Tipping Comp: 06/05/19

Monday’s tips

The MAY Tipping Competition

Because I don’t have any tipping league software set up as yet, I rely on trusting you to keep an accurate record and obey the rules! 🙂 It doesn’t work otherwise as I don’t have the time to keep track etc.

The Rules

  • The comp will run for the duration of April
  • A minimum of 20 ‘tips’ per month (horses only!)
  • NEW: A MAXIMUM of 180 tips per month (average 6 a day or so, but no daily limit, just monthly)
  • Tips recorded to 1 point win
  • Tips recorded to Betfair Starting Price (excluding commission deductions)
  • Tips posted in the comments below (any horse posted in this post,is clearly a tip)
  • Tips posted at least 1 hour before the selection runs.
  • The winner – whoever has the Biggest positive Return On Investment %
  • The prize: £50 to the winner. (if there’s ever joint winners the prize will be split)
  • I have the final say on everything. 🙂


How to find BFSP?

Apparently you can find BFSP on Attheraces website, without needing to register, or…

…the timeform website here>>> https://www.timeform.com/horse-racing/results/today

You just need to register a free account. EG an 8.00 winner is  +7 points profit, to 1 point win. Easy



So, use the comments below for your Competition Entries Only. Your selections have to be posted below in order to qualify for the prizes.

Best of luck,


PLEASE REMEMBER to keep track of your P/L / ROI 🙂 … 


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Do join in the conversation below, we're a friendly bunch.. all questions welcome, and do share your selections or thoughts

21 responses

  1. Bath
    2-50 perregrin
    3-25 sky defender

    1-50 Sunday sovereign
    3-35 foxtrot Liv

  2. P/L so far this month from 3 wins out of 22
    bfsp + 2.32 (nett) roi 10.5%

    C 4.45 – Gopsies Daughter @ 16

  3. To date 2/15 +20.44 BFSP.

    2.20 Kempton, Kingston Mimosa;
    2.30 Beverley, Lady Erimus;
    2.55 Kempton, Pepperdew;
    3.15 Warwick, Whin Patk;
    4.05 Kempton, Jaisalmer.

    2.30 Beverley 2 Mr Fudge
    2.30 Beverley 5 Champagne Victory
    3.10 Windsor 5 Hermocrates
    4.15 Beverley 2 Dr Richard Kimble
    4.20 Windsor 1 Masham Star
    4.20 Windsor 8 Elysium Dream
    4.55 Windsor 8 Birdcage Walk
    4.55 Windsor 12 Specialise
    4.55 Windsor 7 Tammooz
    5.10 Bath 4 Midnight Guest
    6.00 Beverley 1 Stallone (IRE)

    Whatever !

  5. Beverley
    4-15. Breathable 9-1
    3-35. Titanium Sky 8-1
    4-45. Verhoyen 12-1
    Warwick .
    3-15. Whin Park 25-1
    4-25. Atlantic Storm 12-1

  6. + 19.19
    2.15 Agent Gibbs
    5.10 Fareeq
    5.10 Powerful Dream
    5.45 Cobweb Catcher
    5.45 Brother Bently
    2.00 Mooroverthebridge
    2.35 Blackheath
    3.45 Grapevine
    4.20 Lush Life
    5.30 Valentino Sunrise

  7. A day for doubles today. Has been quiet of late then two on the same day. I will probably split stakes but for the purposes of the comp’ they’re 1 pt each.

    2.00 Wind’ Real Estate………….. HCP (Fav’s are ok @ Windsor) 15/31 SR + 21.95
    2.00 Wind’ Elusif…………………. HCP
    4.00 Bath Champs De Reves … HCP
    5.45 Bath Show Me the Bubbly HCP
    5.45 Bath Cobweb Catcher…….HCP (This one is currently J2nd Fav but Fav’s are ok @ Bath too.

      1. Nice one Tim. I’ve followed your selections , so many have run well but just not had the rub of the green. Good day today. Cheers

        1. About time too but better late than never. I did some digging last night cos my other half was watching the thin line or whatever it’s called and these bets appear to get better as we move toward mid season. Presumably because right now there are plenty still having their first run.

      2. Delighted for you Tim with the two winners, you have been on the rocky road for a while like a few of us!

    1. Blast split stakes – should have had courage of my convictions – but two nice winners today. Thanks Tim, Steve

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