Free Daily Post: 15/06/19 (guest tips)

Guest tips from Cleeve Racing >>>

With the permission of my friends at Cleeve Racing they’ve allowed me to send you their members’ tips for free. 

With any luck they have a good day but like all good tipsters their aim is value bets and long term profits, which does mean plenty of losers along the way 🙂 

You can find the tips listed below, and if you want to read the write ups, including for races they decided to leave alone, you can find those HERE>>>>


Their picks…

2.25 York – Above The Rest EW  / Kaeso EW 

3.15 Sandown – Sawwaah EW 

3.35 York – Dazzling Dan EW 

You can read their reasoning HERE>>>



Don’t forget, you can try Cleeve Racing for a whole month for just £10

This covers Royal Ascot next week and is worth joining just for that. 

So far this Flat season they’re +54.5 points in profit, or +£1090 to £20 bets. 

You get far more than just tips/ write ups… with access to tracker horses, ante post selections, regularly updated results and much more. 

Recent independent reviews from established sites have been nothing but superb and they’re also very profitable to BFSP, which is good news for those of you who have no accounts left/can’t get on. 

They have won their members’ over +500 points since 2014 and have been nothing but consistent, only playing in the best races Class 2 and above. 

You can find out more HERE>>>

We had a discussion about Cleeve in my members’ club during the week and as one of my members’ said…

“I have been with them for several years now & they are honest & trustworthy & show a good long term profit – 3 things that are worth having in this game!”

You can’t say fairer than that. Another one of my gang was the lucky sod that won £17 000 with a canadian bet the other Saturday. Alas I wasn’t as wise.  

For just £10 you can immerse yourself in their excellent service for the next month and decide whether you wish to add them to your portfolio…

Sign up HERE, NOW >>>


All the best, 



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3 Responses

  1. B 1.45 – Filament of Gold @ 11
    C 3.45 – She Can Boogie @ 2
    C 5.30 – Marengo @ 14
    H 2.15 – Sleep in First @ 4
    H 4.30 – Tickenwolf @ 2
    DP 3.05 – King Of Aran @ 11/2 and Muroor @ 10
    DP 5.25 – Ballyfinboy @ 25

  2. ITV 7.
    1-50. Archies Affaire
    2-25. Above The Rest
    3-00. Mekong
    3-36. Dazzling Dan
    2-05. Kurious
    3-15. Sawwah
    2-40. Prefontaine
    62p ew accum for £1/2 mill

  3. BATH
    1.45 PURPLE JAZZ 14s
    3.30 RUFUS KING 14s
    5.20 SPRITUAL STAR 22s
    2.15 MAKE IT HAPPEN 28s
    2.25 FLYING PURSUIT 33s
    3.00 BUZZ 25s
    3.35 DAVE DEXTER 16s
    2.10 G FOR GABRIAL 40s
    2.30 CANNY CASTLE 50s
    4.15 BRITISH ART 14s
    4.50 PERSIAN WIND 25s
    5.55 ARAKAN QUEST 20s
    3.25 CRAFTY HUGO…..33s …if you can get on this one!!!!

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