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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips

4.Micro System Test Zone

5.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs








3.35 – Regimental   (m runs) 10/1 



2.40 –

Love Rat   (all Hc’s,4yo+,m class) 18/1

Arctic Nel   (all Hc’s) G1 5/1 

3.15 –

Brian The Snail   (all Hc’s,m TJC)  w1  ES+ H3 9/2 S3A

Moon Trouble   (m runs)  w1 H1 I1 

3.45 – Gunnison   (all Hc’s,m’sTJC and age)  ES+ G1 11/4 S3A

5.25 –

Break The Silence   (all Hc’s,4yo+,m class) G3 8/1 

Eternal Destiny   (all Hc’s,m age) 14 9/1 



3.55 –

Imperial Court   (all Hc’s)  ES+ H3 9/4 S3A

Remember The Man   (all Hc’s) G3 







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2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

Daily (2017:+110,2018: -22.2, 2019: 13/71, 23p +23.5)  Big Race Tips (2018:+143; 2019 Jumps 4/86,22p, -53, 2019 Flat TEST 4/23,9p, -0.75)



3.Nick’s Tips

(2018: +532.33 ; 2019: End MAY +2.94 / +2.19 BOG , May -8.97/-8.22)

NO Tips.


4.Micro System Test Zone


The Doyler

2.50 Yarm – Sumer Romance 


Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

Henry Brooke (25/1< guide) 

7.20 Uttox – Lord County 

LTO winning trainers

7.20 Uttox – Alf N Dor (8/1<) 


7.20 Uttox – Alf N Dor (9/1< best) 


5.Any general messages/updates etc

Hopefully worth a flick through if you haven’t already and well, it took me ages to write : ) 

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The Tipping Competition… don’t forget this is open to all of you and don’t fear racking up the losers! 🙂 There seems to be 10-15 regular players this month and with a £50 cash prize up for grabs, it’s worth having a go! And hopefully the report above may give you some ideas. 



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    3.45 Nottingham Global Melody BOG 4/1
    3.15 Nottingham Royal Residence BOG 15/8 P.J McDonald back on board ridden horse twice finishing first and second and will handle the ground short in betting but have had to back it.
    5.40 Yarmouth Roaring Forties BOG 10/3

    All 3 horses should handle the conditions and out of the origional 10 possibles these are the bets, however we take the risk of more N/Rs.

    1. Should have added that i will wait until 3pm to see what the prices are before backing them but they will be recorded has bets, just worried about more N/Rs

  2. Bit of a tricky day due to the current conditions and moderate racing overall in terms of class…was going to put up a selection in the 2.00 at Newbury but too much guesswork involved so just one selection at the moment.

    2.30 Newbury. Beauty of Deira e/w.

    Tricky race with those that have run only showing modest, below average speeds for the distances they have run over. Both Qamka and To The Moon can win as they have the benefit of having a run even though they are below average according to my figures but at the prices would liked to have seen more in terms of performances. Two other horses that could surprise are Kingslady and Wild Cat…the former by the sire Kingman who is extremely well bred and his progeny are performing exceptionally well, so I would not be shocked if the horse ran a big race….the other is Wild Cat which ran 9.89f at Gd wd ….the speed was below average for the distance but according to the racing post comments showed some ability and promise…the speed in comparison to Qamka and To The Moon is slow but is extremely well bred on both the sire and dam’s side and no surprise if the horse outruns the odds…the reason for choosing Beauty of Deira is the trainer is 5/29 with + £31.00 indicating that some decent priced winners in the stats so worth a small e/w punt @ 11/1 to at least get the stake back if placed….at a better price is Wild Cat @14/1 for a trainer and jockey that have good stats comparable with Palmer’s Beauty of Deira….I am fully aware that members do not like multiple selections in a race and in principle I agree so that is why I have left Wild Cat out but, personally, will have a small e/w on that horse myself…gd lck.

    1. You know me as Silver on here but have had login problems which Josh has kindly resolved and have just figured out how to change the public name displayed…not the brightest candle in the box re tech stuff!!

        1. hi….selections are on one line i.e. 2.30 Newbury. Beauty of Deira e/w as posted….how can I make it clearer? and the boring bit below with other thoughts…

        2. Hi MC…hope you got the e/w on Beauty returning 11/1 sp so a small profit…agreed with Josh to put the selection on one line and the rationale or boring bit below that but apologies if this was not clear enough today, will make it clearer next time.

          1. Hi Silver, well done, I did thanks 🙂 Sorry, mea culpa, you were too efficient for your own good! It’s my age 🙂

          2. No probs MC…glad you got on…trying to assess races and enter them up in time for the off at times is sometimes a problem to get the best chance a horse has up in time…missed out any rationale in the 6.10 at Leopardstown to avoid confusion!!!

    2. John
      Ref multiples in a race many on here are happy for that scenerio, myself if they make a profit i will have upto six on the odd occassion in large field HCs
      If you are following 4 different people off the forum and each one gives a different horse in the same race, do you not back any for this can be called a multiple or do you back them all.
      John do your own thing do not adjust your principles or methods for the ones you omit are the ones which often win and you will end up kicking yourself.
      All the best and will be recording them from today and if there are 4 in one race tomorrow please put all 4 up.

      1. Thanks for that…I very often back several in a race personally but doing so is a very subjective choice and in the race at Newbury there is an element of guesswork…depends on price etc so I may well back as singles on Kingslady for example….downside is can be expensive and I take your point that you can miss a winner by not backing multiple choices…the Newbury race choice is the one on the one line e/w based on trainer record, price and pedigree..Wild ditto… Kingslady pedigree good, trainer not so good by comparison so really down to how much your are prepared to lose rather than how much you are hoping to win…if a heavy betting day I set myself limits and if a low betting outlay will bet more multiples in one or two races….on a day like today looking at better quality of races (few and far between) so may bet four in a race especially if the prices are big enough and may d a combination of singles and e/w bets..but very much down to personal choice and the prices

  3. one that does interest me today, at the price, is Richard Hannon’s Regimented in the Newbury 3-35 the 16-1 looks good value for a horse that came 2nd over c&d in his penultimate start, beaten 8l by the other joint favourite lto when the extra furlong didn’t look to suit.back over a mile here and has been tried on all sorts of going so not sure if soft will suit but obviously holds no fears, i’ll risk a 1/2 pt ew with and had a small saver on Infanta Isabella 13-2 early doors .

    1. just a couple of dodgy small bets to add
      Newbury 3-00. i think Terebellum is a risky odds on fav and worth taking on, Mannaal 20-1 has won twice in good/soft and i’ll have £2 to win.
      Yarmouth 5-40. looks a anything could win type of race and i think Sayesse 16-1 back to his preferred 7f could have a good a chance as any £2 ew.

  4. My selections for today.
    No winners yesterday.
    3.45 Nott Cupids Arrow
    4.55 Nott Tronada
    5.25 Nott Perceived


  5. Just the one left for this afternoon….

    Newb’ 3.35 Time For A Toot……… 5.0 NF HCP

    Couple of novice races at Leopardstown tonight to check out so update at 4.30

  6. Chubnut, Hello if you are still a member and reading the forum pages any chance of you putting your bets on again for they were looking very good.
    For anyone interested started recording and backing them for £20 at Betfair exchange SP from
    2nd March until 4th May total of 34 bets for a profit of + £722, pretty dam good in my opinion.
    Sad the way you disappeared cannot say to much other than i recieved more mickey taking and flak from you than anyone on the forum and was big enough to smile and brush it off, hope you read this and will give it another go.
    All the best to you.

  7. 6.10 Leopardstown selection is Mater Matuta 6/1 ew.

    Give the prices the above is the selection against the fav.

  8. Colin,
    The little red book of betting wisdom has arrived today. Looking forward to reading it. I expect millionaire status in weeks!

  9. International Trial…mentioned in a previous post wanted to test the method against the same types of races internationally so in France: CAUTION as this is a test

    18.35 Longchamp Veronesi win only @10/3

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