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Nothing today

Nothing from me today.


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    No bets
    Thankfully the last two tournaments have seen an improvement with Cantley and Molinari both being placed in the past two weeks.
    Back on Tuesday.

  2. Missed last week being away, but followed you Colin Leafe in backing Matt Fitzpatrick for the Masters. Went to Ladbrokes for the 110/1, they offered a price boost to 120/1. Reluctantly took it!
    He shot 78 for the first round so end of bet. Then followed up with 67,68,70 to finish T21. A 69 in the first round would have won the title. I know it’s not that simple but…………..
    If only ‘if onlys’ were reality.

    Thanks Colin


    1. Cheers Pat yes he had a poor first round two or three times this year and will have to sort that out, but the course at Augusta suits him and hopefully it will not be to long before he puts on the green jacket.
      He his very mentally strong and that first round of 78 could have destroyed him on such a big stage, we can only dream what could have been.
      Used to live 1/2 mile from his family home and he his a lovely down to earth young man so i am told, my son saw him down town before Christmas last year and there was 20 plus old school mates out with him.

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