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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips

4.Micro System Test Zone

5.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



4.45 –

Bantiss Jack   (HcH) I3  9/4 

Lee Side Lady   (all Hc’s,HcH) H3 I3 3/1 




4.30 – Danzeno   (micro dist) 15/2 

5.40 – Oi The Clubb Ois   (all Hc’s,m age) H1 G3 I1 Evens S1 S4




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2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

Daily (2017:+110,2018: -22.2, 2019: 12/68, 22p +21.5)  Big Race Tips (2018:+143; 2019 Jumps 4/86,22p, -53, 2019 Flat TEST 4/20,8p, +2.25)

Daily Tips

None today.



3.Nick’s Tips

(2018: +532.33 ; 2019: End April +11.16, May TBC)

None today.


4.Micro System Test Zone

Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

LTO winning hurdlers

2.25 Fake- Sirobbie

LTO winning trainers (12/1< guide)

4.10 Fake – Hepijeu


4.10 Fake – Elkstone (9/1< best)


5.Any general messages/updates etc

Repeated comment below from Mike, who’s been keeping tabs on the Tipping Comp in May, for a top level look at the collective wisdom of RTP. On Monday i’ll confirm the winner / top 3 etc…

Tipping Comp – May

Because I had a little time and I’m sad that way 🙂 I recorded the tipping comp selections during May.

Taking every single selection posted would have resulted in 1,268 bets for a Betfair SP profit of 129.59 points for an ROI of just over 10% (59.71 points profit with the maximum 5% commission).

Not bad for a bunch of amateurs at SP 🙂

Well done everybody!





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    1. Richard, you are a strange individual. You’ve been a member on and off this members club since it’s inception since 2016 from what I can see in my records, often taking trials or discounted bits, stopping, coming back and trying again etc.

      I assume you did your balls in yesterday through a complete lack of discipline, that’s usually what prompts the odd such outburst. We have all been there 🙂

      Horse racing and betting clearly isn’t for you, so I would advise you pack it in and take up another sport or hobby. If in all of that time you a) haven’t learnt that long term profit and not number of winners/losers is important or b) haven’t understood the relationship between winning % sr and losing runs, then you’re never going to be happy in this game.

      The annoying thing is that you should have been here during some of the glory times, but alas you have no staying power, patience or discipline. Just telling you the truth, it hurts sometimes.

      Before the last day of May Nick was around break even for the year I think, I need to tot up results, with his place % still decent, sadly he would appear to have used up plenty of luck last year. But he’s only just in the red, not exactly the end of the world, and with a tad more luck last month could have been +30+, that’s the game. Last year’s profit could have been spread over 4 years and he’d have been hailed as superb.

      I would have thought the handicap chasers may have given you something to cheer in recent weeks, even if nothing else has!

      It has been a poor few months, I can’t hide from that, on multiple fronts. It hurts, but it will turn again and won’t be for the lack of effort.

      I often wonder, with the info around etc etc, how only 1-3% of racing punters win long term, inc us recreational folk. Comments from you the last two days would indicate just why it’s such a small %.

      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, try and smile.

      My greed doesn’t stretch as far as me wanting people like you to keep paying me money, so I wish you well with whatever service you try next, and god help them when they hit their losing runs, i’m sure they’ll look forward to your correspondence.

  1. Hope Nick Not Posting
    save your Money
    Especially Each way
    is he In League With Bookies

    1. You really are a nasty piece of work. Josh, Nick, Colin and other posters on here are completely up front with their profit/loss. I’ve tracked them for nearly a year and can vouch for their complete honesty and integrity. As I’ve said on my reply to your post on yesterday’s page, if you haven’t got got the patience to see out a tipsters bad run, you shouldn’t be here and because you don’t have the good grace to just go quietly, then good riddance.

      1. Wouldn`t even bother Ken, those who know…know!!? Those who don`t, need not stay any longer….

      2. i go away for one day and a dh appears who is this prat?
        just to balance the comments i did a quick update on my returns from nick’s tips over the last 14 months at £4 a point + £2,122

      3. Ken
        I have been a member for 18 months + and I cannot remember ever seeing RTP marketed as a tipping service. I have always considered it to be a fraternity of (mostly!) like minded people who pool their knowledge in the hope of getting an edge.
        I admire the guys who put their head above the parapet on here but I have only ever considered the ‘tips’ to be a starting point, and for good or bad I make my own mind up.
        You are indeed wasting your time replying to people of this ilk who have no manners or grace and have to resort to insults rather than putting thought into constructive dialogue.

    2. So lets get this straight, everyday large men (or women) turn up to your door and escort or drag you to the bank via a newsagents (to get your Daily Mirror). on route to high street bookmakers, once at bookmakers one of these large men (or women) one of which has kindly carried you electronic device with Racing To Profit information on. sit you down and make you write the names of horses put up on said site (Racing To Profit). Screw up some of said slips and throw in bin (several spelling mistakes) at sometime during this process you manage to get write names of said horses onto the little slips with betting instructions, at this point you are pinned to the shop table and your money is extracted by large men (or women) from your pocket. you are then dragged to the counter and forced to push slips and money under the little glass counter to the man (or woman) that works in the said bookmakers, once she (or he) processes the said slips they are returned to yourself and forced into your pockets, you are returned home by said large people and this is a daily occurence.

      Now Jeremy Kyle has been thrown off the telly Is it going to be Judge Rinder you;ll be appearing on with your case.

    3. Josh, please ban the twat that is Richard (or is it just Dick?) Hannell he’s clearly a clueless waste of space and oxygen. Give him his money back and get rid. Nobody wants to read his pathetic barely literate comments or wants to post a reply to them. I’m happy to pay for his refund myself out of the winnings I’ve made from using this site, just send me the bill and I’ll do it through paypal. The man is a joke, a fairly unfunny one though.

      1. If anybody lacks the bottle to take the rough with the smooth they shouldn’t be on a sight like this. I for one will be renewing my membership at the end of this week.

      2. I saw Nick on Friday evening. He was on good form and his brain was still ticking over. I gave him a motivational talk that Jurgen Klopp would have been proud of. However my tipping is improving and I am coming for this title!!!

        I guess Josh is still dancing in the Shankly Pub?

          1. And will be today as well Josh….Parade is 4 pm….Sky is showing it too…..
            Pissed as a fart last night…and not sober today…A hard weekend of partying, with no tubes…

            Tony Mc.

  2. Performance update at the end of May:

    Horse racing tips – To date for 2019 minus 24 (May +6). So not good but improving. From now I am posting any such tips, including narrative, in the tipping comp post whilst it runs. A good start to June yesterday as I found Ornate at 51 BFSP.

    Golf bets on the free post – To date for 2019 +20.25 (May +43 points). So a good monthwith me finding Koepka in the USPGA plus some places etc.

    Football – I have split these into two now, South American and other. You can get these tips on Twitter @martincolwell1.

    South American – To date +21.35 points. The league seasons have now finished until mid July as the Copa America is about to start in Brazil. I will likely have a go at some matches.

    Other – To date minus 0.3 points and so struggling a bit.

    1. I forgot Systems Selections – To date +65.5 (May -5). May was the first losing month but going well overall.

  3. Richard’s message is unsurprising. Too many out there without betting discipline and just want spoonfeeding.

    I receive this kind of sh*t on a daily basis at GGZ.

    Crack on with the selections, chaps. We’re all supposedly old enough and sensible enough to decide whether to bet or not.


    1. I laugh at comments such as those offered by Mr Hannell
      As suggested by Josh he has bet too heavily; had a losing run and vents his fury
      Winners are difficult to find and posters put their selections up in good faith – some win and many lose … its the nature of the game but RtoP offers more than tips
      Its a good read of itself and offers background on selections and is informative with plenty of reasoning offered by members behind their selection process
      There are hints and written thoughts and members can deliberate what they wish to back .. perhaps the thoughts of others helps them decide
      I suggest Richard looks elsewhere if he is unhappy

    2. Chris
      Did not see your post till after putting mine up, talk about crap, one company gave my mobile number through a computer blip to 6 customers did i get abuse and that was after a 3 month trial and 2 months subscriptions for which they had 5 winning months and could have made mega profit, after the 6 month many pulled the plug for had a losing month.

  4. Hcps are up and running again so will be posting as usual. Probably about 1.30 as I’ve an errand to run this morning but first races of interest are not till about 3.00.

  5. Richard doubt you will read this and am i bothered no, you obviously talking through your pocket and this shows the timing of joining a service for which no one as a crystal ball when the winning run will be.
    Josh answered some of the questions i was going to ask you with his write up, and if you have dabbled with his service since 2016, then you must be unlucky when joining.
    Sometime ago i was ridiculed on here for giving advice on betting banks, which hurt, now only presuming that you took no notice or could have been one who knew better than myself, had own tipping line and the bank advice was always put on the literature.
    RTP has had a rough start to 2019 and you must remember Josh has allowed people to put up their bets on his site myself included at a risk to his reputation, I for one have been immpressed by the standards of everyone overall.
    This is not a tipping site and there is no guarentee that anyone putting up bets will win and it should be up to the individual to monitor and record the bets before diving in again ridiculed over this in the past.
    Richard at least you were not abusive only upset, one free piece of advice do not join any expensive tipsters for you will be in the the poor house if you do.
    Richard take stock and regroup your finances and then rejoin sure Josh will let you, for there is not a more knowledgable and open site than RTP and over 12 months it is inexpensive.
    All the best to you in the future.

  6. I need advice I am going to Lanzarote for three weeks on Wednesday could anyone
    advise me on a VPN that enables me to betfair and bookmaker sites.I have tried several of the most advertised one’s but all seem to be recognised by the bookies
    any advise much appreciated

    1. I’ve used Nord VPN without issue in the Canaries before.

      However, you must use the web sites and not the bookies apps. VPN doesn’t seem to work with apps. One issue is that with some bookies if you have the app installed it seems to somehow default to that when you try accessing the website.

      Personally I would delete any bookmaker apps on my device (as well as cookies & cache) before travelling and then re-install when you get back.

      I was in Lanzarote about 6 weeks ago and had no problem accessing Betfair using the above procedure on both Ipad and Android phone but no longer use other bookies so can’t comment.


      1. On your phone:
        Delete any and all betting related apps. Install Firefox Focus. Access bookie web or com
        On your laptop:
        Delete apps as above. Install Epic browser. Set vpn to uk.

    2. Mike Had 3 months in Spain and used Tunnelbear logging in as UK location to access Betfair with no issues

    1. Trouble with the free VPN’s is that they’re free for a reason really, they log your data which is not what you want from a VPN. They can be slower and lose connection more often. For the sake of £80 or so for a year I’d go for a paid one. I have ExpressVPN and on my phone and don’t have any problems on my phone with betting apps, saying that I only have BF and Sky on it.

      1. Agree with you Handbag. Am in Dubai at the moment and Express VPN is really good. Allows betting direct and via 3rd party sites (normally a nightmare out here) but also allows Amazon Prime and Netflix. There is nearly always a joining offer on meaning you pay around a fiver per month for at least a year.



        1. The ‘free’ VPN that comes already bundled with Opera worked fine for me in Tenerife. Just make sure you choose ASIA as your location from the drop down box.

    1. He is really Boris Johnson and he is putting his leadership bid into place!

      As Theresa May will soon have time on her hands soon she may join? Look out for the name Brexiturgghhh.

  7. My entry in the Richard Hannell Poetry Prize:

    This site is rubbish
    Tim is formless and ethereal
    Silver, he has too many miles on the clock per Hour
    MC is ranting over short -priced Tips
    Is he in League with George B
    Where is Chubnut, Nurse, my medication

  8. This talk of vpn’s whilst abroad raises a more serious issue.
    You should NOT use an app for betting especially on a moby. You (by default on your phone) are letting them see EVERYTHING YOU DO if they so wish and there’s nowt you can do to stop them.
    ALWAYS access the bookies via or com

  9. Too many miles on the clock per hour checking in……. slowly…..thanks MC!!!…only one on a very poor day as usual on a Sunday both betting an up here in the far away north of Scotland, rain and heavy mist with visibility down to about 100 yds ….3.55 at Notts basking in sunshine no doubt, but a poor race….only seven runners, my perpetual lament, so no each way….just one of those races you can make a case for anything discovering the will to win even the rank outsider Daddies Girl…form erratic and all over the place….Sun Maiden may well win but not at the stupid odds on price the horse is currently at having speeds of 35.73 and 36.61 mph over the approx distance today (9.91f and 10.25f respectively)…the Americans would laugh us out of the park by having such approx distances to races described as running over 10f…the Trades Description Act springs to mind when courses and the BHA are describing distances horses run over, perhaps the recent push to get accurate distances correct is still on going, especially with rail movements, but that is a whole new ball game…..anyway on with the analysis….. Exhort clocked 36.10 at Ascot over 10f….Savannah in a course and distance adjusted speed of 36.17 mph and Daddies Girl 36.66 mph in a course and distance adjusted speed and projected figure, having run at 8.34f on g/s in a class 3 at Notts recently and was described as running on. Rasima is an interesting horse as recent form is nothing to write home about clocking on adjusted distances 35.46 mph but has achieved 36.36 mph over this current distance ….if re-discovering that kind of form will be hard to beat… what can we make of all this…To be honest….not sure at all….in a 7 run race no each way, so dutching seems the only everyone else I hate multiple bets in the same race but if you choose the right horses !!(always a good idea to pick a winner!!) at the right prices you may be able to come out with a small profit…given the above you have a choice of not betting at all….or if you fancy a punt( not called gambling for nothing) you can dutch several against the fav and hope you hit the jackpot…personally, I have backed Daddies Girl for an upset, Savannah and Rasima …so watch Exhort or the fav romp home…my justification is this is my only bet today and lured in by the big price of Daddies Girl and hope to get my stakes….pennies rather than pounds…..back if the other two win…if not then haven’t done my conkers!! gd lck

  10. Just the one for this afternoon and FF is unlikely to qualify.

    Nott’ 5.05 Cobweb Catcher NF 5.5+ & Fairy Fast NF 5.5+

  11. Many thanks to all who offered advice on VPN I’m sure I will be able to
    access betfair and bookies by following advice such a lot of decent helpful
    folks on here just love it

  12. I’m in Spain now and I’m using private VPN. Bet 365 is playing up but I can use Victor Chandler no problem. P.s Rich , you are a dickhead.

    1. Hi Stan, When I was In oz B365 was a problem after consulting with people at IP Vanish it seems if the IP address has 2 numbers in the third block it won’t work I have the same trouble at home so the IP address must have 1 number in the third row Example IP that

      I’m on now is hope this helps.

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