Free Daily Post: 10/03/19 (complete)

nothing today

Nothing from me today. This will be the final free post until next Sunday, given the focus on Cheltenham.



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    1. Sadly not thought the course would suit, hope he sees it out to win his first PGA Tournament, for he his a local lad, he and his brother Alex attended the same school has my son, little biased but the talk up here is that he can go all the way and this was when he was a young lad.
      Will be a test tonight on his mental strength, and hope he wins, sorry Martin for your pick Luke List is in with a shout, who cares about money its Matt all the way for me!!!
      Have you backed him Chris.

      1. I have Luke List in a double with Jorge Capillo on the European tour, as well as singles and both are going well at present. I f they both win I ma up £15K but the each way part of the double pays a fair few quid. Fingers and other parts crossed.

      2. No, unfortunately not. I’m alwayd gutted I haven’t backed British players when they are contending.

        I follow Steve Palmer for my golf bets and its fair to say 2019 hasn’t quite lived up to 2018!

        1. Watched and recorded including backing Palmer for approx 4 years, he had a terrific start then plummeted,that is when decided better off backing my own bets for which have had 5 winning years on the trot all proven first with Optimum Racing and then with RTP.
          Covered this before Racing Post do not publish the results for Golf nor Pricewise they only ever shout about the occasional winner, have requested results will not give them out, why because no one would buy the rag if they did.
          Pricewise recorded his for two years and he lost both years to my cost, you are unable to get any decent money on his prices he advertises, this is why i am always open and fair about the prices that i put up and anyone will be able to achieve the price if they still have accounts open.
          Be very wary of that rag Racing Post, is Paul Kietly still tipping for he his another you will lose if backing his tips recorded many of the RP tipsters over that 2 year period and they all lost.

          1. Steve Palmer is good but is on a losing streak. So you need to wait for him to find some form before following really.

          2. Does he still do his scatter player approach 6 to 8 in one tournament, then claim a 20/1 3rd failing to let you know he lost on the tournament, till racing post publish comprehensive results then cannot see how anyone can back their tipsters.
            Bought his signed book from RP and it was a piece of paper stuck in the book with his name on how naff, it was an average read and no longer have it.

          3. He was over 800 points in profit in 2018 and says himself me made 175k. Listening to his podcast each week I believe what he says. He will have given 30-40k back of that this year though.

            I don’t subscribe to this ‘don’t back whilst out of form’ and would have cost about 140 points if Sordet didnt three jab on thr 18th last week

          4. Chris
            Do not dispute anything he says however when i backed him could not get near any of the prices he was claiming in the RP, when rang the bookie the price had long gone.
            Again i could claim fantasy prices about my bets but having been open and honest when proofing to the RP and do the BOG the same today as then must be two bookies showing the price.
            Learnt so much from the lads in the RP office, one i will mention Steve Lewis Hamilton they could not understand what he was claiming for and how, he was paying his advertising bill and a few years ago he did his advertising on the computer for there was loopholes on the computer, about advertising and he stopped using the RP, do not know if he has started again.
            Contacted the sister company to Cowboy Builders and had a few phone calls with them and they were keen to investigate SLH, they must have contacted him for they said that had my own tipping service, about 6 weeks old, and said to them the figures he was claiming were 2 and 3 years old, they said conflict of interest they gave me a phone number to contact, but i took it no further, by this time had enough.
            Take anything these tipsters say with a pinch of salt.

          5. The 800 points was at the advertised price but you could not usually get on. I would say it was more like 300 points but you cannot sniff at that.

          6. 300? At least double that. i generally get his prices and at the top of the market he makes little difference to prices with his tips

          7. I can only go on the prices available when his selections become available in creating my figures. I would not believe all that the Racing Post machine says. It is always advisable to keep your own figures if you have the time.

          8. 600 plus points profit on a golf tipster who is on the bookmakers radar because of the RP connection, the bookmakers know who is following Palmer on a regular basis, and surprised that you have not had restrictions or closed down Chris, make hay whilst you can.

          9. He usually has 3 to 5 runners in each tournament. He can be expensive to follow if he is not winning.

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