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  • NH
    A 2.35 – Vasco D’ycy @ 9
    A 4.10 – So Satisfied @ 12
    L 3.15 – Deauville Dancer @ 9
    K 2.35 – Magic Mirror @ 9/4
    W 7.15 – Lord Murphy @ 7

    A 1.30 – Heather Burning @ 16
    K 3.25 – Galactic Spirit @ 7
    A 3.35 – Effet Special @ 9/2
    K 4.00 – Enthaar @ 6/4
    W 6.45 – Critical Thimking @ 11
    W 8.15 – Midnightly @ 9/2

    Titus 06/02/19 10:15 AM Reply

  • I’ve bought Kempton Favourites at 58
    I’ve bought two jockey performances
    H.Skelton/Ludlow at 18.75
    B.Hughes/Ayr at 41

    Ludlow and Wolverhampton both tight so maybe back later with another bet?


    Tony 06/02/19 10:42 AM Reply

    • Great start at Kempton, Tony.

      JohnnyB 06/02/19 2:42 PM Reply

      • We’ve had worse days, Tony!

        Chris Sengelow 06/02/19 3:35 PM Reply

  • Certainly cant complain so far…………have you both been brave enough to keep following the jockey performances?
    No bet at Wolverhampton tonight, i made it 86.44 but 90 to buy the last I checked


    Tony 06/02/19 3:48 PM Reply

    • Yeah im following them all…great stuff so far today

      Chris Sengelow 06/02/19 3:53 PM Reply

  • Pebble Beach
    Grace 35/1 1pt ew
    Stallings 150/1 0.75pt ew
    Sang-Moon Bae 175/1 0.75pt ew
    Rodgers 150/1 0.75pt ew
    Glover 125/1 0.75pt ew

    A lot of outsiders have prospered in this tournament in the past due to the pro-am nature which isn’t for everyone with the 5.5-6 hour rounds. U.S players have tended to dominate and rookies haven’t fared too well

    James P 06/02/19 3:53 PM Reply

    • I am going with Paul Casey, 1 point each way at 33/1 and Sungjae Im at 1 point each way at 50/1.

      Good luck.

      martin colwell 06/02/19 4:36 PM Reply

    • Good luck James on those prices you could need a wheelbarrow.

      cleafe 06/02/19 4:38 PM Reply

      • I can but dream. Went close here with Blixt at 200/1 a few years back and Ted Potter and Vaughn Taylor both won at 500/1+. Think the pro am relaxed nature of the tournament lends itself to outsiders getting involved. Just hope I’ve got the right ones on board

        JanesP 06/02/19 6:04 PM Reply

  • Good stuff Chris and a bonus 10points in that race!


    Tony 06/02/19 4:07 PM Reply

    • A brilliant days work for you mate, well done

      Chris Sengelow 06/02/19 5:08 PM Reply

  • Will Pebble Beach be tougher than normal this year because of it being got ready for this US Open?Hence maybe the more quality players being involved


    Tony 06/02/19 5:07 PM Reply

    • You’d think that would make logical sense but someone I follow on Twitter put up some interesting stats on Pebble, one of them being:

      Pebble Beach during the US open in 2010 was the most difficult course on Tour. Pebble during the ATT Pro am that same year was the 31st most difficult course on Tour which is the 2nd easiest the course has played since 2008.

      So seems it played easier that year. Maybe that was due to the wind as that’s the course’s main protection, so maybe it just wasn’t windy that week. Although I don’t think they want to make it too tough for the amateurs as it takes some of them 6 hours to get round normally!

      James P 06/02/19 6:01 PM Reply

      • Actually scratch that just read an account from a caddy at the course who said that alot of the fairways are a lot narrower and rough is thicker and denser than usual and with it being wet in the build up that will be a factor.

        James P 06/02/19 7:05 PM Reply

      • James,

        The US Open is always a tougher test. The USGA, who run the US Open, have the say on how the course is set up. In particular they speed up the greens until they are almost, and sometimes actually, unplayable (ref Shinnecock Hills last year).

        The fairways are usually tighter and the rough thicker for the US Open.

        Lastly, the weather conditions are generally very different. At this time of year it’s not too hot and can sometimes be affected by fog but in June it can be up in the 80s, drying out the fairways and greens.

        Ken McKenzie 06/02/19 10:48 PM Reply

  • Cheers Chris


    Tony 06/02/19 5:56 PM Reply

    • Bullet dodged at Wolves too!

      Chris Sengelow 06/02/19 6:50 PM Reply

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