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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips

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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs




Fumbo jumbo (micro class) 14/1 

Leeshaan  (m class) 12/1 


Makawee (m class) w1 H3 I3 7/2 

Zihaam (all hc’s) 6/1 


Zodiakos (all hc’s) H1 I3 G3 3/1 S4 

Majeste (m class) 9/1 


2.55 – On the warpath (all he’s,m runs) w1 G3 7/2 




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2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

Daily (2017:+110,2018: -22.2, 2019: 7/54, 15p +1.6)  Big Race Tips (2018:+143; 2019 Jumps 4/86,22p, -53, 2019 Flat TEST 2/6,3p, +4.25)


Nothing today.


3.Nick’s Tips

(2018: +532.33 ; 2019: End April +11.16) 

2.55 NewmGifted Master – 1 point EW – 13/2 (SkyB/BV) 6/1 (gen)

that’s all for today, as of 7.55 

Won this race for us last year at 14/1 and duly obliged again in the Steward’s Cup at an even bigger price and we can probably do with him going in again. Plenty has been said already. Conditions are pretty much identical to 12 months ago and this is arguably an easier race. For a while now he hasn’t been good enough to win at group level but he has yet to lose a handicap. Form of his last race has been franked with 4th losing by a neck in a G3.


4.Micro System Test Zone



5.Any general messages/updates etc



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  1. 2.55 Newmarket – Gifted Master 7/1
    Won this race last year off OR 109
    Comes back here this off OR109
    Has run 3 times in this grade at Newmarket 3/3
    Cl2 races on turf 5 runs, 4 wins. Only defeat 2yo conditions race.
    James Doyle back on board from last year too.

      1. Oh his race was over before the start sadly, as is his want at times – shot his bolt, hence the drift – well he looked awful pre race, proper upset, sweating, frothing at mouth – he’s done that before- may well have done it when he’s won, not sure as don’t know the horse pre race behaviour that well, but he has always lived on his mettle. But used up all energy pre race i think, hence how lacklustre he was. Sodding horses! At least his mark will drop! He’ll have his day again in a handicap.

  2. It is a very hard game this josh,but you have proved yourself in the past and i for one will be sticking with you into the future as this for me is the best horse racing site on the net and i say this having tried my fair share.So chin up ,dust yourself down and start all over again

    1. Well said William Josh does a fantastic job I’ve only been a member since January so never really seen the good times but I’m sure I will for I will
      certainly, be renewing my subscription. This site is populated by the most
      genuine, generous knowledgeable group of people we are ever likely to come
      across and I thank you one and all
      Keep your chin up Josh you have earned my total respect and goodwill for the way you run this wonderful site and I,m sure things will soon turn round

      1. Thanks William, much appreciated.

        Thanks Mike, that means a lot, esp as you arrived seemingly in the middle of my worst ever spell, and it hasn’t got much better since! So, I suppose I/we must be doing something right and in truth i have tried to create something/foster an atmosphere, where your general experience plays a part. But at some point there is a reality that performance, and profit/loss has to be taken into account and i’ve got plenty to work on with my tips on that front- the rest of it is fine , advised strategies Jumps S1/S3A# Flat S6, they’re in profit for the year still/last year overall was great, and Nick has only just gone into the red in 2019 and will bounce back soon – just my tipping to sort out, which I will, on what is advised now as an official ‘starting point/menu of options’ – then just a case of over time working out who/what you may wish to follow from comments etc, if anyone, or indeed what if any of the advised portfolio- but ‘the read’ will always be informative/entertaining! If not so much the results at times haha

  3. It’s a long term game fella as we all know. We also know it will come right again. Give yourself say 15 minutes with the Opus Dei kit, reflect, drink some wine and move on!! I am off to Chester on Thursday so I’m hoping you might be able to do me a though the card if you can please?

    1. Just to note that Stoute has Almania entered in Dee Stakes on Thursday beat Elector (who won the first at Newmarket yesterday) in a gallop up the Al Bahathri last week with Ryan Moore riding. Will be giving that a close inspection

  4. (Flat test) still testing it and this next week will sort wheat from chaff!!
    (14:55 Newmarket)
    ( GIFTED MASTER 1pt win 7/1)
    ( SUMMERGHAND 1pt win 11/2 )
    (15:35 Newmarket)
    ( IRIDESSA 1pt win 5/1)
    ( JUST WONDERFUL 1pt win 6/1)

    Write ups in morning.

    1. Sorry for late and short write ups, off out today and need to get on as i was late up.How unprofessional of me…
      Everything already said by Nick et al, he has speed on his side and so long as he goes over to the favourable side he should hack up.
      He is incredibly talented and if is on song today the 11/2-5/1 will deffo be value. I had him at 3/1-7/2.

      It is still a toss up between both O`Briens as to which one will win these early season classics, they target them year upon year and it becomes a bit like the Mullins/ Elliott entourage at the big festivals, you never really know which ones are going to win, sometimes like yesterday, one sticks out, but, on the whole it becomes a guessing game, so, best to do 2 of them and then at least you are still (hopefully) dutching to get the winner. Iridessa has the form in the bag, she has been there done it etc and should bolt up, but, it depends whether they move the bloomin stalls or not, have heard rumours that may be the case today, to “even” things out….???
      He got it wrong yesterday, but, if he ploughs the furrow Magna Grecia did yesterday she has the speed to burn all of these off, as already eluded to Mr Moore will have to change tactics if they move the stalls, we shall see…

      Hope all horses and jockeys come back safe and sound and good with whatever your selections are today!

    2. April totals, will put up National Hunt stats first, then the flat test.

      70 selections 7 wins 5 places
      SP + profit / – loss
      + 12.03 pts

      EP / advertised + profit / – loss
      + 17.50 pts

      So, as I would say season ended Saturday 27th April 2019.
      Final Nationa Hunt season totals are.

      311 selections 42 wins 12 places
      EP / advertised + profit / – loss
      + 115.75 pts
      SP + profit / – loss
      + 8.53 pts

      (FLAT TEST) April totals

      15 selections 2 wins
      EP / advertised + profit / – loss
      + 5.00 pts
      SP + profit / – loss
      +0.50 pts

      I know it seems as though the form has dipped within the final couple of months and I feel overall I maybe did lose a bit of focus though the transitional jumps/flat period, we shall see how my flat form does.
      Emotionally, it has been a right roller coaster, some of the assessments I give may have some shaking their heads (Eh Josh? 🙂 ),but, it is my way of looking at the horses in question, it is not hunches, but, hours of watching horses over the years, knowing how trainers operate, with a little bit of luck maybe thrown in and above all, one piece of information I will impart for free, getting value..I never really understood that word till embarking on this journey over the current National Hunt Season. It is hard to impart that knowledge… I went 26 selections at one point throughout the season without a winner…That for your average punter would mean that they would give up, but, I knew my selection process wasn`t flawed, just when I thought “Sod it I must be doing something wrong, I will have a look at my selection process! “.
      I then had 2 winners at 16/1 and 15/2, thus cancelling out the previous losing run, but, emotionally it was horrendous. Anyone who selects horses, or, who has done experiments like this on a season by season basis will know what I am on about, but, until you do it, you can`t impart into words what that means!
      I would say try it, you will enjoy it and I know people go on about a bank etc, what I would say is, put aside money solely for the purpose of betting, if you lose it, do not go using money from other sources, it then becomes a need rather than a want and that is dangerous territory. If the need outweighs the want then you will win nothing and it is no fun anymore, that I have learnt from a very early age. At the end of the day I did this for a bit of fun and will do so again as I did thoroughly enjoy it! As I have said numerous times, conversations with everyone on here has made this possible and special mention goes to Josh, Nick, both Martins, Colin and of course Chubnut…some of there musings and help have left me in a better place as a punter! Long may that continue.
      I will Copy this over to the post tomorrow, if Josh will let me, as it may get lost in translation with all the comments on here.
      All the best and let`s keep Racing to Profit!!!!!

      1. Hi Stewart, thanks for that, and yep copy it over to tomorrow also 🙂

        Those results are interesting, and for me show the fine margins when playing in the odds range we do – if, and we both agree, I think the odds we approach is the right way long term, but god it can/will be painful at times!

        +115 points is a very good jumps season, twice that of some services I know over the jumps season – the trick, one i’m yet to master, is the consistency.

        IF you keep that win strike rate around as now.. 13%… you will hit a few -26, and over a larger sample at some point may hit 40-55… that’s just the maths, and not much we can do about it! Albeit those % figures over large samples, 1000 bets, so 3 full jumps seasons or so – but in next 2/3 years, at that win %, you may hit a run like that. That’s the tough bit. I’ve hit a bit worse, wonderful!

        The win/place% is fascinating, and again gets to that fine margins. You must look in a similar way to me in that the win/place isn’t high enough to justify EW betting I don’t think! We must have ‘win only/out run odds’ value eyes on.

        Your win/place is 18%. My win/place on my big race this year is 25%… (as I try to cling onto something and make myself feel better!) now i’m just not landing on enough winners. In part that may be luck given races we play in, as well as the obvious flaws… but last year, i’m sure I was a similar win/place%, but so so many more were winning 3x/4x at times in the hot spell. That’s the fine margins I think, as well as just needing to improve. Maybe when that gets to 300 odd bets, it will have corrected itself!
        I find all of that fascinating, but the point is those runs will happen, just have to try and battle through them mentally.
        Keep up the great work and intrigued to see how the flat goes,

        1. I think that was the problem early on and the big festivals, was thinking if i go each way, but, your right better to attack win only, some may see that as weird based on the odds, but, get what you mean was better losing one point stake rather than splitting / halving as my method / mood dictated.
          I will go over my each way bets and have a closer look to see if it had been worth it over all…when i get a quiet period.

          1. yep, but like me, whatever our approach is, 75/80% of our bets don’t place haha – whether we can improve that etc is the question, as that’s an awful lot of 1 point EW/2 points , lost! And the place part of the placed horses just doesn’t make up for it. We don’t, thus far, attack jumps races with EW eyes – that is a differences, whereas say Nick does, hence why place % would be higher, and obv needs to be to justify it.

      2. Hi Stewart
        Just on my way out when saw your returns have never been an EW backer and would you not have had better returns win only, this is rushed so may have misread them if i have my apologies, for had a good night town town last night home at 5 am watched the mighty Rams win today for their play off place so out to celebrate tonight.

        1. I agreed with Josh that my each way thinking was somewhat down to what I have done previously at festivals and due to my mood. I will look at them again, but, on the whole have taken what all of you have said on board and will in future be backing in the main win only.

  5. today’s selections.
    1-50. Hochfeld 20-1
    2-55. Gifted Master 7-1
    3-35. Mot Juste 12-1
    2-35. Loud And Clear 8-1
    all 1/2 pt ew

  6. Well, its exactly 6 months since i joined and it s very hard not to think that ‘its all gone whatnots up’ (even temporarily) simply because i came on board 🙂 Must be hard to take Josh and after seeing every single one of my bets, even the Place parts of the each ways, be totally wiped out is something i have to take on the chin. As Mike above said ‘since joining January he hasn’t really seen the good times yet’ but like me he is sure they will come.
    From an experience point of view and for pure psychology it is a big test! As facts i have never lost so many points, so much money (despite tight Staking/Bank discipline – Chubnut smiley ) and people outside of Racing would no doubt think i was mad carrying on. It almost feels a given that were i to stop supporting the ones i do then they would start winning big style – but i m not going to do that. Its a big test of ‘commitment’, way beyond that i have made to other services tried, but the belief is there. Just like to say ‘thank God’ the NH is behind us. I recall Chubnuts warning a while ago now that he saw this being a tough year – lets hope the rest of 2019 is a damn site better than the first! Onwards and upwards folks!

    1. John,

      if you had followed my Systems selections in 2019 you would be 68 points up (not so humble brag). Stewart is going well as is Elite Colin. So you just need to be on the right ones to follow and track performance. I know that is not helpful now going back. Sorry if I upset any other contributors but you have to go with who is in form. It will no doubt turn and the other guys will rise up again, but follow the flow. It is about long term profit but you can hop around to a degree.

      Good luck.

      1. Couldn’t agree more Martin. There is no point following anyone on here over a cliff for fear of missing a winner. Pick and choose depending on who is in form.

      2. Hi Martin,

        Thanks for that.

        It’s a tricky one, as I always think you should wait for some evidence in live play before diving into something/following them? Your systems, and esp backing all Burke’s at Southwell, have done well, but i wouldn’t have advised anyone to dive in generally based on the paper research – they could have easily gone the other way, for example. That was the case with Francis’ jumps system, which in play did prove itself to my eyes, and Stewart’s Jumps season from Oct time was his first attacking so thoroughly/consistently, and again waiting for evidence to build up – which it’s arguably now done – has to be the only correct course of action? A load of my angles in the ‘test zone’ , which is exactly that, haven’t done that well despite the research being sound, and the evidence in live play is pointing a certain way.
        If someone had dived in with your tips at the wrong point, they wouldn’t have done that well? It’s so tricky the timing issue etc – i’m not sure starting to follow someone on the back of a hot run/hot streak is advised either, as that’s usually when a losing run of sorts is due! Colin’s New Method for example – well it’s exactly that, it could do really well, or not, longer term, but without knowing the research etc, you can only monitor from a systematic betting point of view – and Colin’s Elite was an old approach, dusted off, again not knowing the research, there’s a chance that it wouldn’t be successful, as it turns out it’s had a very good start and may carry on but in honesty i’m not sure on what basis you’d make a judgement to dive in with cash on day 1/bet 1.

        I’m responsible for most/all of the longer term pain on these pages in recent months and that’s for me to sort out. Maybe last year’s festival success/that brilliant spell, went to my head, but the betting gods have slapped me around the face with my worst ever period in the game. There’s a reason I never wanted to go down the ‘tipping service’ route – well multiple reasons, as i’ve tried to create a community and different options. But the reality is if someone was just judging this place on my tipping in recent months/since end of July in truth, they won’t be staying around.
        People have to judge their experience how they wish, performance wise from what I offer I’ve said that’s Jumps S1 / S3A#, Flat S6, Nick’s Tips and My big race/free (and now daily I think given my renewed focus/confidence longer term) as a portfolio and in this jumps season as a collective it hasn’t been great – well my tipping has been the only awful bit, longer term since Oct some time.

        1. I am not talking hot streaks but consistent success over a period of a number of weeks or longer. And you can always come on and off of anything you want as you choose. But anyway each to their own methodology etc and I shall not say any more on the subject. Good luck to all who tip.

          1. Well i’d be interested to know your approach in terms of when you start following something/someone new? As you’ve been in this game a lot longer than I have and make your living from following others / your own stuff so clearly do it well. Do you wait for evidence in live play or not? Or are you happy to go with ‘paper’ evidence, or someone’s say so that it worked in the past?

            You prob have something I can learn from… do you track something for a short time, then jump on, constantly monitor and switch approaches in and out after X amount of time/ % dip etc? Or wait for more evidence etc? That’s what im interested in given your experience/success.

            Maybe im too cautious in waiting too long for X approach to look like it’s proven! 🙂

          2. I think this a real difficult one Josh and a lot depends on your individual temperament. For me I want a minimum 3 month test at the end of which I want a profit and at least 2 out of 3 profitable months to ensure the results are not being skewed by an isolated biggie.

            In truth, mainly because I’m limited to the exchanges, very few can pass the test ultimately.

            I do this not only for tipsters but for my own testing strategies. I know if I go in too early then the doubts will start to creep in and I’m prone to throwing the towel in too early if it’s not going my way. I need a level of confidence to stick with a bad run and, in my case, that means at the very least 3 months.

            Everything then gets re-evaluated quarterly and stakes adjusted or culled from the portfolio.

  7. Josh, if you stick to your Hcap Chases between 20 and 26 furlongs you’ll be fine I reckon. From my records that may be missing one or two since last October this gives 7/48 which is decent, 15% SR and a BSP profit of just shy of 13. No need to duff yourself up, just stay away from the races you don’t profit from. Especially Hcp Hurdles you’re the worst ever hahaha :). And you do have the best racing blog out there so you should be very proud of that too. All the best

    1. Ah cheers… well i’ll duff myself up for a time, but in a way that tries to lead to improved performance!

      Yep I know you’re right with the chasing side of things. I mean the 3m+ should be the core, and will be moving forwards.

      The ‘big race’ – well last year’s Festival success (profit at all 4 – chelt/Ain/Punch/Galway… around +90/100 I think,100% + ROI I think… gulp) clearly hasn’t been repeated! -40 or so from first three as I type – if only they had been spread out over two years, oh well! It’s a game of fine margins and the 22-25% place SR is prob not much different to last year – however, while I can’t leave handicap hurdles alone in their entirety – I think just sticking to them at said Festivals has to be a rule from now on. The odd place at Punchy, two in top 6 yesterday, and Mr A should have been landed on. I’ll come up with a stats pointer trainer profile blueprint for those in the down season. I needed to be more methodical and to have a set of questions where a horse takes priority – one of those being Graded form – my starting point with that hurdle was correct – focus on Mullins given his record/his week. Mr A was the only Grade 1 winner from them I think, as a juvenile, he’d got within 11l of champ hurdle winner, and beaten him earlier in season, tipped at Chelt – and should have been here for same reasons – but alas I overthought and was put off by top weight stats in the race, and those of PU LTO – I shouldn’t have looked haha. At 18s/20s, and fact Patrick was on – should have gone with him – nothing else in that race could do what he did in odd grade 1, and you need class/plenty in hand to win those.
      So, the ‘big four’ Fetivals long term, esp Chelt, i’ve no concerns. While each of the first three this year has it’s own hard luck story/wrong call, as they always do, each Festival’s losses not too bad – just when you add them up it starts to get painful. And the efforts outside of those on Saturday’s, has been poor- and that’s where i need to refocus back on chases.

      It’s some contrast really, last year’s March-July – noone could touch me in that period/the big handicaps, it was quite a run, esp ROI etc, and now, alas, battered and bloodied at the bottom of a losing run pile i’d rather not think about as it’s horrendous and stretches back into back end of last year. I’ll get back to the heady heights.

  8. No tips today as the value has gone. I have backed Iridessa at 7/1 and Gifter Master at 7/1. They are both shorter now. The supporting card at Newmarket seems weak to me.

    When do we start an ante post blog for Cheltenham 2020? Happy days.

  9. if it were easy Josh we’d all be millionaires!!!!

    Not a huge betting day for me although I’ve had a tenner on Gifted Master same reasons as Andy G

    Although has anyone looked at the 1000 Guineas
    if ground similar then surely Just Wonderful would have a big adv from outside trap 15
    And then in turn Fairyland struggle drawn 1 ???
    i nearly backed Just Wonderful last night at 17/2 but looked through form and a few things put me off, woke up today and into 11/2 now

  10. O’Brien’s record with first time out runners in 1000g not good with only Minding winning.

  11. 1000 gns….Another tricky race…at the prices will swerve the O’brien contingent and opt for Skitter Scatter from John Oxx the reasons being the horse has the best pedigree..just…unproven over 8f is a disadvantage compared with Just Wonderful but she has beaten this horse by 10 lengths on a previous occasion …I think Just Wonderful is the main danger to the selection Just Wonderful has impressive form ..running 38.14 mph over 8f at the Curragh in a G3 and ran 37.85 mph in a G1 at Churchill Downs so is a quality horse of that there is no doubt …the betting suggests she will be beaten by Qabala so my interpretation is that if the bookies really fancied Something Wonderful then the price would be shorter especially as Qabala is unproven over 7f and at the same level…Qabala ran 37.24 mph over 7f…Just Wonderful’s time over the same distance was 37.45 mph…Skitter Scatter’s speed over 7f was 37.72 mph so on that fact alone Skitter Scatter’s chances of winning is underestimated as is Just Wonderful’s…hence at the prices the main choice is Skitter Scatter and an e/w saver on Just Wonderful…hope this helps and fingers crossed the result is as good as yesterdays. Gd luck with whatever you select.

    1. What about the impact of any draw bias or the undulations of the straight mile? They will go a gallop and you will need to be up there and be a finisher. That may negate pure speed?

      1. True…certainly a draw bias towards higher numbers and pure speed is, as you say, not Skitter Skatter has already beaten Just Wonderful by 10 lengths over the same distance the logic is the horse will beat this again over the longer distance as Skitter Scatter does have both speed and stamina in the pedigree…not a given nor is it a given that Skitter Scatter will handle the undulations but at the prices prefer Skitter Scatter over Just Wonderful…I have backed both e/w so will be interesting if I have got it right or not. On collateral form Mot Juste was 1.75 lengths behind Qabala but is a massive 14/ compared to 10/3 and the latter is a weak favourite so I ask myself why the huge discrepancy in prices? Dandhu was 1.75 l behind Just Wonderful and is 12/1 and Lady Kaya was 2 lengths behind Skitter Scatter and has beaten Iridessa but Lady Kaya is 14/ and Iridessa is 6/1 so to me the market is all over the place so am willing to take the chance that Skitter Scatter wil stay and handle the undulations but, after all, it is gambling!! All the best Martin and gd luck on what you decide to back.

        1. I have also backed Skitter Scatter at 13/2 as I do see your case and she has been put up by a tipster I know. I presume he is by Scat Daddy which does worry me a bit but good luck everyone who is on.

          1. Hi Martin …had another look at the race after your really valid points and Iridessa does have the stamina to compete and with Donnacha up has a real chance…her low draw concerns me considering yesterday’s bias for high numbers and she ran a slow 36.94 over 8f and 36.94 over 7f so suggests she is one paced…..her pedigree is up with the horses already mentioned…if it becomes a stamina test she will be up there but at the prices is a bit short for me despite the last run behind Lady Kaya may have been a prep for this race, we shall see…all the best.

        2. Well that was disappointing but the winner had form with Iridessa and the high draw bias from yesterday was reversed with lower drawn horses dominating…Lady Kaya ran her race so some compensation for the analysis but the top of the market horses very disappointing… and the O’brien fancied horses ran poorly… Skitter Scatter was disappointing…but draw favoured mid to low numbers…just a punting nightmare trying to second guess the bias when the stalls are moved around…no wonder the bookies come out on top with courses literally changing the goal posts or stalls to avoid a bias then setting a different bias to favour mid drawn horses…makes it impossible at times to predict and certainly any analysis that seems logical just does not count when that happens…any conspiracy theorists out there???…hope the damage was not that great for all who backed the selections…all you can do is try and improve on selecting the right criteria upon which a judgement is made.

  12. Shit, forgot these
    N 3.35 – Star Terms on 3rd run
    N 2.20 – Billesdon Brook on 2nd run

  13. COLINS BETS etc
    First of all Josh agree with your write up and talking from experience when tipping horses and things start to go wrong for which my own Colins bets are not doing so well this year, although one yesterday was backed from 7/1 to 7/2 not in first three so you can say reading the race correct, but profit minus.
    When things are wrong subconsciously in my case the brain starts looking for more negatives and will not take the risks that i would do when on a winning streak and yes i have been guilty of missing winners this year which hurts.
    Secondly Elite Bets a very simple selection process in fact total common sense and will not put up odds on and will keep my eye on ground conditions and on the Flat the draw, and it works and you can guarantee when a 40/1 is put up if delving to deep you would not back it.
    Three winning months out of four this year with a profit of 94.983 and the losing month of March only lost minus 2.625 points when is the time to invest i do not know, how many on RTP have joined a tipster and have no comprehensive record of results to look at and they dive straight in and back them, and in most cases they lose.
    Every named horse put up under my name i do back so if you lose so do i,and cannot be more open and transparent when putting them out at 10/10.30 when the markets have formed and many N/Rs are already announced and the majority are able to achieve the price quoted.
    New Method again a very simple process my only concern are too many bets more racing than 30 years ago so have reassessed the selection procedure and hopefully will be once again be a profitable method in the long term,again look at ground and the draw.

    1. Good stuff Colin,
      Elite is certainly ticking along superbly… do you know the historical win % ?
      See this is the tricky point about when knowing when to dive in and start backing! I wanted to keep a watching brief on Elite, as it was ‘new’ to these pages say, or I forget when you started posting – i suppose I like to see 1 full season say before making a judgement, but maybe that 4 months of success is sufficient- but then of course, those 4 months may have been above average and they are due to level out, unless it’s a near 300 points profit a year method!! Knowing my luck i’ll start and May/June will hit it’s losing run, which it may be due, and depending on win% / and indeed the method, it could be severe enough!
      Anyway, keep up the superb work, and effort in posting/recording etc, much appreciated.

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