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  • R 8.30 – Stormin Tom @ 8
    W 7.40 Fire Diamond @ 7/2

    Titus 10/05/19 9:38 AM Reply

  • GB, soz for ignoring your post the other day, totes forgot the free post 🙁

    Had a fair night last night, two wins and a place am playing at Wolverhampton tonight, will just post selections here on free post if you wanna see. Hope all good at GB Towers, when do you go to to France?

    Mark Curtis 10/05/19 12:29 PM Reply

  • josh ????????

    George B 11/05/19 10:44 AM Reply

  • why was i excommunicated yesterday 🙁 ????????

    George B 11/05/19 10:45 AM Reply

    • ????? no idea what you mean? You’ve just posted in this free post (this is 10th, today’s free post is up), as you can do as member or non member. If you’ve tried to post before i’ve no idea why it hasn’t come up, I haven’t had to approve this comment or anything.

      Josh 11/05/19 10:49 AM Reply

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