Free Daily Post: 19/05/19 (complete)

Nothing today

Nothing from me today.


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  1. Golf Bets
    Martin surely Koepka cannot do a Molinari and blow this lead.

    Eurovision the method posted up came to fruition on both parts ie back UK to finish in bottom 3 and no maximum points from our European Friends ( sure this is true! they love us honest )

    Anyway expect to see my 10% commission in the Asylum in the next couple of days.
    No time must get back to finding new methods easy this game with golf and eurovision bets!!!

    1. Hi Colin,

      It would be way more than anything Molinari did. It would be Greg Norman & Devon Loch combined. I just cannot see it. He seems to strong mentally and playing too well.

      However, this is a game of tiny fractions and hope and one small sniff of possibility is that it is DJ in 2nd and playing in the group in front. He is quite capable of putting in a 62/63 if everything goes his way and that may just make Koepka wobble.

      Massively unlikely but it could make it interesting to watch if DJ sets off like a train.



      1. Hi Ben
        Agree totally certainly cannot see it happening and for Martin hope not, a few years ago Scott Piercy played outstanding and was 6/7 shots ahead going into the final round and he lost, the next tournament put him up at 66/1 and he duly won he his a player who did not progress after.

        1. Koepka is so solid I cannot see him going round over par and so it is for the others to have a go at the course. Jordan Spieth can still place at 50/1 for the other bet.

  2. Late start today
    M 4.35 – Starfoot @ 8
    R 4.20 – Ghurka Friend @ 11/2
    N3.15 – Rapid Reaction @ 100….poss e/w

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