posted at least 1 hour before the selection runs.
  • The winner – whoever has the Biggest positive Return On Investment %
  • The prize: £50 to the winner. (if there’s ever joint winners the prize will be split)
  • I have the final say on everything. 🙂


How to find BFSP?

Apparently you can find BFSP on Attheraces website, without needing to register, or…

…the timeform website here>>> https://www.timeform.com/horse-racing/results/today

You just need to register a free account. EG an 8.00 winner is  +7 points profit, to 1 point win. Easy



So, use the comments below for your Competition Entries Only. Your selections have to be posted below in order to qualify for the prizes.

Best of luck,


PLEASE REMEMBER to keep track of your P/L / ROI 🙂 … 


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16 responses

  1. Doncaster 3.55 Erissimus Maximus

    Advantage to early pace, of the three possible leaders this looks the most likely winner. Bowson Fred hasn’t won for 3 years and Confessional at age 12 is only 1lb under his last win which was his best performance for 5 years.

    Salisbury 4.45 Daddy’s Daughter

    Advantage to early pace here too. Chica De La Noche looks most likely but is possibly a couple of pounds too high now. In any case, she may be taken on by Daddy’s Daughter. Handicap debut, beat a Haggas hotpot in her novice win that has gone on to win twice.

    Doncaster 5.35 Perfect Summer

    I need a big priced winner so here’s one of my 2 systems selections today.

    Running total 2/33, -4.19.

  2. GP 1.35 Kells……………….. 8.0 No Hcp

    More to come just needed to get that one up to meet the timing rules. Back with the rest @ 1.30

    1. Donc’ 2.45 Lola Paige…………….. 6.0 No Hcp
      Salis’ 3.05 Eagle Queen………….. 11.0 No Hcp
      Donc’ 4.30 Havana Ooh Na Na….. 10.0

      That’s all folks.

  3. Hi Tim
    Ref your NF HC runner in the 4.30 Havana Ooh Na Na.
    Trust that you will not get upset, for some time back did mention that AW performers rarely translate their running on turf unless it is gd/fm or firm, and i have backed on the AW for many years.
    Know that NF means no form however would ground be a major concern for it has run 4 times on gd/firm ground only along with winning twice on the AW.
    Maybe soft is what it needs and of course Karl Burke knows far more than me, but for us it is not proven on the ground and their is no visible evidence that it will act on soft so far.
    Could you also confirm that if wishing to back all HC runners and time at times is an issue you would back them at minimum odds of 4.00, am i correct in this assessment, too many pages to trawl through to find
    the answer.
    This observation is not meant as any critism as you well know, but wanted to show the example for me ground conditions the horse acts on has to be proven.

    1. Just taken a deeper look at it Colin and although I take your point about ground conditions the horse has only had the one run on turf when it came 2nd on good/firm ground. So really, although it’s only won at the distance on the AW, we can say that we know that it acts on the turf. The only doubt is with regard to today’s softer conditions. Right now it’s 15.5/16.5 on B/f & if today’s conditions were similar to it’s last run, I doubt you would be getting half those odds. To date it’s never run on soft ground and has only had the one run on turf so not sure how you can completely rule it out especially at these kind of odds.

      As for prices I think you are referring to the discussion I had on here with Ken a couple of weeks back, and the minimum we were discussing for the NF bets was 5.0 or 4/1 in bookies parle. I don’t really like operating that way but having run it on the machine it’s around about the point where profits turn into losses if applied across the board.

      1. Tim
        it has run 4 times on turf on gd/firm without winning
        30/5/19 2/7 runners
        25/7/18 3/8
        13/7/18 5/7
        2/7/18 4/4
        after 25/7/18 they must have decided to go the AW route, there is acting on turf but different conditions the soft maybe the answer the result should be in by the time have posted this.

        1. You are correct about the number of runs and yep it has just run. Wasn’t disgraced by any means so its hard to say as to whether it was the ground or maybe is a touch too high in the weights from its AW exploits. As it happened I couldn’t get on having left it to the last minute only to find that B/f has gone down. The irony is I would have been heart broken if it had won.

          1. Cheers Tim my comments on Betfair is on Members!
            Did not watch the race for was typing to you at the time, for do not like saying anything after the event because you can always be accussed with hindsight.
            Put the comment about AW not acting on turf till gd/firm at start of Flat season done it myself in the past see AW horse win, 2nd and backed them on the turf on gd/soft or soft and they tend not to translate that form in those conditions odd exception of course, this advice again was taken from Clive Holts book.

          2. Colin…. I appreciate your guidance but if I take this one out then I have to do the same with all the other ones that do not stand up to standard ‘form’ scrutiny and I’m not going down that road again. Complete fiasco. Only the long term will tell if I am correct or not. So it is what it is and I’ll keep posting them as they are.

          3. Totally agree with you Tim keep posting them as they are, it is up to the indivedual if they wish to look into them before they decide if to back them, for myself could not back it on the ground issue alone, have been betting alongside your method blind and over the last couple of days decided to look into them before backing today did not back any of them, that was my choice.
            You know i am a method/system man starting point and do chuck out a fair few over certain issues, mind you kicked myself for missed 9/1 and 25/1 winners on Colins bets recently by being to cautiuos.
            Look forward to tomorrows bets

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