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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips/Best of Stats Tips)

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



5.05 – Secretfact (m dist) ES+  I3 12/1 S3A 




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2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Big Race Tips/Best of Stats Tips)

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3.Micro System Test Zone



4.Any general messages/updates etc


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    1. Ah yes. Cheers. I’ll confirm 🙂 worst case I’ll try and collate anything from the boards. Haydock will be my main focus so will depend on time, rushing a through the card never works, hard enough when I spend some time on them, and certainly on the flat! I’m sure they’ll be a few tips there etc. Will see what I can come up with.

        1. quick “maestro mc” nick these selections below and claim them as our own .. 😉
          i shall be up at 6 cranking the fisher price box of tricks to give us the right answers !! gutted a loss of 2.46 on my tipping entrants today 🙁

          see u in da moning mc & co

          tired gb 🙂

  1. Systems selections: Karl Burke at Newcastle.

    1.40 Macho Touch;
    2.10 Kodi King and Exalted Angel;
    4.25 Fox Fearless.

    All 1 point win.

    Good luck.

  2. haven’t a clue about the different surfaces and which are similar so have gone for a couple of c&d and one i think has dropped back to a winnable mark.
    2-45. Scofflaw 14-1
    3-20. Creationist 9-1
    3-55. Al Hamdany 16-1
    50p ew patent , stakes reflect level of confidence 🙂
    if i have time i’ll cast my uneducated eye at Lingfield later

    1.40 Newc 9 Siena Bay 🙂 🙂 🙂
    2.00 Ling 10 Watersmeet 🙂 🙂 🙂
    2.10 Newc 7 Lufricia 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    2.10 Newc 6 Show Me a Sunset 🙂
    2.10 Newc 11 Sound Of Iona 🙂 🙂
    2.30 Ling 3 Crossing The Line 🙂
    2.30 Ling 7 Island Of Life (USA) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    2.45 Newc 13 Desert Lantern (USA) 🙂
    2.45 Newc 7 Our Charlie Brown 🙂
    2.45 Newc 5 Dubai Acclaim 🙂
    3.05 Ling 8 Kachy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    3.05 Ling George Bowen 🙂
    3.20 Newc 2 Bayroot (IRE) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    3.20 Newc 8 Fox Power (IRE) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    3.20 Newc 10 Magic J (USA) 🙂
    3.20 Newc 11 Maries Diamond (IRE) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    3.40 Ling 3 Deep Intrigue 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    3.40 Ling 4 Deputise 🙂 🙂
    3.55 Newc 4 Baghdad (FR) 🙂 🙂
    3.55 Newc 12 Showroom (FR) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    4.15 Ling 1 Court House (IRE) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    4.15 Ling 4 Matterhorn (IRE) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    4.15 Ling 5 Pactolus (IRE) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    4.15 Ling 7 Victory Bond 🙂
    4.25 Newc 5 Bo Samraan (IRE) 🙂 🙂
    4.25 Newc 3 Fox Fearless 🙂
    4.25 Newc 2 Smarter 🙂
    4.45 Ling 2 Arcanada (IRE) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    4.45 Ling 3 Cardsharp 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    4.55 Newc 2 Another Angel (IRE) 🙂
    4.55 Newc 9 Oriental Lily 🙂

    And just for the hard of fathoming … once again these are “NOT TIPS” and should not be treated as such to the extent that you will moan at me if they all don’t come in again !!
    just trying to be helpful and fun 🙂
    Now go out and enjoy and have a “good” friday 🙂
    In house message : mc please can you slate or cheer any of de above for me .. to give some confidence or realise my stupidity ! 🙂

    1. Morning to The Sandcastle Cookie Crew, I have a free bet with Bet365 on the 2.00 at Lingfield so Watersmeet it is GB. I hope we all see money out of them dunes today. Don’t overheat the fisher price I have the Sesame Street Saxophone on standby for the finale.

      1. haha … Greg … well they choose their free bet races wisely these old bookie cowboys !! Problem is Watersmeet would only be e/w for me at best .. and you need a winner ?? … their is an odds on horse as well .. so obviously that’s who the bookies think/hoping will win ??
        Infact the whole of lingfield is going to be trappy to say the least .. there will be improvers / plots all over the place plus the place has been overtaken by all the top trainers for all the pots of gold on offer….. c’est le vie … you gotta be in it to win it .. innit !! good luck and wherever your needle stops i hope you take some more money from those there free bets ? 🙂
        gl/gb 🙂

    2. Hi George B…obviously not MC but have done some research on 2.10. Favs 39% top two sires on tapeta are Toronado and Lope De Vega so that gives you Rocket Action and Aplomb…Aplomb has a good pedigree and ran 11.97 spf in a C4 at Yarmouth on g/s over 6f….Rocket Action is a CD winner at Newcastle running 11.80 spf the 5f. this is 38.13 mph. Two to look out for according to my criteria are Exalted Angel and Olympic Spirit….Exalted Angel ran 11.82 spf over 5 f in a C3 at York and also ran 11.44spf (40.55 mph) at Southwell in a C5…Southwell is a fast fibre sand track over 5f, the question is will the horse act on tapeta? The sire is 14% over 25% for Toronado…the latter sample size is very much smaller than Exalted Angel so that has to be taken into consideration as well as the fact that Rocket Action is a CD winner and Exalted angel is not…you pay your mkoney etc., Olympic Spirit, like the others mentioned has an excellent pedigree and has been running in C5’s but did run 11.77 spf and clocked 38.20 mph so is no slouch but sire 1/16 on tapeta so not encouraging…my money will be on Rocket Action and Exalted Angel but Newcastle is anything but predictable. Work in progress on some of the others ok. gd lck

      1. Thanks Silver, you put us Silly Boys to shame with the quality of your research. Thanks for sharing.

        1. Cheers…don’t put yourself down..what you do is fantastic and love the spirit in which you do things…if we were all the same and had the same approach this would be a boring and less rich world..don’t change a thing…SBC forever ok!!!

      2. One final word on the 2.10..Lufricia ran has an excellent pedigree and ran well first time at Kempton in an ok time of 12.03 spf and will no doubt improve and trainer has a good strike rate with 3 yo 10% and 14% for tapeta and distance for sire so respectable and good jockey up but at the prices Exalted Angel has to take precedence.

      3. Hi ho Silver 🙂 ,
        really appreciate all your input on here .. very , very high quality stuff indeed and a totally baffling amount of science seems to go into it .. more power to you sir !
        My new found interest in All Weather racing is down to my investing in time and money on the hrb systems ……… I have not looked back since 🙂
        Like all these things my systems/micro angles are work in progress ( as they always should be ) You have got me worrying about my systems on the 2.10 ….. i have newcastle split down into class , distance & sires etc .. so i can only presume there are no matches for me on the class matched with distance and sire at newcastle for your 2 qualifiers ….. interesting let me go and investigate further ????? But as you say it is just very interesting how everyone arrives at the supposed answer ……. keep up the good work and i shall carry on regardless 🙂
        gl/gb 😉

        1. Really good stuff and like the way you split class, distance and sires…not an angle that had crossed my mind before as I am coming from several directions…not so much class but speed, going and more recently pedigrees as both sires and dams…the latter not to be underestimated as they carry the large heart chromosomes that they pass on to their offspring…sires can only pass this on to the female line if my understanding is correct so dams are extremely important and to my mind underestimated so gives and advantage when bookies price up selections (or so I think…maybe wrong) so combination of these are what I base my conclusions on regarding selections…like stats to give objectivity to selections but at the end of the day you have to make a subjective choice and that is the tricky part. Take the 3.20 Newcastle..
          Bayroot 12.06s spf over 7f C5 Kempton stayed on well clocked 37.28 mph with excellent pedigree.
          Fox Power. has run 12.10 spf and 12.23 spf clocking 37.00 mph and 36.78 mph in C3 and C4 company and has experience on tapeta and has very good pedigree.
          Magic J. ran 12.16 spf in C4 Yarmouth winning going away at 36.98 mph and has an excellent pedigree
          Marie’s Diamond. has run 11.97/11.87 (did the time twice for consistency) at Maison-Laffitte over 7f in G3 on gd to soft and also has a great pedigree and clocked 37.57 mph….so this horse just shades the others and sire does act on going and over the distance and is a G2 2 yo winner so a lot to like and at an e/w price.
          The other horse I like is Creationist…the only CD winner but the time was slow 12.81 spf @ 35.10 mph in a C5 . The horse has run 12.10 spf and @ 37.10 mph at Kempton and had to battle for that win …the trainer is 4-6 with three year olds and @ 8/1 is too big a price….so difficult race to decipher and may not have mentioned the winner… and like you will re- examine my criteria, because I agree you have to keep re-evaluting because there is always something new to learn..all the best and gd lck whatever you decide to back.

          1. mc we are as one fine sir !!! The all weather “telepathetic” bookie busting duo !! 🙂
            my betfair says i have a winner or two ?? 🙂

    No bet
    3.30 Bath Salute The Soldier BOG 11/2
    3.55 Newcastle Desert Fire BOG 13/2
    No bet

  5. Hi GB, Silver and anyone else playing on the sand today. I haven’t spent as much time on the cards today as I was expecting Newcastle to be an evening meeting and was going to do this afternoon, d’oh! I’m also being treated to a crab sandwich at the cafe on the quay where we live so not around for very long. In other words, my selections are going to be even worse than normal lol. G, sorry no time to go through the “short” list.

    Bets for fun then:

    1.30 Ling – Poetic Force/ Lion Hearted

    2.00 Ling – Lord George (no, really) EW

    2.30 Ling – Island of Life/Castle Hill Cassie

    3.05 Ling – the fav will probably steam in but Forza Capitano EW for me

    4.15 Ling – the fav again, but I fancy Excecutive Force to outrun his odds for a place, maybe an enhanced place.

    4.45 – Keyser Soze.

    2.10 Newc – going with Silver’s aanlysis but saving on Lufricia.

    2.45 Newc – First Response EW

    16.25 Newc – Smarter

    Sorry for the lack of detail, only for fun today.

    Have a great day everyone.

    1. well done mc enjoy your crabs …watch those pinchers now !!
      p.s. is that a river quay or sea quay ?
      i shall be watching the racing on tv whilst attempting to put a flat pack kitchen unt together ..jeeze.. mrs gb has me at it again 🙁


      1. Sea, we live in the West coast of Wales in Fishguard 🙂

        Be careful you don’t glue yourself to the flatpack with one eye on the telly 🙂

        Thanks for sharing the new system.


    3.40 Lingfield 8 Quiet Endeavour (IRE)
    3.40Lingfield 11 You Never Can Tell (IRE)
    2.30 Lingfield 12 Treasure Me
    4.05 Bath 8 Come On Leicester (IRE)

    Just experimenting out loud everyone 🙂

    Enjoy 🙂
    gl/gb 🙂

  7. Well to say I’ve been blown out with bets these past few weeks is an understatement, then all of a sudden I’ve nothing. Only 2 for today and given there’s 8 meetings lined up for tomorrow, it’s looking like it will throw up maybe 6 tops.

    Bath 4.05 One Last Night…….10.0
    Bath 4.35 Hareeq……………… HCP

    B 3.30 – Tricorn on 2nd and 4th run (inc 1 x aw) @ 0
    ……….Sea Fox on 7th run (inc 5 x aw) @ 50

    B 5.05 – The Daley Express on 5th run @ 7/4
    Law 1.30 – Gallipoli 0n 7th run @ 5

  9. 2.20 at Bath Pretty much impossible to split the top three in the market by my methods. I have however seen Album and he is ok.
    Album – Another good looking boy, not quite the stand out one has come to expect from Martin Meade’s first runner at Newbury but should be up to winning a maiden at least. 75
    75 should be good enough to win this, Zulu Zander has to concede 4lbs and has two race experience rather than the one for Album. Don’t Joke for Mark Johnston may just blow them both away. 6/1 about Album looks like good value to me.

  10. going around to my Dad’s to watch ITV racing with him so i have picked a few with very little chance at Lingfield.
    2-00. Watersmeet 9-1 £2 ew
    2-30. Treasure Me 100-1 £1 ew
    3-05. Merhoob 25-1 £1 ew, Alsvinder 125-1, Areen Heart 100-1 both 50p ew
    3-40. Deputise 11-2 £2 win
    4-15. Master The World 18-1 £1 ew
    4-45. Oh This Is Us 9-2 £2 win

  11. Nice one Martin! And well done G your long List provided a good few winners, just sorry I did not land on them!

    Have a good evening, regards from chastened MC

    1. cheers my friend but my new headgear system needs refining ,, lol .. but quids in today i can tell you !! 😉
      have good night .. kempers tomoz 😉

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