Tipping Comp: 03/06/19

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  1. Month to date – 2/9 + 48.46.


    2.15 Thirsk, Refuge;
    3.45 Thirsk, Sylvia Cliffs;
    4.45 Thirsk, Kodiac Dancer;
    5.00 Brighton, Star Attraction;
    5.45 Wolves, Brogans Boy;
    6.00 Windsor, Making History;
    6.15 Wolves, Welcome Surprise;
    6.45 Wolves, More Than Likely;
    7.45 Wolves, Topology.

    Good luck.

    1. Some close calls at big odds there Martin. Just one of those to come in would have done for the week.

  2. Listowel 2.50 Crazyheart

    This comes from one of my systems. To be honest the system does not reference whether the last race was a chase or hurdle so it seems to think it was a prep run for today. But that kind of thing will be included in past results too so I’ll go with it.

  3. June Comp

    3.15 T Jacobs Pillow
    3.45 T Lady Lavinia
    6.45 Wol Elizabeth Bennet
    8.15 Wol Al Ozzdi


  4. T2.45 summer bride
    W7.00 allseeisnibra
    W7.15 dolphin village
    W7.45 Clive clifton
    W8.00 marattia

  5. Finally back on here again……

    Bri’ 3.00 Cracking Speed………….. NF 4.0
    Bri’ 3.30 Confils…………………….. NF 8.0
    Thi’ 5.15 Gunnabedun…………….. NF 8.0
    Win’ 7.30 Thegreatestshowman… NF 4.0

    Usual terms apply. If it don’t make the BFSP pice alongside it, it doesn’t go on the score sheet. I’ll work out last months sorry figures and post them here too later. Need to get myself up to date.

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