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nothing today

Nothing from me today. Adam Norman’s latest article should be with us soon.


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  1. NH
    Fo 2.25 – Cucklington @ 4
    Fo 3.25 – Triple Chief @ 10
    FL 3.05 – Gone Platinum @ 10/3
    FL 3.40 – Bennys Girl @ 9

    F 1.20 – Flo’sboy Sam @ 16
    F 4.00 – Western Morning @ 14
    W 5.15 – Filbert Street @ 25
    W 6.15 – Arch My Boy @ 18
    W 7.45 – Marble Bar @ 20

  2. Golf Bets
    Not the best of starts with with me pressing the wrong button on Oddschecker and thinking it was my birthday when they had Jordan Spieth at 33/1 although some said that Oddschecker had cocked it up,that is bye the bye but no way would have put him up at 16/1 but obviously i did so he his recorded as a loser.
    The error would have shown up if i had tried to get my £5 ew with the odd bookie who will accept a bet so small after having consultations with their trader a real pain in the posterior.

    Had made a decision not to bet on my golf till after my operation later this month and can run around again,so with that error decided to look at Betfair Exchange where i backed my bets and Martins and will
    do this till the end of March to see if the profit is better or worse,so on the 4 bets the win only was larger on all 4 but the place market was worse in my opinion
    Spieth 19.5 and 6.6
    Kisner 60.0 and 11.0
    Champ 36.0 and 8.6
    Smith 32.0 and 8.6
    Some bookmakers were offering 1/5 6 or 1/5 7 PP if remember were offering 1/5 8,and Betfair Exchange were offering 1/4 5, any mathematicians out there for only back win on the horses only and when i back golf ew record what the bookie pays out.
    Once again sorry about the error first time it as ever happened but maybe so good can come out of it via Betfair we will see in 3 months.
    PS will be back tomorrow hopefully Oddschecker will have priced up earlier than last week.

    1. Not our best week on the golf Colin, but long term profit is our ‘driver’.

      I would never have backed Matt Kucher.

      Anyway let us ‘putt’ all our best efforts into this weeks tournaments. I think that we are back on the European Tour this week. We need to be ‘eagle’ eyed.

      End of puns.

      1. Martin
        Agree the puns are terrible not really very good however thought you would have put up some smiley faces and what a name for a racing line.
        Smiley Faces Racing already have the copyright.
        Always preferred PGA to the European tour unless my boy Matt Fitzpatrick is playing and it will be interesting to see if his brother Alex makes the breakthrough this year.
        My Hospital room will be about 200/300 yards from the Hallamshire Golf Club where Matt started.
        Wonder if i can have a round with my crutch.
        If you want a golfing holiday in Cornwall can strongly recommend the Carlyon Bay Hotel 4 star with a championship golf course and you have a free round every day of your stay,food and location outstanding would pay for full board for the meal is four course and sheer quality anyway google it up.

        1. OK thanks, I will take a look. I can only play in the warmer weather these days due to my dodgy back. My hip plays up a bit when I sit down too long and so a good excuse to do exercise, although we have 3 dogs and so no shortage of walking through the woods for me.

  3. Colin, Betfair exchange offers EW 10 places 1/4 as optional market, and although liquidity is not the best, I had feeling you can get better odds than on those 7,8 places 1/5. For example they were:
    Champ – 23
    Smith – 20
    Kisner – 29
    Spieth – 13,5
    1/4 – 10 places

    1. Hi Toni
      Thanks for coming back i looked at the 10 places but on place terms thought they were worse than the place prices that i got.
      Kisner 60.0 to win and 11.0 the place you are saying 29.0 the place is their a button were you can achieve ew for surly the 29.0 is reduced for win and place.
      Not up on Betfair Exchange for golf so my mission is to have a good look tomorrow,for a couple of bookies had him at 40/1 and then he was 33/1 with others, so still unsure.

  4. I’ve bought Fontwell Favourites at 67
    Very tight at Ffos Las as I make it 69.99 and it’s 70 to buy so maybe back with another bet later?

    Figures so far
    Favourites meetings 2 point profit
    Favourites 5 runner handicap chase/hurdle races 7.75 point profit


  5. Snooker anyone?

    The Masters had kicked off today in London.

    On Tuesday I like Nathan Robertson on Tuesday at 11/10 v Mark Williams. Williams has suffered from an addiction issue or two since his heady days and is in the top 16 on past performance.
    If the price is short, double up with Judd (not Donald) Trump at 8/11 on Wednesday as he should outclass his opponent.

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