Free Daily Post: 14/05/19 (complete)

Chepstow ‘through the card’

Chepstow ‘through the card’ selections…

2.00 – Dashing Poet

2.30 – Doughan Alb

3.00 – Ivatheenginge EW

3.30 – Swanton Blue – EW

4.00 – Master Grey

4.30 – Teodora De Vega

5.00 -Ascot Day





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  1. Thank you for that Josh, will tread with caution! just needed a few pointers, much appreciated and if i do come away with a profit will gladly donate!.Tony.

  2. Having a torrid start to May
    B 3.50 – Rousayan @ 20……poss e/w with some still paying 4 plcs 15 runners

    Marc Leishman withdrew from the Byron Nelson so we got our stake money back and Keith Mitchell did not perform.

    Golf bets will be up tomorrow.

    1. Colin, I am back after 10 days of man flu (I still have it a bit). I too will post up for the USPGA tomorrow but one of my selections will be Brooks Koepka.

      Do you have any systems for The Eurovision Song Contest?

      Cheers Martin

      1. Surefire one back us to finish in the bottom three with less than 10 points, cannot fail!!!!
        also no maximum points from another country sell up and put your house on these two methods, do not forget my 10% commission to be sent to the

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