Members Daily Post: 30/04/19 (complete)

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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

3.Nick’s Tips 

4.Micro System Test Zone

5.Any general messages/updates etc



1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



1.50 –

Little Boy Blue   (all Hc’s) H1 I1 G3 6/1 S1 S4 S6

Jack taylor   (all Hc’s) 14 H3 I3 G3 11/2 S4

3.55 – Kafeel   (micro TJC) 14 15/2 

4.25 – Bbob Alula   (all Hc’s) H1 I3 2/1 

5.00 – Roy Rocket   (all Hc’s,4yo)  G3 11/2 



3.35 – Queen Penn  (all Hc’s.m dist) I1 G1 6/1 S1 S6 



2.15 – Harvest Ranger   (m age) I3 50/1 

3.45 – Luna Magic   (4yo,m class) 5/1 

4.50 – Dream World   (m dist)  w1 H1 15/8 




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2.My Tips (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips)

Daily (2017:+110,2018: -22.2, 2019: 7/53, 15p +2.6)  Big Race Tips (2018:+143; 2019 Jumps 4/76,20p, -40, 2019 Flat TEST 2/6,3p, +4.25)


Jumps Big Race Tips

NONE on Punchestown Day 1… I am selective this week and there’s nothing I want to have a go at. The 4.55 looks a nightmare. 6 of them make handicap debut, 3 wearing the green and gold… and who knows which one JP will have had the most on, ahem!! 🙂 The race is packed with lightly raced ones, a few dropping from G1s etc. It looks a big of a nightmare and has 10-12 fewer runners than usual. I hope that’s not a sign of things to come during the rest of the week.




3. NEW ADDITION Nick’s Tips 

As of 1st MAY/Wednesday

For those of you who read the comments, and indeed follow Nick Mazur already, then this isn’t ‘new’ content, more just  a new home on these pages.  I’ve been pondering my ‘official’ tipping content for a time and have concluded I need to offer a more formal daily tipping element, even more so during the summer months/flat season. In part that’s a business decision, especially when trying to attract new subscribers etc. And it’s not something I can offer on my own. Nick’s record is one of the best i’ve seen, I speak to him daily about racing, I know how he approaches analysis, and have every confidence in his ability to pull in decent profits year on year across both flat and jumps, weekday races, and ‘feature’ races. 

His monthly p/l record in 2018, as posted in the comments on this blog, can be found HERE>>>

Nick does keep a spreadsheet record and i’ll endeavour to get a link to that posted up at some point soon, and as well as advised prices, he also now records to BFSP. 

Clearly, as I write (6pm 29th April), there hasn’t been much to shout about in 2019 as yet, but after last year he was due a severe dip, and 0 points to date is better than some of us, ahem. The reality is that Nick’s profit pile from last year could be spread out over 3/4/5 years and it would still look decent/comparable to many ‘tipping services’.  But, the correction from the betting gods won’t go on for that long, and when you play at big odds/handicaps, that’s the game. 

Timings… in terms of the posting of tips…that will iron itself out in the days to come but the intention is for tips to be posted in this section, with no new tips posted after 10pm the evening before racing, and 10am on the day (Mon-Friday), 11am at weekends. On the rare occasion tips will follow at a later time, you’ll be notified in advance. But that’s something for me to monitor. It’s rare for Nick to post on the morning during the week but it’s important that you know the latest possible time Tips will be posted on any given day. As with now, there will be write ups as and when time allows – Nick does have a day job. 

Any questions/comments etc you can direct at me. But in essence, there isn’t much change, just Nick’s tips will be posted up here from May 1st. 



4.Micro System Test Zone



5.Any general messages/updates etc

Punchestown Trainer pointers :  READ HERE>>>

Day 1 Handicap Pointers

4.55 2m 1/2 handicap hurdle

Trainer Records (with runners)

  • W Mullins: 3/32, 8p
  • G Elliot: 1/17,2p 
  • N Meade: 1/24, 2p 


Day 1 ‘Micro’ qualifiers (from report above) 

Willie Mullins

4.20 – Aramon (m1) / Klassical Dream (m1/m2) 

7.15 – The West Awaits 

Jessie Harrington 

6.05 – Papal Pearl (m1) 

7.15 – Fiveallin (m1) 

Gordon Elliot

4.20 – Felix Desjy (m1 16/1< guide, m2) 

6.40 – Delta Work (m1, 16/1< guide, m2) 

Enda Bolger (3/1<) 

3.40  – Blue Templar / Different Spot / Youcannotbeserious 




REALLY SUPER : 4.35 Notts

I think my fellow shareholders have had enough time to lump on.. ahem! I jest. I don’t really know what to expect here. She’s fit enough to win we think. The longer term plan is to run her over hurdles at the back end of May, and June, with a plan of sorts already mapped out. The initial plan was to wait for the first of those hurdles races however she’s going so well at home Amy wants to run her now, and not wait a few more weeks. I’ve been in Suffolk for over a week now and have delayed my return back up north so I can take in a trip to Notts to watch her run. 

What do I know about Super? Well… she’s a much better horse than when last seen, bigger, stronger and more mentally mature. The question is when, (not ‘if’) when she now shows that on the track. 30/40 lbs on her flat mark (to get a rough est for her jumps mark) would put her on 102-112 over jumps. Well she’s 10lb better than that over jumps, from when she was last seen. I know how she’s been working at home, and I know who she’s been working with, and how well she’s been going (wink smiley!). I’ve no doubt in my mind she’s well handicapped on the flat. I think she’s a mid 80s animal, possibly mid 90s. Clearly she needs to show it. Which she may not do. That is at the upper end of my handicapping confidence levels. I doubt I’m right on that score, albeit if I am she’ll hack up here and decimate them. Luckily for us Amy/the yard have a good relationship with SDS, and it’s great to call on his services. He’s at the track due to riding for his retained owners in an earlier race. 

Having looked through the race I think she has a very good chance on paper. Her price of 13/2 allows an EW play. She’s fit enough to run her race, but we won’t be hard on her if she doesn’t for some reason. The ground is perfect for her here- i’m not sure she likes firm in the going albeit I can give you legitimate excuses for all of her under-par runs. Her time off, most of it spend playing around in a field and eating, has done her the world of good. Her maiden form for Beckett always makes me excited, given she was just behind God Given and Star Rock on the 3rd run of her life- and they are rated in the low 100s on the flat. Maybe she will reach those heights one day! 🙂 I can dream. I think she’s well handicapped in both codes and we are all excited to see what she does in the next year+. I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t go close here in truth, but we shall see! Normally i’d chat about pace/tactics etc, but i’ll just leave that to the champion jockey! I expect she’ll jump out and get a prominent position, settling behind some pace. This feels like a big day for a few reasons, so fingers crossed. 

The fav is the right fav and is a good barometer given the form he’s in, his old flat form, his mark, his jumps mark etc. I’d like to think we are good enough to give him a race/beat him, but maybe race fitness will tell late on, that’s provided Super runs her race. There’s a chance this trip on the flat is on the sharp side, but she will keep rolling. I have had the biggest bet (EW) of my life on her, so sadly she’s buggered! 🙂 What with those winnings and 10% of the 1st prize, it could be quite the day. It’s not an amount that won’t allow me to enjoy the day/race, even if she tails off. But for some reason i’m rather bullish. Eeek. She’s worth 1 point EW 🙂 I may just be blinded with owner’s eyes, that has happened before! 

It’s not impossible that she just never goes the gallop over this trip on the flat, having developed over the winter. The general consensus is that chasing may well be her game, but I think she’s every chance here. You’ll hear me from Nottingham if i’m right, or i’ll be cowering, red faced, in a corner (at the bar!) . 




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42 responses

  1. Wow! What a start for the “new” resident tipster – he certainly is amazing!!
    Well done, Nick.

  2. Got it going again in the end but took a little longer than expected. Overall performance remains roughly the same with only a slight increase in SR, but the number of runners has dropped by just under 23%. Most of it is down to capping the size of the fields and marginally reducing the amount of runs a horse can have on it’s form record before it is excluded from qualifying. A well as a few other minor tweaks I thought I might as well do whilst I was at it. The good news is that although the overall returns are only up slightly, the added effect of reducing the number of bets taken has given the ROI a massive boost of almost 39%. It definitely appears to be more effective as a method in small to medium sized fields.

    The best thing for me is that it looks a lot more manageable now, although only time will tell as to just exactly how many multiples in the same race it will throw up, but from what I’ve seen during my quick exploratory poke around on the screen, it looks to be an awful lot less.

    Back tomorrow with the winners! 🙂 Ha Ha!

    1. well done Tim i need to try and take a leaf out of your book old chum 😉 less is more ………apparentluy ?

      keep up the good work
      gb 🙂

  3. Hi Josh just a thought for you and Nick to ponder as you speak to Nick every day and Nick has a day job could you not post his tips in the morning for him rather than the night before it really is the quickest way to lose accounts betting the night before also the markets are settled and bookmakers are more inclined to lay a bet and shops are open?
    I would be interested to know how other members feel as regards these points …. Cheers Stu.

    1. Hi Stuart, I agree on those points to an extent, and I don’t bet until the morning, and i think that’s part of reason I still have most of my accounts left (BOG removed on plenty mind/restrictions)

      No one is forced to bet the evening before! 🙂 I do plan to add a widely available morning price, so we can see over the rest of the year how well they do as a comparison to evening odds (which of course is when the value judgement is made, as that’s the only time Nick can study/make the judgement). They will do very well on morning odds, i’ve no doubt about that, that’s when I bet and i’m happy enough with how I did last year etc.

      As with any approach people should try and keep track of their own results to prices they get. We shall see how it compares over time.

      1. Personally I prefer the tips posted the evening before racing as I work during the day and can’t be placing bets while at work. Im sure there will be a few more in the same boat. As Josh has said if people don’t want to risk their accounts they don’t have to place the bets when they’re posted, that’s their choice.

      2. I think that is spot on Josh – lets stay with evening because there is no pressure for people to actually bet in the evening! Also very important for us to see the comparison as you say. Can i ask you what time you tend to place the ‘morning odds’ please and do you use both Betfair and Bookies? Thanks.

        1. Im in complete agreement with Stu .Ive lost all my accounts with night before betting .They won’t even give you a 5 pound football bet it’s not just the horses they restrict you on .I just do Colin’s bets now because of the time he puts them up and you get what it says on the tin with Colin good runs or bad They will get you if you do the night before .Even Nicks winner yesterday look at the price difference .Not that I done it .

          1. There certainly won’t be any BOG left on night before bets before too long. Only bet365, sky and unibet left now I think? Not that any of them take a bet anyway.

          2. Francis
            New accounts in the future will no doubt have to sign an agreement not to win, before the account will be opened!!!

          3. Hi Penders,
            Thanks for the endorsement afraid been there done it and yes that is the reason that i put the bets up between 10/10.30 when the market as settled and a few non runners have been announced, and everyone has a chance of getting the price, and over the years very frustrated when able to back with the bookmakers and could not get the fancy prices earlier for followed one tipster who adviced evening prices and struggled to place £20 win bets, and Ladbrokes soon closed me down.

    2. I tend to agree here, additionally the markets are much more volatile at the times posted (and indeed early in the morning – so there’s no immediate solution). I often end up missing the top price of nick’s selections cause of timing, and with the band of loyal followers on here, there can often be something of a nudge in the price.

  4. Unfortunately I am still working and not able to look at racing until lunch time, so evening before is best for me. Thanks Nick for a real good winner today!

  5. Nice to get a winner.

    Hateya Nottingham 15:35 1pt e/w-6/1-Had some excellent form at the back end of last season. Chased home Moving Swiftly 4 starts back who is now rated 104 and the form of her start has worked over well with the 1st, 3rd and 5th all winning class 2s. She than ran an OK race in Listed company and was 3rd on re-appearance. She should come on for that run and its eye-catching that Pat Cosgrove comes here for just the one ride on her considering he is 1124 on her in handicaps. I doubt there are many riding better than he is right now given he has won on his last 4 rides. Should go well.

    1. Always annoying when you get beaten by one with the same form lines (the 3rd start back with the 1st,3rd,5th winning class s2s she was 2 places behind the pick) so might have found her but still a decent way to finish the month.

  6. Tips for Punchy – 4.20, Quick Grabim, 1.5 points win. An easy winner on more then one occasion and although having to reverse form with Aramon, may prove to be value against the favourite. Currently 6/1 to 8/1.
    6.05, Son Of Camas, 3 points win. Hendo books Patrick Mullins for this one in the bumper. Apparently highly rated this one. I am hoping for a drift here from its current 10/3.
    6.40, Getabird, 2 points win. He has had a break and comes here fresh. Delta Work may be vulnerable here and this one may be some value at 4/1 or better.

    Good luck.

  7. today’s selections.
    Nottingham .
    3-05. Al Messila 17-2
    3-35. Hateya 6-1
    4-35. Flower Power 7-1

  8. Best of luck with Really Super Josh – very exciting. Beware that owner bias when you get to the track. I have suffered at my own hand a few times with last minute ludicrous top ups as the excitement mounts.

    1. Cheers Hugh. Ah well any top ups will depend on how she looks /and others, pre race. I know her behaviour /demeanor so will have a good idea if she’s likely to run her race. But only reason we are running is because of how well she’s going at home. I’ve no doubt she’s 10/15/20lb better than this mark on the flat…whether she can show that in these conditions /this trip/on the flat, we shall soon find out. There is a real chance that while stronger than last year she’s slower, and just a relentless galloper now with a turn of foot over further /jumps. And she’s a chaser in making possibly. Anything could happen. She could bolt up hands and heels, she could run a decent place, or get outpaced top off straight and plod on into 5th/4th . I suppose its a bonus run of sorts. I’m quietly confident, we shall see if that’s enhanced or diminished in the paddock.

    3.45 Luna Magic BOG 6/1
    4.50 Spanish Mane BOG 7/1
    5.15 Muraaqeb BOG 6/1
    5.45 Tellovoi BOG 9/1
    6.55 Javelin BOG 11/2
    8.15 Lucky Lodge BOG 9/2
    3.35 Nottingham Yusra BOG 9/1
    3.45 Yarmouth Gas Monkey BOG 9/2
    5.45 Chelmsford Locommotion BOG 6/1
    3.45 Yarmouth Luna Magic BOG 6/1
    5.20 Chosen World BOG 7/2
    7.40 Newmarket Warrior BOG 10/1
    8.15 Lucky Lodge BOG 9/2
    8.00 Tour De Paris BOG 3/1

  10. A few I quite like today:

    3.05 Nottingham – Desert Lantern 28/1
    Good collateral form on its first 2 runs with multiple winners coming out. The c2 at Goodwood having a group winner and the selection was only a neck behind, also beat Fox Power on its second to last start which has won a listed event since. Had a pipe opener on the AW this season and should be fitter than most of these and steps up in trip which is in general a positive for Johnson horses. The 5lb claimer won’t hurt either.

    4.05 Nottingham – Say Nothing 10/1
    Was alerted to a gamble on a Morrison horse last year which came off. The horse was on Handicap debut and had Kirby riding. The same combination here. Kirby is 2/3 on Morrison handicap debutants. A few subsequent winners from its first few runs and fairly well bred so hoping they can exploit its opening mark.

    2.25 Brighton – Village Rock 13/2
    Hughes and Kelly have won 4 out of their last 5 two year old races at Brighton together. Sire record isn’t great and it’s first ever race which tempers the enthusiasm somewhat, but prepared to have a small win bet on this. Has been well backed this morning, was 15s last night which for some reason I decided to wait hoping for a drift, teach me for being a greedy beggar!

    Good luck with Really Super Josh, I have had a few quid on after your note and will cheer her home.

  11. Tuesday 30th Nottingham, Brighton and Yarmouth
    Nottingham 1.30 5f Fillies Novice
    4.25 Internationalangel, Lady Fanditha
    3.75 Beignet
    3.25 Apache Bay, Flashy Flyer, Flippa The Strippa, Hollaback Girl
    Although Beignet looks to have the draw advantage here as well as the form I have to oppose her. Generally Hannon sends his poor ones to Brighton where she recorded her 2nd on debut but hopefully one of the top two will be a better type. I just can’t split them, International Angel is by Dark Angel and it is a bit early in the season for his 2yos , Lady Fanditha is from the Clive Cox yard which apparently has not got going with the 2yos yet, more likely he has not run a good one yet.They are too short to dutch
    Brighton 2.25pm 5.5f Novice Auction
    4.25 Bailey’s Freedom
    3.75 Audio, Brazen Safa
    3.25 Miss Matterhorn
    2.75 Copacabana Dancer
    Probably an awful race with nothing much in it. I did see Copacabana Dancer at Windsor on debut..
    Copacabana Dancer – Chunkier model, not that fit and ran out of steam late on. 59
    He has the worst of the draw and a penalty but is a strong type and with only 8 runners the effect may be negated a bit. With Jason Watson up who seems to get along with 2yos well and the race experience he might just last home best. %9 might be just about enough to win this after which he will be saddled with a ludicrously high OR.
    Yarmouth 2.45pm 5f Mdn
    4.25 Don’t Joke
    3.75 Fleeting Princess
    3.25 Taste The Nectar
    2.5 Champagne Supanova
    Couldn’t entertain a bet.

  12. Silly Boys shout out to VP G

    Are you planning to have a look at Newcastle and Chelmsford G? I have a few of interest, still resisting the urge to go through every race 🙂

    Before that tho, just a few snippets for the turf meetings which you may find of vague interest. Going against the Maestro Mazur (gulp) in the 15.35 Notts, like Black Lotus in this, Buick two from two and worth a small EW as well as Nick’s obviously.

    In the 16.05 Notts like Petit Fours EW. First Time Hood, Buick up and stepping up two furlongs. Worth a dabble at 22/1 four places with B365, think James’ pick will also go close, Say Nothing.

    Our big winner the other week, Free Love, goes in the 17.10 Notts. Khafooz is 7lbs better off for a 2l beating but suspect FL may have more scope?

    Anyway, just for interest. Back later with AW stuff if you are playing.

    1. brilliant thanks maestro mc .. i have not had chance to look at the green surface yet ?? 🙂 .. i hope to be dancing to your tune again today .. have fun !! 🙂
      gb 🙂

  13. S.B.C. ( don’t panic not really a club club)
    4.45 Newcastle 4 Odds On Oli = track system/good monthly draw
    4.45 Newcastle 14 Puchita = track system
    4.45 Newcastle 3 Shes Royal = trainer / good draw / tif / jif
    4.45 Newcastle 13 Clary (IRE) = good monthly draw
    4.45 Newcastle 6 Ingleby Angel = jif / good monthly draw
    4.45 Newcastle 1 Ishebayorgrey = tif / good montly draw
    4.45 Newcastle 12 Jennies Gem = good draw
    4.45 Newcastle 11 Lord Rob = good draw
    4.45 Newcastle 5 Midnight Vixen = good monthly draw
    4.45 Newcastle 7 Nanjoe = tif / gmd
    4.45 Newcastle 2 Rebel State (IRE) = gmd
    4.45 Newcastle 8 Twiggy = tif / gmd
    4.45 Newcastle 10 Wasm = tif / gmd
    5.15 Chelmsford City 1 Blyton Lass = jif
    5.15 Chelmsford City 3 Foxys Spirit = gmd
    5.15 Chelmsford City 6 Hidden Stash = jif / gmd
    5.15 Chelmsford City 8 Muraaqeb = jock angle (top/joint top wgt)
    5.15 Chelmsford City 10 Outrath (IRE) = gmd
    5.15 Chelmsford City 11 Pollyissimo = gmd
    5.15 Chelmsford City 13 Sea Tea Dea = jif
    5.20 Newc 4 Algaffaal (USA) = class move / jif & tif
    5.20 Newc 3 Custard The Dragon = could have run at southwell ?
    5.20 Newc 5 Chaplin Bay (IRE) = tif
    5.20 Newc 2 Glengarry = gmd
    5.20 Newc 8 Middlescence (IRE) = gmd
    5.20 Newc 1 Rey Loopy (IRE) = jif
    5.45 Chelmsford City 4 King Of Rooks = f.t. visor / jif /
    5.45 Chelmsford City 5 Fantastic Flyer = sbc special system
    5.45 Chelmsford City 9 Bullseye Bullet = tif/jif
    5.45 Chelmsford City 12 Caledonian Gold = jif
    5.45 Chelmsford City 10 Cool Echo = gmd
    5.45 Chelmsford City 1 Locommotion = gmd / jif
    5.45 Chelmsford City 7 Stand Firm (IRE) = jif & tif
    5.45 Chelmsford City 11 Tellovoi (IRE) = gmd
    5.55 Newcastle 1 Delachance = gmd / jif
    5.55 Newcastle 2 Gunnison = gmd
    5.55 Newcastle 5 Pandoras Minder = gmd
    5.55 Newcastle 6 Senorita Grande (IRE) = gmd
    6.20 Chelmsford City 6 Astrologer = gmd
    6.20 Chelmsford City 7 Bighearted = tif
    6.20 Chelmsford City 5 Power Of You (IRE) = gmd
    6.20 Chelmsford City 1 San Carlos = jif
    6.20 Chelmsford City 9 Torochica = jif
    6.30 Newcastle 8 Hillgrove Angel (IRE) = tif
    6.30 Newcastle 5 Bahkit (IRE) = track
    6.30 Newcastle 6 Kwanza = track
    6.30 Newcastle 12 Majestic Stone (IRE) = track
    6.30 Newcastle 3 Ascot Week (USA) = gmd
    6.30 Newcastle 7 Born In Thorne = tif
    6.30 Newcastle 11 Inflexiball = jif
    6.30 Newcastle 10 Island Flame (IRE) = jif / gmd
    6.30 Newcastle 2 Remmy D (IRE) = tif & jif /
    6.30 Newcastle 9 Tarnhelm = gmd / jif
    6.30 Newcastle 4 Zealous (IRE) = jif
    6.55 Chelmsford City 1 Dourado (IRE) = jock top weight rides ?
    6.55 Chelmsford City 4 Field Gun (USA) = jif / tif /
    6.55 Chelmsford City 5 Javelin = tif
    6.55 Chelmsford City 6 Pearl Spectre (USA) = jif / gmd
    6.55 Chelmsford City 2 Salt Whistle Bay (IRE) = jif
    6.55 Chelmsford City 3 Young John (IRE) = jif
    7.05 Newcastle 1 Put The Law On You (IRE) = f.t. visor /
    7.05 Newcastle 2 Shamitsar = gmd
    7.05 Newcastle 5 Smeaton (IRE) = jif
    7.05 Newcastle 3 Surfman = tif
    7.05 Newcastle 7 Theatro (IRE) = jif / gmd
    7.25 Chelmsford City 10 Jailbreak (IRE) = f.t. blinkers / jif / tif
    7.25 Chelmsford City 4 Filles De Fleur = gmd
    7.25 Chelmsford City 5 Gregorian Girl = jif
    7.25 Chelmsford City 2 In The Cove (IRE) = jif
    7.25 Chelmsford City 7 Legend Island (FR) = tif
    7.25 Chelmsford City 12 Little Tipple = jif
    7.25 Chelmsford City 6 Mohogany = jif
    7.25 Chelmsford City 1 Mr Spirit (IRE) = tif
    7.25 Chelmsford City 8 Purgatory = gmd
    7.25 Chelmsford City 11 Valley Belle (IRE) = gmd / jif
    7.40 Newcastle 3 Blindingly (GER) = gmd
    7.40 Newcastle 7 Newmarket Warrior (IRE) = jif
    7.40 Newcastle 9 Testa Rossa (IRE) = tif / gmd
    7.40 Newcastle 5 Elixsoft (IRE) = jif
    7.40 Newcastle 8 Farhh Away = gmd
    7.40 Newcastle 10 Insurplus (IRE) = gmd / jif/tif
    7.40 Newcastle 2 Intense Pleasure (IRE) = tif / gmd
    7.40 Newcastle 4 Kingdom Brunel = gmd
    7.40 Newcastle 7 Newmarket Warrior = gmd / tif & jif /
    7.40 Newcastle 6 Tum Tum = jif / gmd
    8.00 Chelmsford City 5 Tin Fandango = tif&jif
    8.00 Chelmsford City 1 Alabaster = jif
    8.00 Chelmsford City 6 True Destiny = gmd
    8.15 Newcastle 4 I Know How (IRE) = n.b. f.t. c/p / gmd
    8.15 Newcastle 3 Lucky Lodge = track
    8.15 Newcastle 7 Avenue Of Stars = tif / gmd
    8.15 Newcastle 5 Gowanbuster = gmd
    8.15 Newcastle 6 Gunmaker (IRE) = tif
    8.15 Newcastle 1 Russian Realm = jif
    8.15 Newcastle 2 Scots Sonnet = tif / gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 2 Casey Banter = gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 8 Cedar = jif / gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 9 Chutzpah (IRE) = gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 11 Dragon Kuza = f.t. blinkers/ gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 12 Exousia = gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 13 Freesia Gold (IRE) = gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 3 Haabis (USA) = jockey top/joint weight/gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 14 Kenoughty (FR) = tif / gmd /f.t. blinkers
    8.30 Chelmsford City 15 Milldean Panther = gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 16 The Numismatist (IRE) = tif&jif / trainer month
    8.30 Chelmsford City 6 Triple First = gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 7 Voice of A Leader (IRE) = gmd
    8.30 Chelmsford City 4 Imperial Act = tif&jif / worthy favourite
    That’s enough for today 😉
    Best regards
    one of the S.B.C. Minions
    (for obvious reasons this piece of fiction will not be repeated on a
    regular basis – i just hope it either helps you out or makes you laugh 🙂 )
    gb (joint V.P.)

    1. Jeez, thems a lot of horses! Thanks G, will digest, mix with my selections and see where we match. Back between 3.30 and 4pm

      1. hi mc ,
        just to confirm .. “they are not my suggestions “.. just every single horse that has a positive in some small or big way .. lol 😉

        gb (uw.v.p. )

        1. No I get that thanks G, not even the Professor Brainstawm of HRB could have that many suggestions 🙂

      2. SBC AW UPDATE

        Hello G and anyone else who’s listening. I’ve run your enormous list past my slightly smaller list and here is where we match up:

        4.45 N – Midnight Vixen/ Ishebayorgrey

        5.20 N – Custard the Dragon/ Rey Loopy. I agree, why is the Dragon running tonite rather than at his beloved Southwell? Worth paying to find out.

        6.20 C – Bighearted and San Carlos

        6.55 C – Salt Whistle Bay but must save on Field Gun.

        7.20 C – Jailbreak

        7.40 N – Blindingly

        8.00 C – Tin Fandango

        I don’t think we’ve found another Little Miss Daisy tonight but should be fun anyway. Good luck G and any other happy sandboys 🙂

        1. excellent in house work there mr mc .. all add on’s and savers now in place .. keep up the good work 🙂
          gb 🙂

          1. Well two winners in San Carlo and Tin Fandango G, not too bad. Free Love won for us earlier again at Notts, so no calamities!

            I noticed a few winners on your list marked gmd, is that good monthly draw? If so, how does the month affect the draw? Sorry if I have misunderstood.

            Goodnight and thanks wingman G 🙂

          2. hi mc ,

            Yeah i just noticed that the winners draw at different distances each month varied from month to month ….. a bit weird but i am still looking into it ?? some seemed to work out tonight … i was lucky and thanks to our joint effiort came out in front tonight …so live to fight another day 🙂
            thanks to you as well fellow vp/ wingman
            Not so good today on my tipping comps entrants 🙁
            I appear to be getting the first signs of man flu as well 🙁
            i am in on friday for my lipoma to be cut out so will be on the easy list for the next few days to psych myself up for it and then recoup afterwards .

            keep having fun my man !! .. i am still enjoying it in all weathers 🙂
            just off to add up my losses on the months tipping competition totals 🙂

            gb 🙂

          3. Thanks G. All the best for the treatment, hope it goes swimmingly as I am sure it will. I won’t pester you for AW lists till you confirm your back and fully fit again, so au revoir for now, post again when you’re ready Mon ami 🙂

            Rebel MC over and out 🙂

    2. Both!!! aka “Top Gun” Silver but not to be discounted if you want some pennies in the bank!! Thanks for the recent selections that produced some good profit.

  14. Yep have a good time today Josh …….. try not to spray your pint of beer everywhere as she scoots 4 lengths clear in the final furlong 😉
    It would be nice to think one day there will be a RTP syndicate horse running one day ( i am sure we can find a suitable horse that likes a mile at chelmsford and 3 miles at cheltenham ??? lol )
    great fun to be a syndicate member and being actually on the inside of the parade ring .. nothing like it for the first time 😉 )
    bon voyage gb 🙂

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