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How do you analyse a race? poll/chat…

Race Analysis Chat…  I thought it may be informative to discuss your approach to race analysis, if indeed you have one! 🙂 This poll is only a bit of fun but I thought i’d start with a discussion of ‘starting points’ and your ‘ways in’ to analysing a race/horse etc. I’m intrigued to see how many do what etc. You can select up to three options in the poll below if you wish…

The Comments…  If you are so minded, by all means post a comment as to what approach you take to race analysis, including ‘ways’ in, but also what else you look for, or what boxes a horse has to tick for you, inc what race types you target. I thought it may be interesting enough given the brain power out there, and gives us something else to ponder other than ‘selections’ etc.


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Do join in the conversation below, we're a friendly bunch.. all questions welcome, and do share your selections or thoughts

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  1. Br 3.30 – Kachumba @ 2
    Br 5.00 – King Crimson @ 7/2
    S 7.10 – Honey Gg @ 11/2
    S 8.10 – Fly True @ 3
    Ba 8.00 – Carrig Cathal @ 14

    The Memorial Tournament
    Patrick Cantlay 1 point ew 16/1 1/5 8 BO, SB. 16/1 1/5 7 CO, BF, BW.
    In fine form with two thirds at Harbour Town and Bethpage and a fine 9th at Augusta, and he finished 4th here last year.
    Tony Finau 1 point ew 20/1 1/5 8 BO, BFSB, 22/1 1/5 7 CO, 25/1 1/4 5 LA, Sporting Bet.
    Tony has made modifications to his putting prior to finishing 2nd at the Memorial and at Murifield Village he has had 3 top 15 finishes from only 4 appearances.

    One to avoid Jason Day, local resident who has had one top 25 finish in 10 attempts at Muirfield Village how is he so short in the betting, bookies benefit ?
    No more bets

    1. Tony Finau seems to finish well when he is chasing, which I guess is the most preferred method of most players re psyche?
      Cantlay is solid and in form but I do worry about him getting it done to win outright.
      I will post up my selections on the free post on Wednesday. Another winning week last week.

  3. Martin sorry Derby did not win your bet, could not believe Lampard left Marriott out of the starting eleven, he fell out with Marriott around Christmas time, Marriott had scored 10 goals by then from January he was only getting 10 mins game time, after his 2 goals against Leeds to put us in the final he should have started.
    Marriott is the best centre forward Derby have had in years natural goal scorer, and Lampard should man up and not throw his rattle out the pram, Chelsea manger they are having a laugh out the two would rather see Marriott stay at the club.

    1. We will take Marriott at Millwall. The young Derby midfield got dominated by their more experienced counterparts on the day. Lampard would struggle at Chelsea due to inexperience at the top end. Plus Chelsea management usually go for managers with some European management experience these days. It will be hard to manage Chelsea without Hazard to fall back on.

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