Free Daily Post: 25/04/19 (complete)

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  1. B 2.50 – Musharrif @ 9/2 and Jacobs Pillow @ 22
    B 4.55 – Proud Archi @ 13/2
    C 6.30 – King Robert @ 6
    C 7.00 – Tropics @ 9 and Rock on Baileys @ 25
    C 8.30 – Harbour Vision @ 7/2

    1. Hi Ryan… hmmm… well you’re set up in ClickBank, and your first two payments/trial month and proper month went through fine/as did your access… I should have received a payment yesterday, but didn’t , hence it’s blocked you from access. I’ve added you in for a week or so- could be an issue with your bank/clickbank, or payment is delayed for some reason. We shall see if it sorts itself out in next few days, usually does- well this has happened with Paypal before not with CB, so we shall see! Apols about that, but nothing my end, and probably nothing you’ve done either! (unless changed bank details maybe, that could explain)

  2. No all the same, i can set it up again if its not gone through for some reason. Was 26th last time, if its not come out on Monday then il set it back up again

    1. Hmm. Ah that may be it. I suspect it will come through in next couple of days. Hopefully doesnt do this every time haha. But will sort it one way or the other! For now keep an eye on in, as will I. But you can get back in for time being.

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