Free Daily Post: 26/03/19 (complete)

members test zone starting points

Members Micro System Test Zone

D McCain (14/1< guide)

4.00 Here – Same Circus


Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

Henry Brooke (25/1< guide)

4.10 Hex – Ashes Corner 33/1

4.40 H – Djebel Rome 2/1

LTO winning hurdlers

2.00 H – Lamh Ar Lamh 11/4

LTO winning trainers

2.00 Here – Lamh Ar Lamh 11/4

Trainers to follow

2.40 Hex – Murphys Law 4/1

4.40 Hex – Sidi Iamael 15/8

2.30 Here- By Order Of 10/3



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8 Responses

    1. There are 8 places (quarter finals) at the match play and so I am going to have a go. I will post tips tomorrow.
      Bubba Watson bubbling under nicely for The Masters! Big pick up for me if he goes in.

      Smiley face, smiley face.

      1. Golf Tips – It’s a Wednesday start in the match play and so I need to post up today.

        Each way – British patriotism!
        Ian Poulter at 40/1 and Justin Rose at 25/1, both 1 point each way.

        I may have a go at The Indian Open if I get the chance but that will be tomorrow.

        Fore!!!!! Splash!!!!

        1. Martin
          The prices on your two players what are you going to claim, for gone through Oddschecker back to last night and Justin Rose best price 22/1.
          Rose 18/1 1/5 8
          Poulter 30/1 1/5 8

          Rose 22/1 1/4 4
          Poulter 40/1 1/4 4
          For me just a little misleading when you had mentioned 8 places earlier.

          1. I got on at those prices I put up Wednesday lunchtime. I am happy to post at 22/1 and 35/1 without any issues re my players.
            I am more interested in the win element myself. As you know on the exchanges you can bet separately for the win market and the place market.

            Anyway it is no big deal and I will go with the lower odds for tipping purposes.

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