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members’ test zone

Not much from me today, just the members’ ‘test zone’ angles below to use as starting points…

Micro System Test Zone

Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

Trainers to Follow

2.55 Sedg – Niceandeasy (11/1< guide) 11/4


2.05 W – Gardiners Hill (9/1< best) 10/1


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best)

1.15 Sedg – Trooblue 9/4

2.20 Sedg – Briac 11/8



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  1. NH
    S 2.55 – Katy Royal @ 9/2
    W 2.05 – Muckle Roe @ 8
    W 3.10 – Canny Tom @ 80

    5.55 – Berlusca @ 18
    7.25 – Anonymous John @ 9
    7.55- Arrowzone @ 8

    S 1.15 – Trooblue @ 9/4

  2. Unlucky with Phil Mickleson, Colin. His putter went stone cold. The other two tried their best to hand it to him but alas not to be.

    1. I did lay off at 10/11 but did say earlier in the week that I feared Phil being able to not finish off in the final round. Unlucky though but that is golf. Many a time I have been one putt either way from a big win.

    2. Hi Ken
      To be honest how many times has a golfer led for 3 rounds and blew the final round happens a lot so that was in the back of my mind.
      Surprised Phil blew it and after he said that his putting was worse for a very long time, the other two players nerves certainly got to them and really Phil should have won.
      Major disappointed for me was Cantlay at 26 was hoping that he would go forward but he seems not to be a winner when the pressure is on, he was born in California so had a lot in his favor but a poor final round.
      Onward to the next tournament.

  3. Mickelson certainly blew it last night but we’ll done to long Long.
    Also noticed Hadwin’s reaction to Mickelson’s birdie putt that just missed by inches his facial expression plus when Long sunk the winning putt Hadwin put his putter down and clapped I honestly thought this was pure class from Hadwin


    1. Bit harsh to say he blew it. For 3 days he putted the lights out. Yesterday his putter didn’t behave. I know that feeling all too well haha!!!

      1. Ken
        A man of Phils experience at the start nerves must have been there losing a shot on the first hole and from a 2 shot lead 2 shots down we all know that he his a fighter and he wanted to win however my view of his 2 opponents
        Long 31 years of age world number 417 first ever PGA tour win
        Hadwin 31 years of age 1 PGA tour win and 2 tour wins
        for me Phil was over confident of winning his 44th pga tour win and started badly and nerves were there, doubt if many would have put Phil up, and against Long he should really have beat him so do not thing it is harsh to say he blew it.
        And remember i do not play golf maybe this is why have had 5 years of tipping winners do not see the players with a golfers eye.
        Do not know if you saw it take a look at Carlyon Bay Hotel, Cornwall 4 star Championship course,4 course meals fantastic food, good quality entertainment every night,look up the extras the kids have, free round of golf every day of your stay also 9 hole course(bad memories)driving range had fun down there and no charge for any of this obviously i could not play on the championship course also outdoor and indoor pools along with sauna and spa etc,have had two separate weeks there so can recommend it highly nearly forgot the terrace putting green with a view of the sea from the cliff top, and before you ask no not on commission.

  4. Results so far
    Favourites meetings 13 point profit
    5 runner handicaps 1.25 point profit

    I’ve bought Warwick Favourites at 75
    No prices up for Wolverhampton yet so maybe back later


    1. Tony, do you know anything about

      +4000 points in just under 18 months according to their results. I can imagine there is some difficulty getting the prices they advertise but there is some suggestion its not as difficult as it once was.

      Any other spread betting tipsters you can recommend? Ive quite enjoyed dipping my toe into it so far

      1. personally I do not think that you need a spread betting tipster because it is a question of being able to go through a card and assess the strength of favourites and their opponents and the size of the fields and the going etc. You then set your own mark and then take a look on the indexes and see how you match to them and then if there is a reasonable difference between the two have a go. Start steady though as it can go wrong at at £10 a point you can lose a lot.
        Tony seems to do this. I used to do such bets when I went racing a fair bit and it gave me an interest through the card. Dave Nevison is a fan of such bets and discusses it in his book.

        1. I wouldn’t know where to start with something like that, my knowledge is non existent hence why I would need a tipster

          1. Read the bits in Dave’s books and then have a go at £1 per point. You can learn a lot having a go. If you are OK at it you will make a profit, if not you do not lose much. You can even ‘paper trade’ for a while. I think Tony and I plus others can likely answer questions that you have.

  5. Hi Chris I do know of the service you mentioned and it is the only spread betting tipster about.
    I have had contact with Max who runs it and about 6 months ago his trades were on National Hunt distances 1st-3rd buying and selling
    Favourites on other horse race meetings buying and selling
    Total completed passes in football matches and you are buying and selling at quotes of between 600-800 certainly not my cup of tea
    Plus he traded on cricket too
    He may do more trades now and I know he charges £25 per month and if he doesn’t make 25 points profit in that month he returns your £25
    I certainly couldn’t knock him,his service or his results
    I work my own figures out for horse racing so wouldn’t have an interest in his trades on racing and I have seen the service for a good month or so and none of the prices he quoted were obtainable and that was 6 months ago.Some were only a few points here or there but some were 30-40 points difference especially on the passes market
    If you wanted some trades on the football Chris shirts numbers is a good trade and fairly easy to get your own quote
    Add up all the shirt numbers of the midfield and forwards and divide that by the amount of them players and then times that figure by the middle figure of the total goals quote
    For instance tonight’s WBA v Bolton match say there are 5 midfielders and 2 forwards from each team add up there shirts numbers and say it comes to 197 divide that by 12 = 16.41 add the goals quote at the moment is 2.4-2.6 so you would times 16.41 x 2.5= 41.02 so if shirts are 35-39 you would buy at 39


    1. Cheers Tony, in all this chat I totally forgot to back the favourites today and I see the first two are in. Fully expect a full house now! Good luck

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