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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips

4.Micro System Test Zone

5.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



3.20 –

Finniston Farm   (all Hc’s)  w1 H1 8/1 S6 

Falmouth Light   (micro age) 14/1



3.00 – Conqueress   (4yo+) 25/1

4.30 –

Glory Awaits   (all Hc’s)  ES+  8/1 S3A 

Channel Packet   (m age) 20/1



5.30 – Space War   (all Hc’s)  w1 H1 I3 5/1 

7.30 – Al Ozzdi   (all Hc’s)  w1 H3  7/1 

8.00 – Fard   (all Hc’s) 10/1

8.30 – Global Spirit   (all Hc’s)  w1 H3 G3 9/2 




3.40 – Velvet Cognac (hncp c) ES+ 7/1 




Please Read: All information regarding the members club, the content, advised strategies, welcome info for new members, results, links to research articles,  tipping competition rules, contact info and much more can be found HERE>>>



2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

Daily (2017:+110,2018: -22.2, 2019: 13/71, 23p +23.5)  Big Race Tips (2018:+143; 2019 Jumps 4/86,22p, -53, 2019 Flat TEST 4/23,9p, -0.75)



3.Nick’s Tips

(2018: +532.33 ; 2019: End MAY +2.94 / +2.19 BOG , May -8.97/-8.22)


TBC 8-8.30 Am…  On Wednesday Nick’s Tips will be posted in the comments by himself, like the old days. I’ll be in the air as below, normal service should resume after that…


4.Micro System Test Zone

Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

LTO winning hurdlers

4.10 Font – One More Tune / Paddys Runner


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best)

3.40 Font – Our Reward

4.40 Font – Gilly Grace


5.Any general messages/updates etc



I’m flying to Sicily (holiday tips welcome!) at 7am on Wednesday morning, returning at midnight next Monday. I’m planning on doing very little 🙂 Obviously i’ll have the lap top with me… 

I’ll try my best to keep disruption at a minimum with regards sections 1/3. They may be posted at odd times but should be up by close of play the evening before, and bar tomorrow morning, the usual price updates at 8am your time won’t be an issue, and Nick’s tips should be in the normal place above, bar tomorrow morning when they’ll be in the comments below. 

Royal Ascot – well I don’t tend to do much for this. I will pull together some stats/trends/shortlists/ ‘tips’ for The Hunt Cup (50/1 winner last year) and The Wokingham, but i’ll do those next Tuesday. I’ll try and see if there are any trainer/jockey combos etc etc to focus on, however many of my esteemed colleagues have plenty of quality free content for Ascot week – Matt goes to town at Geegeez with free daily previews, Ben Aitken has done some decent free stats pointers and Gavin Priestly has already done a free preview of the Hunt Cup. I’ll try and throw something into the mix but it’s a meeting I tend to enjoy watching rather than diving into and, shock horror, there are better big race judges on the flat!

If you like following tips for Ascot week Matt will have plenty, and you can do a lot worse than follow Cleeve’s tips, and take up their 1 month offer for just £10 HERE>>> They focus on C2+ and have had a brilliant start to the year (and may be due a dip… gulp) and I think were the first proper tipping service I ever joined back in the day (after that disastrous dodgy experience I had). They’ve pulled in 500+ points since 2014 and are very profitable to BFSP. Anyway, they don’t clash with what I do, and you can find out more HERE>>>

I’m sure Nick may have the odd tip but knowing him he’ll enjoy getting stuck into all the other meetings, and i’m sure there may be the odd staying chase that week!! 🙂 And many of you will have fancies no doubt. 


The Big Read : Ideas to Improve Your Punting Success : READ HERE>>>

Well for those of you who like reading ideas related to racing/analysis, I hope you enjoy flicking through the above. I didn’t intend for it to be 6000 words long but I found it hard to stop writing! (put the kettle on!)

Inside there are ideas on how to use the Members’ content to form a daily shortlist and then some thoughts on general race/horse analysis, that you may find interesting. There’s plenty of useful stats relating to a range of topics as well as my opinions on a variety of ‘form’ factors.

There’s probably a few typos, poor grammar and dodgy syntax that you’ll have to put up with. 🙂

I would be mildly surprised if there wasn’t at least one thing I’ve covered that is useful to you, but who knows. Anyway, enjoy, and let me know what you think 🙂 (inc polite constructive criticism, you may think it’s rubbish!)

Mark enjoyed it… “Hi Josh, just finished your big read, extremely interesting and I recommend all members read it. Some very interesting stats in there that came as a surprise to me, just goes to show how many (wrong) assumptions we may have. Well done on the research.”

Take a look HERE>>>




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  1. I know you are all very experienced bettors, and no disrespect to Cleeve but I tried them for Ascot last year and was pretty disappointed. There were few selections I couldn’t have arrived at myself. For a tenner I would heartily recommend Gavin Priestley ‘s festival trends service. Excellent trends data ala Josh, a great substitute if J isn’t doing a lot on here.

    Have a good break Josh 🙂

    1. Ah all a long term game Mark, those two services very different but there’s something out there for everyone 🙂 They do just target c2+ races, and for some it’s not enough action or they like playing in those races themselves etc. Naturally they can have some prolonged down periods given the races/odds they play in, and many will have joined at the start of a poor run/natural correction. Their tipping record, and to BFSP, stands the test of time and they have been one of the most consistent around – Cleeve actually have a deal with Gavin where you can access a lot of his stuff via their membership also! 🙂 Averaging +100 points a year doesn’t sound that glamorous but they’re generally consistent and +500 points since 2014 isn’t to be sniffed at – I wouldn’t judge any tipping service on just one week, but that’s me. But that’s what trials etc are for. They’ve had plenty of happy camper for a number of years. Albeit I don’t wish for a discussion to descend in hear about service x, y z, those mentioned above is fine obviously, given i’ve mentioned them! 🙂

      I will do some content, the two big handicaps, and a few micros, but it’s never been a week i’ve gone to town on as such,

      1. I did OK with Festival Trends at Ascot 2 yrs ago but don’t recall it being too good last year. Didn’t bother this year.

        1. Hi Ken. It’s not so much the final tips, more the stats info and narrowing the fields that I find it useful for. All the best.

    2. In fairness to Cleeve, I have been with them for several years now & they are honest & trustworthy & show a good long term profit – 3 things that are worth having in this game! Like all Tipsters, they have their ups & downs & they are not cheap. It all depends what you are after & how much time you have available.

      1. Of course Phil, we all speak as we find. I think I have too high an expectation of professional tipsters, I am really not impressed with any I have trialled. I’m rapidly concluding that the money is better off spent on Geegeez Gold, which as Josh said, is excellent. It has increased my winner hit rate no end.

        All the best.

    3. I do work for Cleeve Racing on a part time basis, currently doing the ante post tips and the eye catchers to follow sections. Therefore I am biased but I would rate them seriously if you are looking for annual profit circa 100 points. I would suggest you take advantage of the offer via this site. The other Saturday we had 3 winners and 2 seconds from 5 selections, including my 33/1 pick winning the Dash at Epsom.
      We also plan to introduce other services in 2019 but I cannot say anything yet. Safe to say that they will be good.

        1. blimey Brian, well done! I did wonder who that was, good to see you’re a member here also! 🙂 Top work, very well done. I hope you treat yourself to plenty of nice things.

  2. Point taken Josh. I just think Gavins stuff most closely resembles the micros you develop on here.t I’m sure Cleeve do what you say over time, but I just thought the selections lacked a bit of imagination. Each to their own and all that 🙂

    1. Oh for sure…I mean it’s quite evident whose blogs etc I started reading when starting out properly haha. It is all about choice, you’ve gone the Geegeez / Gavin /RTP route and that’s a bloody good triumvirate even if I say so myself! As Phil says it can depend on time and what you want from the game etc. All about choice and I try to guide through what can be choppy waters. The longevity of all those mentioned is some testament to their quality.

  3. I do find it strange that sites like Geegeez and RtP promote tipsters with an affiliate code. It’s obviously another revenue stream but they make out like they are the bee knees.

    1. Nothing to hide here Rob, most links i post are affiliated, i don’t hide that – there’s multiple reasons, the main one being yes they are other income streams in the context that only a minority enjoy what I do here, and quite frankly lots of people either a) just want tips (albeit that was in part a reason for making Nick more official as I decided that was a deficiency in these parts, especially during the summer months) or b) want sets of tools etc – i’m yet to see anything better than Geegeez Gold on that front in context of price, but i’ll sing the praises of those, Horse Race Base and Inform Speed ratings/cards… if you want tools at a reasonable price, you won’t go far wrong with one of those three or two/all of them. They all do something different and will improve your punting if you wish to ‘become your own expert’ – but the racing post free stuff is ok, At The Races probably a bit better – they have pace maps etc.
      Most of what I promote I know the people personally and i’m yet to make many howler’s with advising naff stuff – SP2A in the latter half of 2018 may be one of those after they had various issues which are now resolved, and had a torrid run, but many who joined in autumn 2017 through me are still with them.

      I believe sunlight wins the day with this sort of thing, and i’m more than happy to discuss anything I promote in public. Most know my views on said tools above, Cleeve, Ben, Gavin etc and can find their work through google if they wish. Part of it also stems from me having no advice when I was 18 and wading into a dodgy service, blowing a bank and losing around £2600 – I make it my business to try and know who’s good, and to try and get to know the people behind most of the services I push, and ensure punters are protected during trial periods etc. All have refund periods or will happily refund within 30 days, or if through CB 60 days.
      This game is about choice, and quite frankly I can’t offer what some people want but if I can steer them the right way i’ll try to. This is a business, and I don’t hide from that fact either. Such revenue streams help me provide things such as the tipping comp, or save up some cash to invest in trying to make this site better, or the guest posts etc (none of those are free). Some won’t like that answer, but it’s the truth.
      There may well be better tipping services than Cleeve and you can judge whether +500 since 2014, averaging 100 points a year in C2+ races etc is any good or not. I like their stuff and their approach and many will enjoy their selective nature as it gives them more breathing space to attack racing with their own thoughts etc, rather than 23+ tips a day – but then others like that.
      But I try to be careful and do due diligence before promoting something – but i’m more than happy for anyone to take me up on such promotions etc.
      I’ve tried to create something here which if firing on all cylinders ticks plenty of boxes, but I say that in the context of what’s been a tough few months,
      Best, Josh

  4. Attention for Nick Mazur
    Only picked up your fantasy dig at me late on and have put a reply to it on yesterdays page, please read for find it amazing that BBC weather, Calander weather and Traff of GG at 10.18 mentioned severe weather warnings at Thirsk.
    Also put last nights draw results upto 7f amazing results, so no do not have to review my theories!

    1. Colin, i’m aware i’m not Nick,
      But come on – what you stated deserves scrutiny and there is something for us all to ponder there.
      As regards the weather – my first port of call is the the BHA site and the track updates from the Clerk. They know what rain they’ve had at the track better than all of those sites you mention. Obviously plenty of pro punters pay plenty for other services I assume – but from the evidence of the track available, Nick was correct to assume that come the time of his race it wouldn’t be worse than Good to Soft. If it had been heavy then yes could have moaned at the Clerk, and we have all done that plenty! It isn’t an exact science as we know. Thirsks Clerk updated at 5.30 and said they had 2mm of rain. It was officially good to soft. The times of the first three races, inc Nicks, backed that up – that’s just a fact. Rain continued through the meeting and it got softer. Your weather reports or what you used were simply wrong/inaccurate in this example. These Clerks have access to plenty of fancy kit and i’m minded to trust them first and foremost, and then to look at times etc, albeit odd exceptions – who knows what happens at Haydock!!

      As for the draw… well quite frankly your views about the 6 furlong handicap, in said ground conditions, were just wrong. I don’t know how to say it any other way. The historical evidence from the last 23 races , with 14 runners +, simply doesn’t back up what you have said. The numbers / win % / profit are quite clear. Low does best. I don’t think draw bias is valid to look to far in the past, for many reasons, inc watering policies or changes ground staff make meeting to meeting season to season.

      I’m not sure what resources etc you use for live draw data, but reeling off the results from one evening doesn’t make a case and isn’t evidence. It would appear, from the draw stats over 6f (i haven’t checked other distances, you may be correct) that it’s more a pace bias than a draw bias. Low by far does best, certainly profit also.

      You can’t cast general aspersions in this game and if you say something that’s factually incorrect, i’m afraid I will say so. Your views on the draw may be correct over 5 or 7f, they are incorrect over 6f in said conditions-and actually good/good to firm is best low also. You said in your comments on yesterday’s post you’d usually put a line straight through Draw 1 – that’s the most profitable draw, or 1-4 is, over said distance.

      Said with best intentions, Josh 🙂

      p.s BTW i’m not picking on you… Stewart in his write up for that chase said something about Balinrobe/Roscommon that I disagreed with and I mentioned it to him. Such debate is the only way any of us will improve. And i’d hope such discussions are what helps make this place unique in some ways 🙂

      1. Josh
        Enjoy your holiday, wish i could do smilies on the computer but cannot.
        Have to mention weather Calander is Yorkshire based news and weather for the county now they put out severe weather warnings for Thirsk and i do believe what they say maybe it missed the racecourse Ha Ha, you know my views on clerk of the courses and BHA and would not trust them at all.
        So 23 races are acceptable but 6 on one day is not, okay.
        Used to go racing in Yorkshire most Saturdays and would also do evening meetings on the way home from work in the summer for worked all over Yorkshire.
        Sadly with hip issues the last meeting was Cheltenham in November, 5 years ago when walked the course with Ruby Walsh all 2 1/2 miles of it in slip ons in November he laughed his head off for it was so wet, sent you a couple of pictures for proof what i say in racing i have done.
        Enjoy your holiday!!!
        PS devilment in me will record Thirsk races 5f to 7f to the end of season and still have April/May papers with the results in so will look at past meetings.

        1. Ha… All my comments were specific to 6f handicaps ,14+ runners, good to soft/soft, and those GG stats may have even included that class. It’s quite a big data set, over 300 odd runners in said races.
          The general point in my view with such things as draw etc is not to be dogmatic and see what results are insisting. The point stands that those drawn low over that CD in handicaps are worth plenty of attention 🙂

          Have you ever tried using HRB. Such is your love of systems and data /methods etc it could be the best £10 per month you ever spend, and it’s made for someone with your appetite for such things. That has a draw research function and if you can post comments on here, you can use that no problem. They have a trial period and I don’t even have an affiliate link for it!! Ahem. Also you may be able to save some of your methods to it as systems and save you no end of time etc. Worth considering.

          The going /weather will always be tricky but the BHA site /updates is first think I look at before attacking a race. I will check weather forecasts also etc and with days like today it can pay to just leave them alone as unknowns etc, that’s a wise long term strategy but there will be occasional where you can take an educated guess.
          Onwards we march

          Cheers, I’ll try my best! 🙂

          1. Time passing me by, recording my results on spread sheets so entering the 21st century slowly, and betting is becoming a less viable option, looking at old methods to do trials again with hope of getting subscribers again, and in time Elite should make it then the 2 companies do all the work of keeping records and emailing for clients and handling the money side like last time but a long way to go.
            Thought of GG etc but when doing a trial normally do 3 months to prove that it works the only thing or my view is that they can churn out the data but you still will need knowledge and experience to get rid of the ones not to back, so not having worked for 10 plus years must admit enjoy my old method of research and it takes me about 30/40 minutes to select my bets per day, again cannot stress use Clive Holts basic principals which i have put up here before, and have used them since 1984, think that was the date the original book was published.
            Again forgive me for my opinion but with all these computer based companies around still not hearing that many punters being restricted or closed down, it surprises me on RTP yourself included how many still have access to BOG and also bookmaker accounts.
            Was going to move down to Dai’s stables a couple of years ago and end my days with the horses around me and of course be hands on ,was looking to rent but with the hips and a couple of cancer scares could not make the move for the hospitals in Sheffield are outstanding and i am under three, the NHS up here is fantastic, but with my son moving to North West London, then may sod it and move down time will tell.
            Josh you spend one hour on a race, find it hard to believe newspaper pen paper, use RP computer little hypocrite that i am for will not buy the paper, sporting life and At the races and Betfair for their Timeform write ups and thats it 30/40 mins job done.
            Dont get too drunk, only kidding get smashed you are only young once, thats why i am always down town god 65 in August, cannot believe it brain says 18, body says 64.
            Forgive me rambling on and it is still raining heavily.
            Cheers cant think of Italian for cheers

    2. Colin you clearly seem incapable of considering another persons opinion other than your own so not really worth me saying anything further. You’re clearly good with your systems so please carry on posting them. I don’t comment on them so would appreciate you avoid commenting on whatever I decide to pick.

      1. Nick afraid we are two peas in a pod for in my view you are unable to accept opinions other than your own,it is okay for you to make a comment on Stewarts bet the other day, but not on yours, i was polite having said that i had backed Mr Orange before mentioning the draw it was not a critism of you, or your selection, has Josh said debate is the only way any of us will improve, and yes we all get it wrong from time to time but not me of course! Joke Ha Ha, rather strange that over 30 plus years have spoke to many trainers and jockeys who are all opinionated including myself but that is racing it is all about opinion, one agrees one does not so,
        Good luck and get back to last years winning ways.

        1. Colin, if you are ever down in London I will take you for a drink and a chat. I may also invite that Nick guy along?
          We all have our opinions and it is good that we get feedback on them so that we can add to our knowledge from it. The issue of going is tricky. Until they get a better solution than sticking a stick in the ground we will all struggle. I was telling my wife about how the process is undertaken and she could nor believe it was so archaic. She made a valid point re the stick ‘but people would stick it in the ground with a different force dependent on their size and mood’.
          If you cannot watch the first race at a course and make your own mind up re the ground you are struggling.
          I take your point about it being hard nowadays to beat the bookies. It can be done across sports but you have to put the work in and keep evolving. I appreciate that most people do not have the time to do so.
          Good luck with your punting and your systems and your health. Long live the spreadsheet.

          1. Martin thanks for that and will take you up on the pint and it would be good to meet Nick at some stage, My son takes up his position with Cisco in August and he will be living in Putney so will be down sometime, do not know when.
            Love my racing memories and have had a good life with no money mainly its was through being able to ride horses at a good level that you are accepted, and if you go to Dai’s the conversation for 24 hours is about horses they certainly were good days when he had 80 horses in training.
            When Josh is back will email him with my Newmarket experience to back Apache only went to stop 1 night ended up 5, and it is amazing who i met and what i did over that period, said the other day breakfast with apprentice Frankie for 4 days, got in free at Newmarket for the 4 day meeting all the gatemen backed Apache always thought this experiece would make a good play or tv drama, nearly ended at the Arc on Sunday but did not have my passport could have gone on their plane!
            If i come across has a know all that is not my intention but have had a wonderful life with horses and racing and have been very priveledged with the people who i have met over the years.
            Last time down London £6 a pint that was 4 years ago, bit over the top, being an honoury Yorkshire man Witherspoon’s in town £2.29 Abbot ale and its Necter.

  5. Hello Josh, I’ve just read your Big Read with great interest. There’s plenty that I agree with in there and it’s certainly a good guide to how to use RtP. Thank you for producing it.

    I found a few things I’d argue with as I went through, it would take me many paragraphs to discuss some, another Big Read, too much I think! But your final bit on distance and going really surprised me.

    I think they are 2 of the most important factors. Let me turn 2 of your stats on their head to show that they are:

    Horses that have placed once or more at today’s distance -win 68% of races.

    Horses that have placed once or more on today’s going – win 63% of races.

    1. Ah well if it sparks debate thats a good thing! Thanks for reading it.

      Yep I think my point there was about thinking whether having set rules for those two factors is ideal. You may think said stats you’ve highlighted are a way in and you won’t consider those unproven say. That’s valid. Suppose im just pointing out that 32% haven’t placed on the distance and 37% haven’t placed on the going, and to just dismiss that chunk of potential winners is questionable!
      But all of that is relative to the race you’re looking at. If its packed full of exposed handicappers where you’re working out who’s suited best by conditions then proven form is arguable more important .
      I suppose as an example the winner of Nick’s race at 33/1. All his wins were on GF but he’d simply never run on Good to Soft o don’t think.
      My main trust was to encourage analysis that isn’t in a straight jacket.
      Clearly there are circumstances where such factors are more important etc.
      Al those things are yet more reasons why this game is so great. What a puzzle

      I suppose when I’m seeing stats that a 1/3 are unproven etc, I’m of the belief that in flat handicaps proven stamina and going isn’t as important as we can sometimes make out and arguable pace / unexposed profile / ‘class’ / how well handicapped they are , could be far more important! An area ripe for debate. Having said that i proper soft /heavy I’d like to see proven form!! I should check out those stats.

      1. That 33/1 winner was Tim Easterby’s who does have winners with give in the ground would not have had for not won in the conditions.
        He also had 2 winners at Carlisle in the soft at 11/1 and 9/1 looked at the 9/1 shot but had not done the distance not kicking myself for you only remember the winners that you let slip not the losers when you get it right.

      2. That 33/1 winner of Nick’s race was very annoying for a few reasons. I had assumed heavy going was a big factor.

        If you read my comments in the tips you will see I like low draw but I then dismiss Gullane One because it will lead but leaders do not win. This is true on soft or heavy but not on good to soft. On good to soft they have a slight pace advantage when you look 2 runners either side, so 13 to 16+, or 14 to 16+ as it would have been when I studied the race.

        If there is a pace advantage and I have a horse that will definitely be the the leader and it is fairly weighted which Gullane One was, 3lb higher after a 0.5l win so only about 1lb higher mark than it ran to, likely to be better as a 4yo than as a 3yo, it is always my pick. I never look beyond early pace advantage if the horse is on a fair mark.

        Goes to show that accurate going information is paramount.

        1. Chris
          Martins wife hit the nail on the with who is pushing the going stick into the ground, jest you not over the years heard many trainers having ago at the clerk of the courses over their advertized going said before Dai nearly game to blows with one at Stratford.
          One course sure it was Stratford summer racing had been a dry spell, and the weather reports said that would be thunderstorms and heavy rain so the idiot decided to water the course the night before, and it was a night meeting and it rained all day and it was like a bog, very frustrating when most of the horses down to run want good or gd/firm ground and some had turned up hoping that the owners could have a few quid on to help to pay the training costs, this was probably the night Dai nearly came to blows, and the course were still advetizing good going and they were running the first race in soft going jockeys covered in mud at the finish, Dai’s horses would not have travelled if the true going had been stated and his owners would not have been out of pocket ie entry fee for the race and the diesel costs for transporting the horses, afraid nothing as changed over my 50 years in racing and to think those idiots in BHA are running racing it beggars belief.

  6. I do enjoy the debate and the courses in Britain and Ireland are definitely quirky, my selections methods may raise an eyebrow, but, they are mine and mine alone. I do accept people giving me their viewpoint though. The stats for the draw at Thirsk have always bothered me and the draw to me has always been a mystery, even after over 30 years in this game. Half the time I believe it is just down to luck, how many times have we seen one break out of the stalls late, to then get beat and everyone blame the jockey etc..Even out of supposedly a good draw.. or one that has broken out quick from a “bad” draw to push in front of the rest that were slow away and win easily?? The flat still baffles me and I`m hoping i can get one or two “well drawn” horses in the big ones at Ascot next week.

    1. Stewart, the draw advantage for all the big handicaps over the straight course at Ascot is almost always on whichever side the main early pace in the race is.

      Geegeez pace map is invaluable. All you need do is sort the horses into draw order and look at the graphic. If there’s a lot of pace one side it will be obvious, so go that side for the winner.

    2. Haven`t got time for write ups, but, fancy 2 for Punchestown at 20:10 again tonight, will try write ups at tea time.
      MACGILONEY 1pt win 8/1 gen
      GAGAS HORSE 1pt win 16/1 gen

      1. Oh it was as well with Hills before the non-runner but try and make sure its with 3 bookies or more. Also why I didn’t put the 2nd one at 13/2.

    1. What a shock the 4.30 with the dead eight runners is now down to 7, so annoying!!! How many times does this happen? Was 10’s with Hills too. Long gone now.

  7. Without getting too drawn into the weather debate, my info just came from a friend who lives nearby in Bedale.

    1. The weather is often different just a couple of miles away Chris, nothing to be done about it. You tried to help, that’s the best you can do, thank you.

      Hope you’ve noticed me promoting Geegeez features on here today by the way. Unlike
      Josh I don’t have an affiliate link, perhaps you could have a word in Matt’s ear for me?


    2. Bedale many a pint their for stationed at RAF Leeming a few miles away from Bedale and dare i mention Chris Thornton ex trainer trained near there and the stables are Karl Burkes now, can anyone remember Apache which was trained by Chris and owned by Guy Reed, given it first time out at Ripon won at 7/1 it ended up winning a group 3 at Newmarket for which went down to back it and ended up not backing it,for after the last race on wednesday caught Martin Fry coming in on his mount did not know him but shouted up whats the going see the gogs going round in his head do i know you, his reply gd/sft more soft not Apaches ground did not know at the time Newmarket dries out quickly, every bloody gateman on the course backed it and they said you were so confident, they could not believe that i had not backed it.
      Martin Fry who i did not know sadly died at a young age, do not know what his illness was RIP Martin.

      1. Guy Reed was my old boss…great fella and he named a horse after one of my good friends Flossy, we won some money off that horse the season it ran!! a couple of good coups at Ripon and a big race at York if I remember rightly! I remember Apache though great horse!

        1. Stewart
          Yes remember Flossy not very well though,Ripon appears to have been the place when they wanted a bet, moved into the Rutland Hotel in Newmarket for Friday night £50 bed and breakfast in 1988/1990, met 4 of Guy Reeds men who said if had met them earlier would have told me Apache was a certainty or close to it as can be, ended at a night club some where with them memory a little too fuzzy to much booze that night, they also said Guy Reed was a great man, always looked out for his pink and gold silks with the black trim, happy days.

  8. A few selections for today.
    Yesterday’s winner Gullane One 40s> 33sp. 57bfsp

    3.10F Parisian Affair
    340F Mickieblueeyes
    410F Gersjoeycasey
    5.20H Capt Peaky
    9.00Ham Mr Shelby
    8.00Ham Fard
    6.20 K Drumnadrochit


  9. My bets if any will be on by Noon for there are a mountain to wade through, forgive the pun for it is still rain heavily in Sheffield.

    3.20 Haydock Lunar Jet BOG 10/1
    7.00 Hamilton Constant BOG 5/2
    7.30 Milan Reef BOG 5/2
    5.30 Hamilton La Cumparsita BOG 6/1
    7.30 Hamilton Milan Reef BOG 5/2
    7.20 Kempton Mondain BOG 5/1
    5.50 Kingston Kurraajong BOG 7/2

  11. JOSH…..sorry to bother you whilst on your hols…cannot log in on my desk top computer….message says there is an authentication issue which is a surprise considering I can get on site via my phone….have you ha an “upgrade” recently that blocks VPN use?

  12. Another quiet day for me with only one for the afternoon, price permitting. There were a couple more, both Fav’s, but no change of strategy just have to wait it out for the latest novices to get a handicap mark as I think I may be scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

    Hay’ 4.20 Zip……….. 5.0 NF HCP

    Back at 4.30 with the evening update.

  13. Kempton off
    Racing Post headline meeting off lack of water, tickled my fancy this one it is the main water supply, not heard of buckets then! AW off for lack of water you cant make it up.
    Haydock could well be off tomorrow inspection called at 7.00am.

    1. I was thinking that too Colin. Surely someone could have got on the phone and hired a water bowser for the horses and some portable toilets for the desperate.

  14. Evening update…..

    Ham’ 7.00 Constant…………… 7.0 NF HCP

    Losing Kempton was a bit of a blow with two bets there, one of which I had high expectations of. Very frustrating right now.

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