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Nothing today

Nothing from me today.


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    MONTHLY DRAW 1.50 Wolverhampton 9 Creative Talent (IRE)
    MONTHLY DRAW 1.50 Wolverhampton 11 Gabrials Kaka (IRE)
    MONTHLY DRAW 1.50 Wolverhampton 8 Topology
    JOCKEY / TRAINER 2.20 Wolverhampton 9 Ace Master
    MONTHLY DRAW 2.20 Wolverhampton 1 Energia Flavio (BRZ)
    MONTHLY DRAW 2.20 Wolverhampton 3 Hilight
    MONTHLY DRAW 2.20 Wolverhampton 7 Just An Idea (IRE)
    CLASS MOVE 2.55 Wolverhampton 1 Rodnee Tee
    MONTHLY DRAW 2.55 Wolverhampton 3 Cenario
    MONTHLY DRAW 2.55 Wolverhampton 5 Chromium
    MONTHLY DRAW 2.55 Wolverhampton 4 Dark Side Division
    MONTHLY DRAW 2.55 Wolverhampton 7 Miss Matterhorn
    MONTHLY DRAW 2.55 Wolverhampton 9 Probable Cause
    MONTHLY DRAW 2.55 Wolverhampton 1 Rodnee Tee
    MONTHLY DRAW 3.25 Wolverhampton 4 Alacritas
    MONTHLY DRAW 3.25 Wolverhampton 11 Hussar Ballad (USA)
    MONTHLY DRAW 3.25 Wolverhampton 3 Mood For Mischief
    MONTHLY DRAW 3.25 Wolverhampton 7 Paddys Rock (IRE)
    MONTHLY DRAW 3.25 Wolverhampton 6 Urban Spirit (IRE)
    MONTHLY DRAW 3.25 Wolverhampton 8 Wallys Wisdom
    MONTHLY DRAW 3.25 Wolverhampton 9 Yasir (USA)
    MONTHLY DRAW 4.00 Wolverhampton 11 Enmeshing
    MONTHLY DRAW 4.00 Wolverhampton 5 Ice Canyon
    MONTHLY DRAW 4.00 Wolverhampton 8 Sir Gnet (IRE)
    MONTHLY DRAW 4.30 Wolverhampton 10 Gabrial The Giant (IRE)
    CLASS MOVE 4.30 Wolverhampton 1 Gravistas
    MONTHLY DRAW 4.30 Wolverhampton 1 Gravistas
    N.B. BLINKS F.T.O. 4.30 Wolverhampton 2 Nabbeyl (IRE)
    MONTHLY DRAW 4.30 Wolverhampton 5 Tasman Sea
    MONTHLY DRAW 5.00 Wolverhampton 12 Kay Sera
    MONTHLY DRAW 5.00 Wolverhampton 1 Pike Corner Cross (IRE)
    MONTHLY DRAW 5.00 Wolverhampton 6 Sellingallthetime (IRE)

    Best regards
    the Ghost of George b.
    P.S. Howz it all going mc ? … I have tried my best to lose my betting balance and shirt since we last conflabbed 🙁
    Still packing for France ! 😉
    You got anything for today ???

    1. Hiya G meister, good to hear from you, missing your input 🙁 Looks tricky tonight, for small bets like these:

      13.50 Creative Talent

      14.20 Langley Vale, Seaforth

      16.00 Enmeshing, Lost History

      16.30 Dark Miracle

      17.00 Sellingallthetime.

      Think the last two are strongest 🙂

      It’s quiet on the Members post sans Monsieur GB

      1. yayy .. mr mc ..we are breaking through the cyber space once again 🙂 …. NO ….. i’d say it was easier tonight ‘cos the racing on the sand is this afternoon … wmsl
        ok …. will get my bets and savers sorted now .. thanks a lot 😉 .. how goes it my long lost betting buddy ????

  2. wolvers 2.20 .. looks as tricky as any … but me old mate Robert Winston .. just one ride at track …….. and he’s getting his eye back in again for the winning post … i won’t be able to resist a few bits of shrapnel e/w on him ….. horse is a veteran but still winning bless him ….. will be carrying some of my money anyhow 🙂

    1. You’re a wildman G, love it. Meant to say I also like Topology EW in the 13.50. No it’s quiet because nobody really has conversations like we used to. I bet Josh is glad there’s more space 🙂 and a distinct lack of silly boys 🙂

      1. Do either of you have an opinion as to why they Rossa is not riding enmeshing as he generally rides for Alex Dunn. Only thing I could think of was ex fanshawe. Otherwise looking towards taurean

        1. hi edward 🙂
          emm interesting one ? .. rossa rides for both stables and i think has ridden both horses ? may be Alex Dunn .. is trying trying to keep the horse fresh with a different jockey ?? … out of the two i would be heading toarwards taurean as well … but no strong views ?

  3. yeah i think that maybe da case ?? 🙁 … we were never far from the pulse mind .. we came up with some real gems from time to time .. just i don’t think anyone was brave enough to admit to listening to me / us ?? … lol 🙂

    1. Yes, agreed. I may quit myself when the next subs are due unless something dramatic happens, we’ll see 🙁

      1. ouch for me in 2.20 .. although i had a couple of snickers on the second …. to win .. dohh !! 🙂 .. it was “just an idea” .. all beit a bad one in the end !! 🙂 gb

        1. Bad luck. I just happened to open my Skybet account and saw I had backed Magical Mollie Jo, and forgotten lol it’s my age 🙂

  4. you are the betting messiah mc .. lol .. wd !! .. while i am yinging you iz yanging 🙂
    .. you on f a c e b ook btw ?

  5. josh, or fellow free daily post readers, going to chepstow races tomorrow, taking brother and nephew. this is only third time of going to the races, so looking forward to it, would appreciate any tips, if you were to mark the card josh i would make a donation to racing to profit.

    1. I’m gonna have an e/w nibble on Boycie in the 5-00 at Chepstow tomorrow.
      Will actually be my only bet tomorrow unless Josh or nick come up for anything.

    2. Hey, i’ve just posted some ‘through the card’ notes in today’s post. 1 horse in each race, always tread with some caution, I only spent about 15 mins on them 🙂 Add in your own etc, or certainly don’t be put off your own bets.
      No need for a donation pre meeting! If I somehow help you have a more enjoyable day you can chip into the pot on your return from the races! If it’s a blowout then I wouldn’t expect/want anything!

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