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  • Golf Tips – Paul Casey now 6/1 from an opening price of 33/1. Time to lay off for a profit.

    martin colwell 09/02/19 10:00 AM Reply

    • Hi Martin

      What percentage would you lay off?

      Ken McKenzie 09/02/19 5:12 PM Reply

      • Sorry, i did not see this earlier before they started again!

        I had £50 each way at 33/1 which brings in £1650 plus £425 place. I would leave the place part to run but lay off £50 at 6/1, so to gain £300. That way I am either £1,350 up for the win or £250 up if he loses. The each way money just runs on win or lose.

        Casey leads by two as I write but he can be a bit scratchy in the final round!!! He is currently 5/2 for the win so I layed off too early. Hindsight though.

        martin colwell 09/02/19 8:29 PM Reply

        • Thanks Martin. He’s now 1.91 which seems ridulously low given his previous propensity to bottle it in the final round. Finally won last year and contributed well at the Ryder Cup so may be a changed man.

          Ken McKenzie 09/02/19 9:24 PM Reply

        • Nice pick there Martin. Wish I could call Casey right. Seems to improved over the last year or two. Been on a Gin and rum charity tasting evening tonight so my maths may be a bit sketchy.. But I think laying £50 at 6-1 gets your initial win stake (£50) back to break even. Might be worth checking and laying a bit more at 1.8 now while he has a 3 shot lead though… Mark B.

          scoop6 10/02/19 12:06 AM Reply

          • You are correct, I am talking nonsense. I laid him at 6/1 to get my stake back. I got it mixed up with another bet!! And I was sober!
            I have now laid at 8/11 for £100 to win £120. So now I am £120 up if he loses and £1530 up if he wins. The place bet runs. I think that he will hang on for a place with his lead. What happens with Casey is that he is liable to go round in par and get caught by a finisher. Casey seems to be drifting a bit and so all us doubters seem to be going against him.

            Good spot. I owe you a drink.

            martin colwell 10/02/19 10:26 AM Reply

            • It is £1,230 and not £1,530 because of the original lay. My brain is not working properly due to there being no racing in the UK and that it does not have enough to keep it working properly.

              martin colwell 10/02/19 12:45 PM Reply

              • I was a bit confused by your original post but I don’t lay very often so wasn’t confident enough to say. Thanks for the clarification. I laid off my original stake at 3/1 Last night.

                Ken McKenzie 10/02/19 5:45 PM Reply

                • Yes I made a bit of a mess of a response that should have been straight forward. I will try to be clearer next time. You lay to ensure a profit but getting your stake back is the first step. Hopefully more examples will come up soon. Something to look forward to on a Sunday evening, on a 33/1 shot with a three shot lead. Hide behind the sofa and I will give you a shout when it is safe to come out.

                  martin colwell 10/02/19 5:58 PM Reply

                  • You might get chance to trade a bit more in play tonight Martin. I know I would be tempted if I were in such a strong position. I guess you’ll be watching? I’ll have a look later on as had a few quid pre-tourney on Russell Knox. He’s too far back barring a miracle but I’ll settle down with a small glass of drambuie and cheer on Casey for you…Mark

                    scoop6 10/02/19 6:22 PM Reply

    • Laying off a good call I think Martin, I never quite trust Casey in contention.

      James P 09/02/19 8:21 PM Reply

    • One of my picks Lucas Glover chasing you Martin, now single digits to lay from 125, quite tempted as he’s even more flakey than Casey in contention. Putter like a rattlesnake in round 4

      James P 09/02/19 8:53 PM Reply

      • Lucas is famous for his wife reacting badly when he plays. She has hit him and his mother on occasion. So he has added motuvation to do well. Lucas is 14/1 now. I would lay off for a profit but if only minimal stakes I guess you would let it run.

        Casey is 8/11 now but does stiffen up when leading the final round!!! Phil Mick is chasing and looks his danger if he can keep the ball on the fairway?

        martin colwell 10/02/19 10:05 AM Reply

        • Yeah terrible business with Glover, I can’t believe he has stood by her after those revelations, but we don’t know all the details but must be added pressure on his shoulders. Strange that he’s managed to win a U.S Open but is so flakey in contention in regular events. Has all the talent in the world but half the game is between the ears. Will let him run as it wasn’t a big stake and was kind of expecting a place at best and I have Stallings and Grace lurking around the top 10 ready to make a charge.
          The weather looks to be bad again today and worse for the later starters, think that could give somebody further back a chance to post something low in better conditions. On that basis I have gone in again on Grace at 80s – he often goes low on a final day, likes Pebble (-5 on his round there this week) and his low ball flight should mean he copes with the wind better than others.

          James 10/02/19 10:53 AM Reply

          • Yes, I like Grace as a finisher or a blower out, no middle ground.

            martin colwell 10/02/19 12:46 PM Reply

  • Down under in the Victoria Open I like the two who are four off the pace going into the final round. Paul Dunne at 18/1 and Nicholas Colsaerts at 25/1.

    martin colwell 09/02/19 2:24 PM Reply

    • No joy with this stab.

      martin colwell 10/02/19 10:07 AM Reply

  • Good luck with the golf bets above,I was on Day from the start.Will look through shortly and place a wager but most in contention all have the flaws.With bad weather it could be a very interesting final round.As there is no racing I will post my current figures and hopefully be back Wednesday?

    Favourites at meetings 104 point profit
    Favourites in 5 runner handicap chase/hurdles 38.5 point profit
    Favourites total 142.5 point profit

    (Testing-jockey performance 29.75 point loss on here / 30.5 point profit since 1.1.19)


    Tony 10/02/19 12:22 PM Reply

    • Great results, Tony. The system has been brilliant so far, thanks.

      Chris Sengelow 10/02/19 7:00 PM Reply

  • Cheers Chris and hopefully we will be racing again soon


    Tony 11/02/19 10:44 AM Reply

    Genesis Open
    Bubba Watson 1 point ew 22/1 1/5 8 SB, 22/1 1/5 6 Unibet, Betway, 888
    This coarse brings out the best in Bubba having won the tournament 3 times and another 4 top 20 finishes, so which Bubba will turn up.
    Phil Mickleson 1 point ew 25/1 1/5 7 CO, BO, 25/1 1/5 6 WH, BV, Unibet, 888
    Kicking myself for not putting up Phil last week where he equaled the record for wins at Pebble Beach with 5.
    Phil is a Californian lad and loves the start of the season out here, and in 9 years he has had 2 wins and a couple of 2nds in that time at the Genesis Open.
    No other bets this week.

    Snedeker and Fitzpatrick both did not turn up last week, disappointed in Matt for the Hallamshire Golf Club where Matt learned his golf is very high up and over looks the Peak District and all year round there are high winds so he his used to windy conditions so no excuses, just a poor day at the office.

    cleafe 12/02/19 9:26 AM Reply

    • I am on Bubba big time for The Masters and so I do not want him tiring himself out too early. I cannot see Phil being up there two weeks running. Choker Casey let him past last week but Phil did play very well on the back nine.

      I will post up my selections on Wednesday.

      Good luck.

      martin colwell 12/02/19 10:05 AM Reply

      • I didnt think Casey choked, he didnt do much wrong other than being slightly negative but he is normally one to plot how way round. Mickelson got very fortunate with one of his wayward drives which could have been a catastrophe but putting the ball to 2 foot from 170 yards was a game changer and he deserved the win

        Chris Sengelow 12/02/19 5:51 PM Reply

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